25 Minecraft Fence Ideas and Designs to Build in 2023 

Protect your homes with these amazing Minecraft fence ideas that are very easy to build and give your Minecraft houses a nice decorative touch as well. 

Minecraft Fence Designs and Ideas

Do you think your Minecraft survival base is safe from all the creatures? Apparently not if you haven't built a protective fence around it. 

With these 25 amazing Minecraft Fence Ideas, you can protect your houses and all other Minecraft survival structures. You can also build a fence around your farms to keep your animals gathered in one place and prevent them from escaping.

Read along to learn more about exciting Minecraft fence ideas.

25 Minecraft Fence Ideas To Show Your Creativity

Aesthetic Purple Fence HexRegulus

Aesthetic Purple Fence
Image Credits: HexRegulus

This Aesthetic Purple Fence by HexRegulus with a beautiful color is a great build that you can construct around your house in Minecraft.

This fence build has an effortless and beautiful design. The most attractive thing about this particular fence is its beautiful purple color. You can make the ground area of the fence the same shade of purple as well which will look more beautiful with the off-white vertical pillars.

It requires a very low amount of resources and can be easily made within minutes around your structures because of its simple design.

Solid Metal Fence Eli's Art

Solid Metal Fence
Image Credits: Eli's Art

Building this Solid Metal Fence by Eli's Art around your house in Minecraft can keep your enemies at bay. You will have a safe place where you could rest and relax without caring about a dangerous creature invading your territory. It would be a great act for your safety. 

This fence build is made in a very simple design and a nice silver color combination of the blocks. You can put a few small plants on the top of the metal blocks to decorate the fence.

This metal fence will be suitable around headquarters or other top secret, military-styled buildings.

Simple Wooden Fence MCram

Simple Wooden Fence
Image Credits: MCram

Next on the list is another simple fence idea to build around your building structures in Minecraft. This Simple Wooden Fence by MCram is easy to make in a natural style. 

Players can build a few average size pillars of wooden planks and then place the fence in between the pillars. Further, connect the fence with a nice wooden gate, and your fence build is done.

Adding greenery is an excellent deed to your Minecraft builds, and the same can be applied to the fences.

Aesthetic Medieval Fence Blushy Alien

Aesthetic Medieval Fence
Image Credits: blushy alien

This Aesthetic Medieval Fence by Blushy Alien creation is made with a charming shade of yellowish brown fences with some grey marble blocks.

The fence itself is very easy to make. You can place a single block of marble or stone at some distance between each other and place the fences in between them. Then, put a small vertical pillar on top of the metal block and shatter some leaves all over the fence.

This build does not require a lot of rare materials or hard work. Just some wood and marble blocks with some leaves, and you're all set to construct a

Stinging Cactus Fence Kelpie The Fox

Stinging Cactus Fence
Image Credits: Kelpie The Fox

This Stinging Cantus fence by Kelpie The Fox is primarily made with green cactus plants, which represent greenery and the sharp pointy edges of cactus fulfills the purpose of fencing against harmful creatures.

You can use some dirt blocks for making the ground of the fence and some cactus plants on it in a particular manner. Place a few bricks at some distance from the cactus and decorate them with lanterns which will also give a beautiful look to the fence at night.

You can make a small door on the fence with a straightforward design as well.

Dark Emerald Fence Yes im Jess

Dark Emerald Fence
Image Credits: Yes im  Jess

Are you looking for a thrilling design of fence to build around your structures in Minecraft? If so, then you're gonna love this next build on our list. Coming up next is a remarkable Dark Emerald fence by Yes im Jess.

This epic fence will look perfect around your royal Minecraft buildings, castles, or any large palace or legendary tower. 

You can also place lanterns emitting blueish-green light on the fence to make the emerald glow at night.

Leafy Sand Fence TheStickz6

Leafy Sand Fence
Image Credits:  thestickz6

It's always good to secure your structures from harmful and dangerous creatures in the game. This simple Leafy Sand Fence by TheStickz6 is what you need to secure your houses in Minecraft.

The good thing about this fence build is that it doesn't require any rare resources, just some blocks of sand and some iron fences. The design is pretty simple and fulfills the purpose of fencing. 

You can create the base with normal sand blocks and place the fences on them. Moreover, you can cover the fence fully with leaves, and decorations for your beautiful fence are done.

Large Wooden Fence Building Builds

Large Wooden Fence
Image Credits: Building Builds

Another fence design that you can rebuild in the game is the Large wooden fence by Building Builds. This wooden fence is straightforward to make and looks great.

You should collect several wooden blocks before starting building. This wooden fence fits with a large variety of builds in Minecraft. 

The design is straightforward and wood is the only resource you require to build this fence which makes this fence easy to build. It is pleasing to the eye and can significantly improve the appearance of a structure or building.

SandStone Met Fence Umibogaming

SandStone Met Fence
Image Credits: Umibogaming

Another one of the most endearing creations in our list of best Minecraft fence ideas is the sandstone Metal fence by Umibogaming. 

This fence has a pretty simple design and doesn't require expensive resources. Sand and stones are the only resources you require to build this fence.

Simply create the base wall with stones and the pillars with sand blocks. Place the iron bars on top of the stone base and connect them to the sand pillars. The procedure is much simpler, unlike other fences, and the design is unique.

Traditional Town Library BlueNerd Minecraft

Traditional Town Library
Image Credits: Kenneth

If you're a fan of Minecraft's traditionally styled creations, then this Traditional Stone fence built by Kenneth is a perfect fit for you. 

It's an excellent medieval fence that has a very simple structure. You do not require many rare materials, just some of the different types of stones, some leaf blocks, and a few lanterns. The fence design is pretty unique. Use the same stones for the base and a different pillar type.

You can also place leaf blocks on the base to form a fence. Also, put some lanterns on the pillars as decorative lights.

Modern Cube Fence Jjaaxxthelegend

Modern Cube Fence
Image Credits: jjaaxxthelegend

Fencing is crucial to guard your buildings, farms, and essential areas from dangerous mobs in Minecraft. This Modern Cube Fence by Jjaaxxthelegend has a very simple design but a classical look. 

It has a bunch of leaf blocks behind the cube structures which represents greenery and also serves the purpose of fencing. It is a beautiful fence idea that you can use to decorate the surrounding area of your modern survival base.

Simple Medieval Library Fresh joy

Simple Medieval Library
Image Credits: Easyblocks

If you like decorative buildings and fence structures, then you will love this next Minecraft fence design. It is a beautiful Simple stone fence in Minecraft created by Easy builds.

For creating a fence with this design you'll require some of the very common materials that can be easily obtained in the game. The fence is made in a mixed style of different materials and can be built around any building. You can also decorate the fence by putting some flowers or leaving blocks on it.

Two-tone Wooden Fence HALNY

Two-tone Wooden Fence
Image Credits: Greg builds

Another fence design suited best for traditional village houses is created by Halny using multiple shades of wooden brown. 

You need some wood in your inventory to build this fence around your structures. The vertical pillars of the fence are made in a gorgeous pattern of dark and light wood, which gives a soothing tone to the design. 

It's best if you place the wooden fence between the pillars to give it a complete village colony look.

Egyptian Stone Fence Wattles

Egyptian Stone Fence
Image Credits: ReytGood

Are you a fan of antique creations? If so, you will love this Egyptian stone fence by ReytGood. The design is excellent and not too hard to follow; anyone can build this fence around their houses easily.

Players can use stones with some metal blocks to create the structure. Then, place the iron bars to complete the fence. The thing which gives this fence a stunning look is its silver metal color and legendary design.

Swing-like Stone Fence Andyisyoda

Swing-like Stone Fence
Image Credits: Zyl. Crft

Here are another one of the most unique and detailed fence designs. This is a fun Swing-like Stone Fence structure made by Zyl. Crft you can build in Minecraft.

The design is pretty simple and easy to follow. You can create the base part with stone blocks and put doors to it. Next, use glass blocks to create pillars for the small roof on each door.

In addition, you can add a few spider webs on the fence, so no invader can cross the fence.

Hidden Stone Library Smooth Craft

Hidden Stone Library Fence
Image Credit : Smooth Craft

Fences are great for keeping dangerous creatures away from you. They can also be built around your farms to protect crops as well.

This simple yet so beautiful fence design by Smooth Craft is excellent for protecting your houses or farms from wild creatures.

You require some spider webs and iron bars to create this structure. The design is pretty simple and resembles the fence style of spikes.

Strong Steel Fence n-Octan

Image Credits: n-Octa

Are you tired of invaders entering your property and wish to have a permanent solution for that? Then it would be best if you built this Strong Steel Fence by n-Octan that can be an excellent shield for your buildings in Minecraft.

You do not require a lot of pricey materials to build this fence. Just grab some stones and iron bars and start creating this fence structure.

This fence would best suit your castle towers or dungeons.

Electric Shock Fence Cubius Shorts

Electric Shock Fence
Image Credits: Cubius Shorts

A great modern fence design you can rebuild around your house in Minecraft is the Electric shock fence by Cubius Shorts. The fence name defines its characteristics the best. This is an electric fence which, you guessed! Gives an electric shock to the one who touches them.

This fence has a very modern design and a fancy look. You can create the pillars with blue color stones and attach horizontal chains to them. Furthermore, place a bunch of spider webs on the whole fence build.

Aesthetic Wooden Fence GamerFoxForever

Aesthetic Wooden Fence
Image Credits: GamerFoxForever

Using wooden blocks and logs with some lanterns hanging vertically, this aesthetic wooden fence design by GamerFoxForever is simple but much more beautiful and appealing. 

This structure will make a big fence all around your house. Some people may even judge it as more of a wall than a fence, but it serves the objective of protecting your building.

The lanterns emit an enduring light to the building, which looks perfect with the dark brown pillars of wood. With this fence, you can ensure that no wild mobs will appear in your territory.

Simple Minecraft Fence Diamond KG

Simple Minecraft Fence
Image Credits: Diamond KG

Next on our list is another simple fence idea by Diamond KG for beginners. This fence uses candles instead of lanterns, unlike other fence structures. That's why it gives a nice antique touch to your house in Minecraft.

The pillars are made with a combination of stones and marble blocks which looks great with the metal chains. The candles on top of the pillars illuminate the entire fence built in the dark. The fence looks terrific at night, which is a significant plus point.

Wooden Electric Fence Lomby Shorts

Wooden Electric Fence
Image Credits: LOMBY SHORTS

Another highly defensive fence for your structures is the Wooden electric fence by Lomby Shorts. You don't need a lot of expensive resources to build this fence; having some wooden blocks, planks, and metal chains would be enough.

The metal chains are the primary object incorporated in this fence, with the wooden pillars. The chains are electric, so any hostile mobs who try to enter your territory will get a significant health drop.

This fence has a beautiful antique look. Building this fence around military structures or old buildings would be best. 

Crafty Garden Fence Herobrine Headshot

Crafty Garden Fence
Image Credits: Herobrine Headshot

If you're looking for a simple but crafty fence design, this Crafty Garden Fence by Herobrine Headshot is a perfect idea.

It not only looks pleasing to the eyes, but it is also simple to build. Grab some leaf blocks and wooden planks for creating this fence structure. 

You can also replace the bushes with flowers and planks with cobblestone blocks.

Stylish Box Fence SkoncS

Stylish Box Fence
Image Credits: SkoncS

Want to build something extra efficient? Try rebuilding this Stylish Box Fence by SkoncS to give your ordinary-looking town a futuristic look of the next generation.

This unique design has multiple box-like structures to create the whole fence. It is made with many trap doors used to create the pillars and the central bars between them.

It's indeed an enchanting fence design that will protect your structures from hostile mobs and give your creations an enchanted look.

Secret Chest Fence Brandon Best

Secret Chest Fence
Image Credit : Brandon best

If you want to try something new that nobody can think of, you should rebuild this Secret Chest Fence by Brandon Best. It's a unique idea to use treasure boxes as a part of a fence.

Built by simple wooden bars used for pillars standing on either side, they support the centrally placed treasure box. Also, you can use two treasure boxes side by side to give it a stretchy look.

This is a perfect fence to surround any Minecraft building that looks somewhat mysterious and has a secretive vibe.

Enchanting Multicolor Fence SpongeCraft

Enchanting Multicolor Fence
Image Credits: SpongeCraft

Last but not least, we have a unique fence design full of vibrant colors. This Enchanting Multicolor Fence built by SpongeCraft is a great idea to make your traditional village town look alive.

This structure is a great fit if you are interested in the traditional medieval fences. It has that traditional village look mixed with some lively enchanted colors to boost the monotonous view of the building.

It is created using simple wooden table blocks with a shaded pattern. The fence looks rather prominent with its multicolor shades. It's the best fence idea to give your traditional village home a colorful vibe. 


We hope you have picked your favorites from the 25 Minecraft fence ideas, so what are you waiting for? It's time to get started on building the fences. Some of these fences are deadly to your enemies with electric shocks, while others have a fancy design for decorating your structures.

Happy Minecraft Fencing!