15 Minecraft Factory Ideas And Designs to Build in 2023 

Ever thought about developing the outlook of your Minecraft game to make it look next generational? 

Factories are just the right way to commercialize your sad-looking old village areas into happily progressing modern cities. There is a large variety of factory buildings that you can create in your game using your imagination and creativity.

Don't know where to start? Here are 15 amazing Minecraft factory ideas and designs to build within your game today!

Large Crimson Factory – Skorpios5 

Large Crimson Factory
Image Credits: Skorpios5

Factories are necessary to build in a town to manufacture different products, you can try building this Large Crimson factory structure, designed by Skorpios5 in your town in Minecraft.

Built with bricks, stones, and some glass blocks, this factory structure has a unique design and an aesthetic look that will fit perfectly with the style of other buildings in your town. This factory structure takes up a big space on the ground so it's better to build it on a large and empty area.

You should build this factory at some distance from your homes to avoid pollution issues.

Super Smelter Factory – SoviivVG

Super Smelter Factory
Image Credits: SoviivVG

Are you a fan of medieval structures? If yes, then this factory structure is definitely for you. Made by SoviivVG, this Super Smelter factory building has a nice medieval look and also a large stunning structure.

Before getting started on constructing this factory structure, make sure you have enough wood, stone blocks, bricks, glass blocks, and some lanterns to lighten up the factory at night. Due to its large size, this factory will be capable of producing a lot of different materials and products.

This factory structure will look good with the other industrial buildings in your town. 

Modern Styled Factory – HexRegulus

Modern Styled Factory
Image Credits: HexRegulus

Do you want to build something stunning but are not sure where to start? Try recreating this unique Modern factory structure made by HexRegulus in your town in Minecraft.

This beautiful-looking factory requires you to have some marble blocks, some stones, staircases, and stained glass. The color combination of blue with orange concrete and silver marble blocks is what gives this creation a stunning eye-catching look. 

Complete the look of this factory with a stylish doorway. You can also put some small plants near the factory for decoration. You can amaze your friends by showcasing this factory structure to them.

Huge Redstone Factory – Morton's Castle

Huge Redstone Factory
Image Credits: Morton's Castle

Wanna build something fancy in your town? Try rebuilding this Huge Redstone Factory structure by Morton's Castle in your town in Minecraft.

This epic factory build requires a little more effort and a lot of hard work. But it's all worth it when you finish building something which will be a source of wonder and survival for your villagers. You can start by collecting some wooden blocks, bricks, fences, and concrete.

You can also add perches on the smokestacks to pump the pollution out of the factory.

Small Honey.co Factory – seanbits 

Small Honey.co Factory
Image Credits: seanbits

Are you looking for something unique to build in your Minecraft worlds? Try recreating this Small Honey.com factory designed by seanbits.

Made with a beautiful and unique touch, this factory has numerous machines to produce quality honey. It will not only look beautiful in your town but also become a source of providing delicious honey for your villagers. You will require some stone blocks, concrete, wooden planks, and some bee hives to build this factory. 

You can put some flowers and leaves around the factory to add a nice touch of the Honey Garden in the outside environment. 

Big Dome Factory – yomikester238

Big Dome Factory
Image Credits: yomikester238

Coming up next in our list of the greatest Minecraft factory builds is the big Dome factory structure constructed by yomikester238.

There are millions of Minecraft players who know how useful factory structures are. Factories help you to produce different products and create items quickly without having to worry about the mess you'll make. 

Therefore, you should build this amazing factory structure today in your town. You can also add some pipes and fences to give a more real feel to your factory.

Hardcore Iron Factory – aCookieGod

Hardcore Iron Factory
Image Credits: aCookieGod

Another addition to the modern world, this Hardcore Iron Iron Factory designed by aCookieGod will look amazing in your town in Minecraft.

For the players to be able to progress further in the game, they require more resources and materials therefore it's essential to have a factory in your town that can manufacture enough goods to fulfill your needs. You can build this amazing and uniquely designed Iron factory with some blocks of stones, bricks, and stained glass.

It is recommended to build this factory in an open space, and at some distance from your residential area.

Large Traditional Factory – Nacho 331

Large Traditional Factory
Image Credits: Nacho 331

We've all seen those massive, sprawling factories which produce valuable resources that keep our economies running. You can also build something similar in your town by rebuilding this large traditional factory structure by Nacho 331.

This factory structure has a stunning design with huge turning gears, heavy machinery, and hot smoking chimneys which amaze any visitors in your town. You should clear some area on the ground before building this factory as it's one massive build. 

You can also place some light blocks around the factory to brighten up the place in the dark.

Simple Minecraft Factory – TheUselessCow

Simple Minecraft Factory
Image Credits: TheUselessCow

Want to see something beautiful? This amazing factory structure with an aesthetic color palette made by TheUselessCow is the perfect example.

This factory structure is very easy to follow and it doesn't require any expensive materials. Beginners and intermediate both kinds of players can easily build this factory in their town due to its simple design and low requirement of resources. You can build the windows of the factory with both glass and fences.

You can also make some smoke coming out of the chimneys to give a more realistic look to your build.

Huge Victorian Factory – Axianerve

Huge Victorian Factory
Image Credits: Axianerve

In this advanced world with modern technologies and structures, this Huge Victorian Factory in Minecraft made by Axianerve is exactly what your town needs. 

As the player gets more experience with Minecraft, they will build more and more complex, efficient, and beautiful creations to progress further in their adventure. When the player makes a new structure, the structure is designed to be strong, last for a long time, and be easy to craft. 

This factory structure has a simple design and it doesn't require many expensive resources to construct. Build this factory structure today and enhance your town's modernity.

Survival Factory – Wattles 

Survival Factory
Image Credits: Wattles

For our modern design fans, we have another impressive idea of a factory structure that you can build in your town. This Fabulous Cow Survival Factory designed by Wattles will look gorgeous in your game.

The factory is designed to be a big source of milk for your residents. The most obvious feature of this factory is the towering and significantly big interior hall that contains heavy machinery. The lobby is enclosed by a wall that is made of thick stone and bricks, allowing easy access to the factory. 

You can also put some leaves and trees around the factory for an enchanting look.

Mega HEP Factory – GoodTimesWithScar

Mega HEP Factory
Image Credits: GoodTimesWithScar

For warming your game with a cool shaded unique building, this Mega HEP factory built by GoodTimesWithScar will be a perfect fit.

The first step to build this factory is to collect enough materials, wood, concrete blocks, stones, bricks, and a few fences are materials that are used in this structure. 

To maximize the beauty of this factory, you should build it in a place with good lines of sight and with a good amount of space surrounding it.

You can leave the inside dark, or add a few lanterns or lamps if you like bright places.

Simple Village Factory – NewFreedomMC

Simple Village Factory
Image Credits: NewFreedomMC

Created by NewFreedomMC, this Simple Village Factory building is best for you in case you're starting your building career in Minecraft.

As a beginner in the game, you lack resources and skills. Recreating this simple factory structure made entirely out of red bricks will help you hone your skills. Plus, you'll get a nice working factory for your village.

The factory is very easy to recreate using some practice at the start. You can create a straight path to signify the building's territory to make it look more realistic.

Huge Harbour Factory – Spazza27 Minecraft

Huge Harbour Factory
Image Credits: Spazza27 Minecraft

For our Minecraft fans who are obsessed with the oceans and can't seem to get enough of it, we have this perfect factory idea to build near the water bodies. This Huge Harbour Factory designed by Spazza27 Minecraft is just the right structure to include in your game.

Built with red stones, quartz, and sandstone, this factory stands tall near the bank of an ocean looking more glorious than ever. You just need to be a little careful when setting the boundaries for this structure.

This factory would make a perfect companion for your docks and other Ocean related structures.

Minecraft Ancient Factory – Khato Builds 

Minecraft Ancient Factory
Image Credits: Khato Builds

For those who are interested in creating structures that have a more sequential design,  this Minecraft factory created by Khato Builds will be a good idea.

With its simple geometry design and pretty dominating look, the factory stands tall among the barren lands of your Minecraft worlds. You can dress this factory with your creative ideas and sprinkle as many details as you want to start from unique windows to stylish wall patterns.

Make sure your building gives a nice town hall vibe to the villagers living nearby in the game.


Enjoy building useful working factories in your Minecraft worlds with 15 different Minecraft Factory Ideas and Designs to build. Develop your traditional villages and towns into modern-styled civilizations. Sprinkle your game with your imagination and show your creativity in creating the best factory structure in the game.

Happy Factory Building!

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