10 Minecraft Hallway Designs and Ideas To Build in 2023

Minecraft is a gaming platform where players can test their creativity. There is an endless possibility of making builds. When making a Minecraft house or cottage for the first time, the hallway is one of the important components of the house you shouldn't forget. It's the first thing you observe when you enter the house. Therefore, it should have great aesthetics and an appealing design as it would give a first impression. 

If you're looking for unique Minecraft Hallway Designs and ideas, take inspiration from this guide and build the hallway that catches the eyes of the users. 

Redstone Hallway With Glowing Lamps – Mr. Jay Gaming

Redstone Hallway With Glowing Lamps
Image Credits – Mr.Jay Gaming

Mr.Jay Gaming introduces an innovative style to create a minimalistic hallway complemented with Redstone glowing lamps. Stone bricks are used to build the boundary and the roof of the hallway. 

Redstone lamps are positioned in different places in the hallway.  To light them up, you will need connections and repeaters that connect through every Redstone. You'll notice how the Redstone glows when you turn on the switch. 

Overall, it's a simple and easy-to-follow tutorial that is best for kingdoms and palaces. Try this tutorial if you're starting as a beginner. 

Intriguing Hallway Structure – Cold Cranston

Intriguing Hallway Structure
Image Credits – Cold Cranston

With the help of glow stones and glass stones, Cold Cranston creates a simplistic hallway that looks stunning. The entire structure is made from wooden bricks that are cheap and easily available. You can add this structure to your Minecraft house or cottage. It's up to you whether you want the hallway narrow or not.  

The entrance has a gorgeous display of glass blocks. You can add further additions to the hallway such as adding decorative objects like hanging frames and lighting to cover the whole hallway. Overall, it's a neat hallway look that can be built in modern wooden houses.

Wooden Pillar Hallway – FullySpaced

 Wooden Pillar Hallway
Image Credits – FullySpaced

Do you need ideas for building and decorating your hallway? FullySpaced has stocked up with brilliant interior designs that also include a wooden hallway design. Using wood logs as pillars, the design gives the impression that the house is being held up by wooden pillars.  

You'll find bushes positioned and floor barrels where you can add objects of your choice to fully utilize the space. By incorporating this design into your hallways, you can give your house a detailed look and feel. 

Green Themed Hallway With Coral Reefs – Bradmall

Green Themed Hallway
Image Credits – Bradmall

Draw inspiration from these 5 epic Hallways designed by Bradmall.  The second hallway design is all about coral reefs and everything green. A gorgeous design that speaks closely to mother nature. Although the hallway looks complex, if you look into each detail, a few materials are used such as dark prismarine bricks for the pillars. 

The floor is a combination of waxed weathered copper and light gray glazed Terracotta blocks.  Sea lantern blocks are placed at the center of the floor. What's impressive about the design is the ocean views on the walls give such a realistic look. 

Cottage Style Hallway Inspirations – HeySofia

Cottage Style Hallway
Image Credits – HeySofia

If you're searching for Cottage Hallway designs, HeySofia has come up with brilliant designs that will give your hallway an amazing makeover. There are 3 designs from which you can draw inspiration.

For pink lovers, this hallway design is a must-have. A gorgeous pink glazed terracotta block makes up the center flooring. A lively look can be created by adding tables, embellishing them with flowers, and adding decorative elements. Wall-mounted photo frames are a good idea.

The second design of the cottage uses wooden interiors with a mustard theme. Aquariums are a perfect addition to hallways. 

Underground Hallway Design – Spudetti

Underground Hallway Design
Image Credits – Spudetti

This underground bunker design by Spudetti will inspire you. Hallway's layout is straightforward to understand. The video shows a complete list of materials required to build the hallway. Stone bricks, stone slabs, and dark oak slabs are perfect materials for this build. Wall frames are made from wooden blocks. 

You can add chest drawers across the hallway to fill up the space. Decorate the hallway's ceiling with glowing lanterns to light up the area. Overall, it's a neat hallway look that will turn heads. 

Castle Hallway With An Ancient Look – Russle

Castle Hallway With An Ancient Look
Image Credits – Russle

Are you building a castle world in Minecraft for the first time? Using this Hallway design by Russle, you can create a castle hallway that compliments your build. The walls and roof are constructed with stone bricks. Stone bricks and oakwood plank detailing can be seen on the walls. 

Push your crafting limits to the edge by designing a gorgeous hanging light made from glowstone, oak wood planks, and glass panels that encloses the light. Torch lights are used to give a sophisticated and complete look to the hallway. 

Blue Hallway With A Touch of Greenary – IWAT

Blue Hallway
Image Credits – IWAT

Do you want to bring greenery to your hallway? For nature lovers, IWAT has an innovative idea for creating your hallway with a touch of trees. It's not just an ordinary hallway. You can notice how the blue carpet goes well with the interior design. 

Instead of modern lighting, the torch is used and held in a birch fence. Birch stairs and logs are placed beautifully for the hallway's entrance. You can add soul lanterns to light up the walls. Add birch trapdoors on each side of the hallway and add plants for a complete look. 

Basic Hallway For Underground House – Grian

Basic Hallway For Underground House
Image Credits – Grian

Grian teaches how you can build a basic hallway with just a single material. Don't underestimate the design because your detailing concept will be tested here. The ceiling and the walls have subtle detailing. 

As you enter the hallway, you'll find the display of water falling. Torch lights are added for the entire lighting of the hallway. It's nothing short of perfection. If you're planning to build a hallway for a huge underground house, you can't go wrong with this design. All you need is some creativity and time on your plate. 

Hallway For Japanese Inspired Shrine – JayLythical

Hallway For Japanese Inspired Shrine
Image Credits – JayLythical

Last but not least, JayLythical has got an impressive Japanese temple build that has not only one but four hallways. Each hallway is designed using a mix of Dark oak planks, Dark Oak trapdoors, Dark Oak slabs, and Fence. It's up to you whether you want to build a narrow hallway since temples usually have long narrow passages. 

Overall, it's a perfect Minecraft hallway design for ancient-style temples. 

Final Words

When it comes to building a hallway, you need to be creative with your building skills and show patience. Depending on what you're going to build, you should decide how the hallway will look so it matches the theme of your house/cottage/temple. 

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