13 Minecraft Doorway Designs and Ideas To Build in 2023

One of the best things about Minecraft is that it's a sandbox game where you can adventure, build, and gather your pleasing aesthetics in whichever way you want to up.

If you're eying to get something fantastic to your disposal, you need some crazy ideas.

Whether it's a simple single doorway design or a huge gateway entry you'll get every taste from a very simple and steady to a professional piston doorway for your in-game decor.

Let's get your creative juices flowing with these 13 Minecraft Doorway Designs and Ideas.

Simple Double Doorway – Eli's Art

Simple Double Doorway
Image Credit: Eli's Art

Eli's Art has come up with an interesting idea to make your Minecraft entrance look brilliant.  This is a spruce double door framed in birch walls and roof.

The fancy popping-out tops with two bright lanterns give it a stylish touch. You can always decorate the font with something you like but here it is ornamented with charming flowers placed on grass blocks that are covered with trapdoors. You must try it if it sounds good to you.

Nether Themed Gateway Design – Meddi

Nether Themed Gateway
Image Credit: Meddi

Minecraft world is full of surprising creativity with its exceptional ideas. Here's a nether entrance gateway with sharp upward pointed tops by Meddi.

Constructed with black stones, Blackstone bricks, and cracked Blackstone, it is a beautiful custom arch entrance to try out in the game.

To make the design more worn down, there are plenty of decoration details including three soul lanterns with a purple flint and steel passage in the arch design. It looks more interesting with a bright gold block in the middle font.

Single Doorway Entrance Design – Eli's Art

Single Doorway Entrance Design
Image Credit: Eli's Art

What about creating something simple with less effort but a super outcome?  Eli's Art brings you a little wooden entrance built with petrified oak slab stairs.

The cute wooden door is framed with a fancy roof design and a couple of outward pointed textures with two lanterns. There are also two flower pots with purple and green petals on both sides of the entrance. If it sounds good to you, you shouldn't hesitate to try it out.

Working Castle Gateway Design – BBlocks

Working Castle Gateway Design
Image Credit: BBlocks

This design includes a stony Minecraft path that leads you to a high castle gateway to let you into your area.

The tutorial by BBlocks has a spruce fence mobilized door that is connected with a Redstone piston button framed in lime concrete in the right pillar.

The rest is a simple high medieval build with cobblestones and stone bricks. The petrified oak slabs shape a beautiful roof. If it is something you were looking for, go for it.

Fancy Arch Doorway Design – Pozzy

Fancy Arch Doorway Design
Image Credit: Pozzy

What do you think of designing something simple yet fancy for your Minecraft entrance?

Here's a pretty awesome idea by Pozzy that involves an arch doorway built up of birch slabs and some sandstone bricks.

With three birch stairs at the top to make an incredible arch, there are two bright lanterns on both walls adding details to its beauty. You should ultimately try it for your doorway design.

Desert Gateway Design – disruptive builds

Desert Gateway Design
Image Credit: Disruptive builds

If you are looking for a somewhat big entry gate to your Minecraft area, look no further than this gateway idea by disruptive builds.

It's a pretty huge white gateway built with white concrete and some spruce inputs. The two side pillars are expertly furnished with “H” like structures at the top front. There is a red flag flying on left as recognition of your world. Decorated with Minecraft lamps and other little details, it is a perfect gateway design to try in your world. 

Desert Oasis Gateway – Umibogaming

Desert Oasis Gateway
Image Credit: Umibogaming

It's always necessary for a Minecraft player to come up with some ideas that make his world stand out from the rest. Umibogaming has to bring you something that'll surely make you unique among your Minecraft fellows.

It is an incredible doorway design built up with orange and white sandstones. The spruce door in a red wall is guarded with white sandstone pillars and a roof. There are Cactus and Azalea flowers on both sides of the door.

The upper part of the door is an arch-like structure with a lantern and vines in it.

Manor Doorway Design – badeydee

Manor Doorway Design
Image Credit: badeydee

With the help of badeydee try a dark spruce blocks' amazing doorway having a font shade supported with stone pillars to make a mix-up texture.

It looks like a transformation from a tiny custom Minecraft house. You can add plenty of decoration details but a couple of lanterns just before the entrance door and some oak leaves will uplift its entire beauty.

Mining Entrance Doorway – TheMythicalSausage

Mining Entrance Doorway
Image Credit: TheMythicalSausage

If you're looking for an entrance that can be fitted anywhere in your Minecraft world, look no further than this video by TheMythicalSausage. 

Here it is built alongside a hill using some spruce logs, spruce stairs, and cobblestone. It is a little pretty good door with a comprehensive arch-like structure on top. 

The lower font is styled with spruce stairs and some lamps at each corner and in the center. While the upper font is shaped in a way that makes an archway effect with oak stairs and three pop-out logs. You can add many details to make it a crazy one. 

Basic Oak Doorway – Lex The Builder

Basic Oak Doorway
Image Credit: Lex The Builder

If you're eying to build a super simple wooden design, jump onto this tutorial by Lex The Builder and craft one for you. 

It involves a simple doorway with an oak door inside a trapdoor that is framed in oak wooden walls and a roof. Additionally, it has a couple of Alliums in two flower pots on oak logs on each side of the entrance. 

Nether Gateway Design – disruptive builds

Nether Gateway Design
Image Credit: disruptive builds

Here's another fascinating gateway design idea by disruptive builds with black construction.

It is a high gateway built with Blackstone bricks having beautiful tops. The tops are embellished with a blue soul campfire and a bluish lantern hanging over in the mid.  Two green slates on top and two at the bottoms give it a unique touch. If you're up for the challenge, don't forget to give it a try.

Spiral Piston Doorway – Kwipla

Spiral Piston Doorway
Image Credit: Kwipla

Redstone builds are quite common in the Minecraft world then why not try a Redstone piston doorway? There is a cool custom doorway design by Kwipla

It is a double-sided iron blocks piston doorway connected with a couple of switching buttons on both sides through Redstone dust. Each side is filled with light blue wool and note blocks. The sticky pistons are controlled by the green circuits with a lever and Redstone torches.

Redstone Piston Doorway – Mumbo Jumbo

Redstone Piston Doorway
Image Credit: Mumbo Jumbo

It depends on you to either make things interesting or look boring in your world. This way, some cool creative ideas come in very handy.

With the help of Mumbo Jumbo, you can build an incredible entrance with really cool balanced piston doors. With honey blocks, it becomes super easy to fill up the upper part. 

With a majority of Redstone underneath the ground, the upper part looks quite elegant with a wooden border and some decoration details.

Wrapping Up

To cut to the chase, you've got fantastical 13 Minecraft doorway designs to craft and put your fellows in jealousy. Pick up your favorite design and start building!

Hope you got some creative techniques and inspiration. You can also jump onto a Minecraft fence design or some cozy bedroom ideas to ease your crafting. 

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