20 Minecraft Fireplace Ideas And Designs to Build in 2023 

Do you feel like your Minecraft townhouse is missing something important needed for survival? A fireplace is exactly what you need to make sure your survival base is suitable for enduring the chilling weather of the next winter season.

Try out these 20 amazing Minecraft Fireplace Ideas And Designs to build a warming fireplace to keep your townhouses warm and cozy.

Minecraft Beige Fireplace – BlenDigi 

Minecraft Beige Fireplace
Image Credits: BlenDigi

For giving your house a warm touch in the cold season, this Minecraft Beige Fireplace would be a great idea. Designed by BlenDigi, the beige-colored tiles of this Fireplace goes perfectly with the interior of your house.

Add some plant pots or hang a picture in the center for creativity.

Fashionable One-sided Fireplace – Umibogaming

Fashionable One-sided Fireplace
Image Credits: Umibogaming

This Fashionable One-sided Fireplace design created by Umibogaming will make one fine addition to the interior of your house. 

Built with white sandstones, it goes perfectly with any color combination. The unique design gives your home a fashionable look. This fireplace will look great in the mansion-like huge buildings.

Modern Day Apartment Fireplace – Zueljin Gaming

Modern Day Apartment Fireplace
Image Credits: Zueljin Gaming

For those of you who want a fireplace built for a compact setting, this Modern Day Apartment Fireplace by Zueljin Gaming is the best option. Created in a well-designed manner, the fireplace is covered with glass to prevent smoke from releasing inside the house.  

To add a tad bit of glamour, you can build this fireplace against a dark-colored wall to match the modern apartment decor.

Emerald Green Fireplace – Eli's Art

Emerald Green Fireplace
Image Credits: Eli's Art

If you want something to decorate the insides of your magical castle, try rebuilding this Emerald Green Fireplace by Eli's Art. Its beautiful spooky design matches perfectly with the glooming emerald shades.

This dark magic fireplace will go perfectly with the idea of building a castle for the evil, dark dragon lord.

Fancy Librarian Fireplace – Nalyu 

Fancy Librarian Fireplace
Image Credits: Nalyu

Wanna build something fancy to decorate your library? This Fancy Librarian Fireplace designed by Nalyu will make a perfect cut for the quiet environment of your library.

Made with a unique touch, this fireplace has numerous bookshelves surrounding the central fire core. It will not only look beautiful but will give your Library a majestic feel.

Blood-Red Hell Fireplace – Exaviore

Blood-Red Hell Fireplace
Image Credits: Exaviore

Specially designed to decorate the buildings of hell,  this Blood-Red Hell Fireplace would look super cool in your game. Created by Exaviore, the fireplace looks deadly and very mysterious.

With a few red bricks and a nice floor made of wooden doors, you can also create this fireplace.

Mysteriously Round Fireplace – BuzzCraft

Mysteriously Round Fireplace
Image Credits: BuzzCraft

Do you like mysterious Minecraft structures? Introduced by BuzzCraft, this Mysteriously Round Fireplace is very intriguing with its unique design.  

The fireplace may look impossible to build at first. But you'll be surprised to find out it's not very hard to remake it with the help of the tutorial. 

Give your friends something to wonder about by recreating this fireplace in your game.

Red Mushroom Fireplace – Blood Skunk

Red Mushroom Fireplace
Image Credits: Blood Skunk

Are you looking for something majestic to build in your Minecraft worlds? Try recreating this huge Red Mushroom Fireplace designed by Blood Skunk.

The fireplace is made to resemble a huge mushroom lamp glowing from the inside, standing tall in the room. It's a great piece of art to decorate your Minecraft buildings from the insides.

Magical Color Changing Fireplace – Zay

Magical Color Changing Fireplace
Image Credits: Zay

Want to see something magical? This amazing Color Changing Minecraft Fireplace made by Zay is the perfect example. The fire burning inside can change its color from a fierce yellow-red to glowy green.

You can also recreate the medical fireplace in your game by following the tutorial steps. Check out how some lever tricks can be used to create magic in Minecraft.

Automatic Button-up Fireplace – MagmaMusen

Automatic Button-up Fireplace
Image Credits: MagmaMusen

With the help of modern technology, you can now make this Automatic Button-up Fireplace in Minecraft. Introduced by MagmaMusen, it's a great way of using electrical switches to turn the fire on/off.

This is a small fireplace that warms up your house without occupying much space.

You can create this fireplace in your modern survival base houses to decorate the insides with something unique and warm. 

Classic Modern Fireplace – Juster 

Classic Modern Fireplace
Image Credits: Juster

Another addition to the modern world decors, this Classic Modern Fireplace designed Juster will look amazing in your apartment room.

Built within the wall of the room, this fireplace doesn't occupy any extra space.  However, it is a long fireplace design that has three different fires burning inside a single fireplace.

You can cover it with glass to showcase the burning fire without spreading smoke soot in the room.

Black Brick Fireplace – Jay Diamond

Black Brick Fireplace
Image Credits: Jay Diamond

If you are looking for a structure that goes perfectly with your dark theme, try rebuilding this Black Brick Fireplace by Jay Diamond. It's a simple yet attractive decor to add to your game. 

The turquoise green fire burning inside the dark black bricks looks beautiful. This fireplace can also be built in a dark-themed open Minecraft garden.

Simple Long Fireplace – Nikhil OP

Simple Long Fireplace
Image Credits: Nikhil OP

Created by Nikhil OP, this Simple Long Fireplace is the best building idea if you are a beginner. The fireplace is very easy to create with only a handful of white quartz stones.

Create a staircase on both sides to add some design to the structure. You can also place a few plant pots above the headboard of the fireplace to make it look more appealing.

Outview Minecraft Fireplace – Vibrant Gamer

Outview Minecraft Fireplace
Image Credits: Vibrant Gamer

For our modern design fans, we have another striking idea to decorate the insides of your modern homes. This Outview Minecraft Fireplace designed by Vibrant Gamer will look gorgeous in your mansion.

Built mostly with quartz stones, you won't need any expensive resources to recreate this fireplace. However, you must have a few glass blocks to create a window for outlooking the weather.

Fireplace Stone Temple – c00lminecraft 

Fireplace Stone Temple
Image Credits: c00lminecraft

The next time you are looking for a creative way to create a Minecraft temple, try this Fireplace Stone Temple made by c00lminecraft. It's a great idea to create a fireplace for a Temple. 

Created with the basic stone blocks, you don't need any rare materials for building this fireplace template. Just create a long stone path for the temple to give it a welcoming appearance.

Corner Fireplace Pillar – EdmyMan

Corner Fireplace Pillar
Image Credits: EdmyMan

In case you love fireplaces but are unable to install one in your small townhouse, don't worry. This narrow Corner Fireplace Pillar by EdmyMan is the perfect fit for your house.

For building this fireplace, you don't need to have a huge space inside the room.  Just use any one of the corner house pillars to make this quick-warming fireplace for the place.

Traditional Wooden Fireplace – Satiscraft

Traditional Wooden Fireplace
Image Credits: Satiscraft

You might prefer a traditional fireplace to a modern one, so if you do, you will love this Long Wooden Fireplace created by Satiscraft

Designed in the same old pattern, this fireplace has a long chimney that rises from the very base to the ceiling. It's a great fireplace design that goes perfectly with all kinds of town halls and Minecraft castles.

Rocksolid Stone Fireplace – NoDakSmack

Rocksolid Stone Fireplace
Image Credits: NoDakSmack

As an alternative to aesthetic Minecraft structures, this Rocksolid Stone Fireplace by NoDakSmack is the perfect fit for your game.

Created with nothing but solid stone and brick blocks, this fireplace has a firm hold. It may look a little ancient but it radiates power.

It's the best fireplace idea to recreate in your cave houses.

Dark Dungeon Fireplace – Mr. Mac

Dark Dungeon Fireplace
Image Credits: Mr. Mac

Whether you've already created a dungeon or plan to make one in your Minecraft game, this Dark Dungeon Fireplace by Mr. Mac will make the perfect decoration piece for the place.

The easy-to-create design of the fireplace is simple and takes no time in rebuilding the structure. You can also make this fireplace even if you are just a beginner in the game.

Red Brick Fireplace – GamerFoxForever

Red Brick Fireplace
Image Credits: GamerFoxForever

For our old-timers who prefer the traditional fireplace designs, this Red Brick Fireplace by GamerFoxForever is the best idea.

Created with red bricks only, the fireplace gives off ancient vibes of the old buildings in the house. The color combination looks great with the wooden interior of your village houses.

Bake some red bricks and recreate this fireplace to warm up your Minecraft houses in the winter season.


Which one of the 20 cool Minecraft Fireplace Ideas And Designs do you like the most? Don't tell us but show us instead by recreating the structure in your own Minecraft worlds. Decorate your survival bases with modern-styled fireplaces and show your creativity in the game.

Happy house warming with these beautiful Minecraft Fireplace Ideas!

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