15 Minecraft Fountain Ideas to Bring Your World to Life!

Building a fountain in Minecraft is one of the most common types of in-game decor. In Minecraft, they may be a fun thing to create and look beautiful in gardens and courtyards, as well as in other places. Wood, stone, and water are all that are needed to build most fountains. Using more complex materials such as quartz, glass, and glowstone is common. Your fountain will be illuminated at night by adding a light source (such as a glowstone).

Here are 15 incredible and original ideas for Minecraft fountains that you may build to enhance the appearance of your landscapes.

Lava Fountain

Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: Spudetti

When it comes to fountains, who says they have to be water-spouting? Your map can feature lava fountains just like this one created by Spudetti. To make your own safety hazard, replace your blocks with Nether goods.

The result will be an impressive display of bubbling molten rock that will impress your friends. You can also try using obsidian instead of lava for a more subdued effect. This will create a pond of still water that reflects the light of the lava below, creating a beautiful and calming effect.

Large Multi-Tier Fountain

Amazing Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: Madnes64

This design by Madnes64 might be of interest if you're seeking a massive fountain. This is a tall and wide design because it includes numerous tiers. Due to its size, it may take a little longer to construct than the other fountains.

Because the person who made this fountain used a custom texture pack in Minecraft, it has a distinct look from the fountains that come pre-installed with the game. Even though there is nothing discernible in this photograph, the fountain is illuminated in the dark by blazing stone lights submerged in the water.

Nether Themed Fountain

Cool Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: lilaceous

The idea of a Nether-themed fountain, like the one created by Minecraft, is also a unique one by lilaceous. With its huge square that's lifted just a bit, it's a simple but effective design. The yard has a fountain in the center and benches on either side. The trees that line the side of the property also provide privacy.

This fountain was built with resources from the Nether, such as nether bricks and glow stone. You may use alternative materials like wood or stone for those lacking nether bricks. Build a fountain in the Nether style and test your design ideas.

Snowball fountain

Snow Ball Minecraft Ideas
Image Source: kcgamehub

However, you won't be able to ship water shooting into the air as in real life, but you can do this outstanding design of snowball throwing fountain by kcgamehub. A Snowball fountain can be created by placing a set of Dispensers in the water and arranging a Redstone system. 

The only drawback is that you'll have to replenish the dispensers periodically, but that's about as unique a fountain as you can find.

For an extra touch of realism, try placing mossy cobblestone or fencing around the edge of the waterfall to catch any stray drops.

Minecraft Quartz Fountain

Love Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: Patty's Sandbox

Patty's Sandbox‘s quartz fountain is quickly gaining notoriety. Stone slabs and cobblestone also feature in this quartz fountain design. The first step is to build a large base using cobblestone and stone blocks. Stairs made of stone should be used on the first tier, immediately above the base. Mix the chunks of stone and quartz to build the fountain's core.

All places depicted in the graphic are flooded. You can add leaf blocks outside the foundation to smooth out the base circle.

Minecraft Flower Fountain

Amazing Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: Kelpie The Fox

The water fountain with flowers built by Kelpie The Fox is getting on the people's nerves. Your fountain will look much more attractive as a result of its addition. The foundation of the fountain can be crafted out of stone bricks. 

Place grass blocks in the base areas that flowers will eventually occupy. Utilize a stone brick wall as the design's focal point, and then build the wall such that it has two levels of stone bricks. The very last thing you need to do is pour in some water.

Medieval Fountain Minecraft

Modren Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: OwenTheOrdinary Shorts

Here's another classic fountain design from OwenTheOrdinary Shorts that people like so much. To prevent water from flowing in the wrong direction, place a barrier 1 square above the highest point of the divider. The water can be directed down a single deep square channel at the base of the cascade if desired, rather than flowing in all directions.

Spiral fountain

Amazing Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: WalkTheWaffle

WalkTheWaffle spiral fountain design will leave you speechless. Because everything in Minecraft is constructed out of blocks, doing actions circularly might be challenging at times. However, if you know how to do it, you can build some incredibly intriguing fountains by directing the water to spiral down. If you don't know how to do it, you won't be able to.

Redstone Fountain

Hot Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: Noise Gaming

With this Redstone fountain from Noise Gaming, you may enrich other parts of your creations even more. If you don't want to go swimming, just put down some decorative stones and dig a tiny hole. Consider making a little statue to adorn the top of the fountain; you could even use Redstone to have the water trickle out of the spouts in real-time.

An Armor Stand with a shiny piece of armor (position it if you're in Bedrock Edition) can be used as a centerpiece for your new fountain.

Dragon Statue Fountain

Hot Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: Master Majesty

When it comes to Minecraft, Master Majesty has taken things to a new level with this dragon statue; it has a high degree of realism because of the use of cobblestone, which was used to construct it. There is also a fountain at the location, in addition to it. You don't have to use the dragon statue's fountain function to make use of the statue; you can use it even without the fountain.

Heart Lava Fountain

Love Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: Pachimarik

Pachimarik did an excellent job with this fountain design. Imagine a molten rock fountain in the shape of a heart rising from the ground. It's incredible to think about. You could give it to someone on Valentine's Day if you wanted to show them how much you care. 

Constructing this fountain for a loved one is feasible as a token of your affection and thoughtfulness toward that person. You can use water instead of lava if you don't like the way the heart looks when the lava forms it.

Automatic Frog Fountain

Amazing Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: BitGardener

In Minecraft, have you ever dreamed of a frog fountain? Well, that's for sure. BitGardener, on the other hand, has come up with a fantastic idea for an automatic frog fountain. In order to use this on Bedrock, you'll need to switch the comparator between Java and Bedrock. 

Before sunrise and after nightfall, the bucket switches positions. The fountain will run all day and then shut off at night if you place the bucket there at the appropriate time.

Moon Fountain

Amazing Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: Kelpie The Fox

A moon fountain would be a magnificent sight in your Minecraft courtyard. Kelpie The Fox created this stunning design, but you can do the same. The sight of this fountain, mainly when it is lit up at night, is very breathtaking.

When night falls in your Minecraft garden, having your very own moon there makes for a genuinely enchanted experience. You are free to make whatever changes you deem fit to the design. Make sure you end it with a shape resembling a crescent.

Flower Forest Fountain

classic Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: Goldrobin

Goldrobin ‘s lovely flower forest fountain design is a must-see if your Minecraft city is centered around a forest. The design of this fantastic fountain, which is set against a stunning backdrop of greenery, can be altered to suit the aesthetic of your city. A flower garden encircles this structure's foundation, and the garden's center also contains flower plantings.

 If you want to construct it close to your house, it will enhance the general view of the city or the courtyard and give you more privacy. What are you holding out for exactly?

Dripstone Fountain

Modren Minecraft Fountain Idea
Image Source: Sevaris

Do you prefer to keep things simple and stick to the tried-and-true designs? Is that the case, then Sevaris‘ dripstone fountain design is for you? It contains a fountain that appears to have formed naturally and is ornamented with abundant vegetation thanks to the use of dripstones. You are free to use any terracotta potted plants to adorn the fountain's middle and sides.


You can use the above tutorials to create a stunning fountain of your own design. Remember to use your own imagination to ensure that you are satisfied with the final product. You can also craft your own bedroom ideas too!

Whether you're looking for a creative way to add some life to your Minecraft world or just want a little inspiration, we hope these 15 fountain ideas have given you something to work with. Remember, the sky is the limit to creativity in Minecraft – so get building! Which of these fountains will you create first?

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