Top 10 Minecraft Gate Ideas and Designs To Build

Building a new Minecraft Gate from scratch comes with various challenges and opportunities. Some players immediately grind their way into building, while others dedicate time to building cozy houses or majestic castles. You’ll find an endless list of Minecraft gate ideas and designs to work on and that’s what makes Minecraft special. You can put your commitment and creativity to the test. 

Once you’ve completed your build, the gate is a crucial structure that you shouldn’t forget as it’s a gateway entry to your town or village. Whether you want a simple, resource-efficient gate or a monumental structure, here are ten ideas that will help you build one close to perfection.

#1 Medieval Themed Gate Design – disruptive builds

Medieval Themed Gate Design
Image Credits: disruptive builds

Building a gigantic medieval-style cottage or castle? Disruptive builds impress us with the minimalistic Medieval-inspired gate design. It will be a perfect addition to your Minecraft world. 

Knowing how you can mix the two materials together is key to getting a perfect medieval gate. Stone bricks and spruce logs are important materials used in building the foundation. 

To complete the design, you can add some details using spruce trap doors. By combining light and dark color blocks, the base and the roof complement each other well. You can further enhance the beauty of the gate by adding green foliage.

#2 Ruined Gate Design For Minecraft Ruins  – disruptive builds

Ruined Gate Design
Image Credits: disruptive builds

Disruptive builds know the art of building gates according to themes. This ancient gate is a perfect depiction of ruined architecture. When you’re building ruins in Minecraft, the building is designed to look overgrown and weathered down. Likewise, the entrance is designed to give an old appearance using stone bricks.  

It’s a versatile gateway that doesn’t follow the traditional style. There isn’t an arch roof or house-shaped roof. By adding andesite, moss, plants and cracked stone bricks, the structure looks sleek. 

Follow a randomized pattern to build the structure to achieve this design.

#3 Fascinating Torii Gate For Sacred Spots  – BlueNerd Minecraft

Fascinating Torii Gate
Image Credits: BlueNerd Minecraft

A torii gate is a landmark that separates the sacred shine and ordinary space. This torri gate design by BlueNerd Minecraft will look remarkable in a Japanese setting. 

Made from Acacia logs, the structure has a simplistic look and feel. Detailing is added to the roof by adding warped slabs to make it look defined. 

Apart from the Torii gate, lanterns are placed that provide lighting as you pass through the gate. You can complement it by adding greenery. 

#4 Hedge Gate For Fairy Theme – Cortezerino

Hedge Gate For Fairy Theme
Image Credits: Cortezerino

The Hedge gate designed by Cortezerino draws inspiration from enchanted forests. Nature lovers often use it to symbolize their love for the outdoors or as a sign that the wilderness awaits them. Passing through this gate will take the player to a different dimension in Minecraft. 

Made from Jungle leaves and podzol, the leaf block archway makes the gate look peculiar. Mushroom blocks are added for a mystic look. So if you’re planning to build something spectacular, this Hedge gate will become a gateway full of surprises. 

#5 Medieval Gatehouse For Huge Castles – Blockdown

Medieval Gatehouse
Image Credits: Blockdown

This mind-blowing Medieval Gatehouse by blockdown is a masterpiece for very large builds. The gatehouse is a fortified gateway that blocks the entry of enemies/mobs in Minecraft. Bricks made of the stone give the structure a traditional medieval look. The design can be made more detailed by adding cobblestones. Stone walls and cobblestone windows make up the house

The interior is fully furnished and has enough space for keeping barrels and chest drawers. Decorate the surrounding with lanterns and greenery to complete the entire look.

#6 Subtle Japanese Gate That Looks Amazing – Cortezerino

Subtle Japanese Gate That Looks Amazing
Image Credits: Cortezerino

If you want to try out Japanese designs in survival mode, check out this gate by Cortezerino that is nothing short of aesthetic. It embodies Japanese tradition beautifully. 

Moreover, this layout is easy to follow and doesn't require any prior experience building Japanese gates. Black stone, stone bricks and white concrete complement each other beautifully. 

What’s amazing about the gate design is that there isn’t much variation in the color palette. You can build something as exotic as this using a few resources and a restricted color palette.

#7 Palisade Gate With A Nordic Style – Cortezerino

Palisade Gate With A Nordic Style
Image Credits: Cortezerino

One of the rudimentary gates that look absolutely versatile. Corterzerino came up with another gate design that is so fun to build. It’s a great way to shoo away the beasts and enemies from entering your village or town.  

There are two variants to this design: an opened gate or a closed gate which is up to you to choose. There is a clever use of spruce trap doors and other blocks for the gate. To decorate the path, you can scatter coarse dirt blocks to complete the look. 

#8 Chinese Themed Gateway With Intricate Details – May Minecraft 

Chinese Themed Gateway With Intricate Details
Image Credits: May Minecraft

May Minecraft shows us how you can build a detailed Chinese-inspired gate. Even though it may look complex to you, all you need is to dedicate a handful amount of time and you’re good to go. The combo of Acacia and prismarine blocks is what makes the gate stand out. The gate is a cherry on top of ancient Minecraft architecture that takes us back to the golden renaissance period. 

You can add hanging lanterns to each section of the roof and decorate it with leaves and flowers to make it look more lively.

#9 Jurassic World Inspired Gate – TraditionallyCurious

Jurassic World Inspired Gate
Image Credits: TraditionallyCurious

Yes, you heard it right! We present the Jurassic Park gate by TraditionallyCurious that will make you nostalgic for the 90s. It’s a massive gate that looks very sleek, minimalistic and modern at the same time. 

As you cannot add text in Minecraft, the red and yellow blocks that make up the castle's middle account for the words “Welcome to Jurrasic Park.”. 

Nevertheless, the gate looks amazing as it has a nice rigid architecture. The door is built using a mix of wooden blocks to add depth. All in all, it’s a perfect addition to your Jurassic Park. 

#10 Fantasy Gate House – HRZY Builds

Fantasy Gate House
Image Credits: HRZY Builds

HRZY Builds shows off how to build a gatehouse for your next fantasy build. It’s magnificent and will blow your mind away. The gate is coupled with two towers, making the entrance as magical as possible. Towers are constructed of stone bricks and cobblestones, with Calcite and white concrete adding texturized detailing. 

Beautiful lanterns adorn the passageway at the center of the gate. Overall, it’s a design to die for and can actually test your building skills. 


Having a fortified landmark requires a gate as part of the architecture. Use these cool Minecraft Gate designs as inspiration for your next build and improvise it by adding your own flair.