25 Remarkable Minecraft Cottage Ideas & Designs To Build in 2023

Minecraft is one of the popular RPGs where players can build their dream cottages from scratch by transforming unique and versatile ideas into reality. Be it sophisticated and modern-day cottages that exhibit extravagance or minimalistic houses that give you a peaceful and cozy environment.

With Minecraft, you can put your creative hat on and create builds of your choice. If you're clueless regarding your first build, this blog will spark some ideas into your mind so you can come up with the best cottage design.

Aesthetic Cottage – Zaypixel

Aesthetic Cottage
Image Credits: Zaypixel

Built with cobblestone, oak, and brick blocks, this aesthetically pleasing cottage by Zaypixel will give you a sense of tranquility. Suppose you're fond of lush greenery and rustic themes. In that case, this tutorial design by Zaypixel will help you build a cottage with a minimalistic interior design and exterior covered with nature's beauty. 

You can quickly build this cottage in survival mode if you've limited knowledge regarding the resources required for cottage building. 

Overall, The cottage's base is easy to build, and with this structure, you can experiment different ways to build the blocks of the roof and the edges. 

Small-sized Cozy Cottage – Zaypixel

Small-sized Cozy Cottage
Image Credits: Zaypixel

Zaypixel came up with another small-scale cottage that is easy to build and requires a few materials like spruce logs, spruce planks, bricks, and birch wood, making this cottage house unique. Although the cottage is small, the white wood gives a spacious look when you enter the house. It gives a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. 

This infrastructure is suitable for beginners who want a cottage blueprint that is easy to follow. Build a small garden around your cottage to add beauty and position lamps in different places. The interior includes wooden squared windows covered with plants. 

In short, you can build this design in any picturesque setting, and won't cost you an arm and leg.

Fairytale Cottagecore-Themed House – Kelpie The Fox

Fairytale Cottagecore-Themed House
Image Credits: Kelpie The Fox

If you've got a thing for adorable fairytale cottage cores, you can't go wrong with this build designed by Kelpie The Fox. It's a mid-sized yet cute cottage that can be built in survival and creative mode. Base materials include oak, sandstone, warped wood, and Terracotta wooden blocks that enhance the structure's appearance.

This cozy cottage core is unique because it has plenty of storage, a good kitchen area, and essential materials needed to survive in Minecraft.

The exterior is decorated with flowering bushes like lilac and peonies, making the landscape exotic. The cottage features an exterior having blue/pink stained window glasses that seamlessly goes well with the cottage's interior. 

Fantasy Themed Cottage – Minecraft Fantasy Builds

Fantasy Themed Cottage
Image Credits: Minecraft Fantasy Builds

Minecraft Fantasy builds has come up with a dreamy fantasy cottage that is customizable. You can add heights to the foundation of the cottage using the spruce blocks and logs to make the build look massive. The building's grandeur and lavish design create an impression of strength. The tower gives a bold look to the cottage, and the styling of the roof is simply impressive.

This cottage allows you to experiment with different materials and shades. Add plants and bushes around the cottage for a greener look. The interior has hanging lanterns and chest tables. The walls also match perfectly with the outdoor design.  

Fairy Starter Cottage – Kelpie The Fox

Fairy Starter Cottage
Image Credits: Kelpie The Fox

Dreaming about living in a Fairyhouse? Check out this tutorial by Kelpie The Fox. It features a cylindrical structure made with stone bricks and is surrounded by bushes and pink flowers, making it one of the cutest fairy starter houses we've ever seen. The terracotta windows complete the look of the exterior.

The entrance is enclosed with greenery and lanterns. You'll find ample space to add further details as you enter inside. The chimney wall has a classic design, and one more thing, you'll notice a vertical staircase that goes upwards for access to the bedroom space. 

Cottage with Greenhouse – Dio Rods

Cottage with Greenhouse
Image Credits: Dio Rods

If you're looking to build an impressive wooden house with a greenhouse, this build by Dio Rods should be your go-to cottage. It's an easy-to-follow tutorial that you can try out in survival mode. It's a basic greenhouse made from glass exterior, slabs, and stone bricks. Blocks of leaves are scattered all around the roof and greenhouse. 

You can decorate the interior according to your preference. Add lanterns, cupboards, and frames to give a complete makeover to your cottage. The greenhouse has sufficient space where you can harvest and do gardening. 

Cottage FarmHouse – SheepGG

Cottage FarmHouse
Image Credits: SheepGG

If you're in the mood to build a cottage farm, SheepGG showcases a perfect survival farmhouse. The farmhouse looks cutesy and cozy. A walking path leads into the cottage that is covered with bushes and features a walkway. The lanterns in different places complement the entire infrastructure.

Inside the farmhouse, you'll find different amenities, and you've got space to add further objects. There is a vivid depiction of nature in the cottage. Adding green patches and hanging leaves makes the build look fantastic. There's nothing short of unique about this build.

Contemporary Wooden Themed Cottage – Heyimrobby

Contemporary Wooden Themed Cottage
Image Credits: Heyimrobby

This modern-day wooden cottage by Heyimrobby is different from the old-school cottages. You can build this structure in survival mode using wooden blocks and spruce planks. Glass windows are attached to give a modern look. If you love cabin-themed cottages, you can use different wooden logs and planks for building. 

You can add a plantation around the house to make the place look greener. It's a two-story house with a kitchen, book rack, comfy sofa set, and bedroom. When you look at the wooden structure, there is an impression of a forest landscape. All-in-all, you will love living in this fancy building. 

Minimalist Rustic Cottage – JUNS MAB 

Minimalist Rustic Cottage
Image Credits: JUNS MAB

Stylish and rustic, this wooden cottage by JUNS MAB is made out of wood. The tutorial is easy to follow for beginners looking for easy survival cottage designs. It's a cozy cabin cottage made purely from oak wood and spruce. There is a sense of harmony and spaciousness to the exterior.

What's impressive is that the interior is designed with wooden objects like trap doors and barrels.  The glass panel gives an elegant look to the house. You can renovate the interior by experimenting with versatile objects of your choice.

Fairy Witch Tiny Cottage – Kelpie The Fox

Fairy Witch Tiny Cottage
Image Credits: Kelpie The Fox

Kelpie The Fox doesn't disappoint with this easy-to-build fairy witch blueprint that passes the fairytale vibe check. Regardless of any scenic location be it mountains, forest, or lakes, this cottage will be the first thing your eyes will capture. 

No complex objects are required. The cottage has a small garden on one side that gives shelter to gorgeous plants and shrubs. Straight out of the fairytale world, the cottage has got hanging leaves around the entrance. The candles inside the house give a timeless vibe. 

Pro-level Cottage – Tootisie

Pro-level Cottage
Image Credits: Tootisie

This pro-level cottage by Tootisie. would take a good few hours but the end result is worth it. A wall is created that surrounds the cottage for maximum protection. Moreover, there is a storage area where you can add amenities. ‘

Terracotta blocks are used for dividing the cottage into two floors. Each floor provides comfort and a calming environment. The indoor has a nice fireplace along with a bedroom. The rooms are lit with lanterns placed on each side. Overall, the cottage has a very pleasant look and feel to it.  

Cozy A-Frame Cabin Cottage House – TinyCraft

Cozy A-Frame Cabin Cottage House
Image Credits: TinyCraft

The cabin by TinyCraft. illustrates the wooden theme perfectly with its A-frame. Throughout the house, oak logs are used to build the walls. Wooden slabs are used for the roof. Grass fillings are included on both sides of the roof and flowers are arranged in a group to complete the cottage's look.

The interior has a minimalistic yet cozy design. There is a little fireplace area and a cute dresser area with windows covered in blue curtains. You can decorate the interior however you wish to and get inspiration from this build tutorial.

Small Cottage House For Starters – Folli

Small Cottage House For Starters
Image Credits: Folli

The construction of a large cottage house would take ages, so why not go with a small cottage house that looks absolutely stunning? This design by Folli is the easiest to follow due to the symmetrical build of the house. The foundation is constructed from cobblestones, and slabs and connected stairs are used to build the platform. The detailing around the entrance is intriguing.

The stairs make it easier to access the fully furnished top floor. Although the interior appears cluttered, you can add or remove items.

Medieval Inspired Cottage – Kelpie The Fox

Medieval Inspired Cottage
Image Credits: Kelpie The Fox

In this medieval-inspired cottage designed by Kelpie The Fox, you'll feel as if you're back in ancient times. This is a simplistic approach to the medieval cottage that will give you fairytale castle vibes. The structure is made of cobblestones, oak logs, and spruce planks. You'll find an adorable horse run-in where you can tend the horses. 

Terracotta windows are fitted to add a modern touch to the cottage. This build comes to life thanks to the plantation. Blocks of leaves are positioned in various places. You can reach up the tower via the ladder. Add tables, chest drawers, and other objects of your choice. 

Elegant Cottagecore themed Cottage – PlatinumThief

Elegant Cottagecore themed Cottage
Image Credits: PlatinumThief

Cottagecore-themed builds revolve around flowers, home gardening, farming, and anything related to living a humble life in harmony. This cottage house by PlatinumThief is awe-inspiring. The exterior design is ethereal. The roof frame has a unique structure made from quartz. 

White stained glass panes are used for an enhanced look. The exterior, roof, entrance, and top floor are covered with oak leaves. The interior can be designed according to your preference. In a nutshell, it's a wholesome cottage that will remind you of rural life. 

Beginner-Friendly Cottage House – Ayvocado

Beginner-Friendly Cottage House
Image Credits: Ayvocado

A detailed yet straightforward cottage house is perfect for those just starting out in Minecraft. Ayvocado has come up with an aesthetic house that is well-lit and medium-sized. A mixture of materials like spruce logs, dark oak, and cobblestones is used for the interior/exterior. A string of hanging lanterns illuminates the entire cottage.

Make your interior beautiful with a small fireplace, bookshelves, and ladder, along with the beauty of the natural world. With just a few resources, you can build this beautiful house that is easy to set up. 

Exquisite Cottage House – BigTonyMC

Exquisite Cottage House
Image Credits: BigTonyMC

Do you want to build a large cottage with a straightforward design and easy construction? Thanks to BigTonyMC, this massive cottage has an excellent architectural design. No shaders are used in this tutorial. You only need the necessary materials and the ability to be creative.

The base is made from stone bricks, and the upper wall is constructed from white terracotta blocks and spruce woods. The creator has used cobbled deep slate stones that look alluring for the roof. Moreover, you can add a horse stable and water wheel for an aesthetic view. Don't forget to add final touches to the cottage. 

Garden Fairy Cottage – Kelpie The Fox

Garden Fairy Cottage
Image Credits: Kelpie The Fox

This small-sized fairy cottage designed by Kelpie The Fox is a sight for sore eyes. It's a two-toned cottage that uses a mixture of warped planks and dark oak planks. The color combination is definitely to die for! Besides being simple to design, it's also colorful – thanks to the fairy-themed garden.

You can mix ferns, grasses, and flowers for a wild effect.  Moreover, building a tree is much easier when you design the bark and add a bunch of leaves. Complete the interior by adding a cobblestone fireplace and terracotta windows, and voila, you're done. 

Loft Style Cottage – PlatinumThief

Loft Style Cottage
Image Credits: PlatinumThief

PlatinumThief does an incredible job with this loft-style cottage design. It has an urban look and feels to it. The loft is all about huge open spaces and this cottage has sufficient space to add furniture and other objects. The exterior is made from oak logs and spruce logs.

The roof is decorated with oak leaves and hanging lanterns for a lively look.  Although this build will take a good amount of hours, you'll be impressed by the result. The Interior has birch trap doors to make the rooms look spacious. 

Mushroom Style Cottage House – jjaaxxthelegend

Mushroom Style Cottage House
Image Credits: jjaaxxthelegend

Experts who know the art of building diverse architectures should check out this tutorial by jjaaxxthelegend. It's a mushroom-themed cottage with subtle detailing, but it's fun to build in your fairyland. The mushroom building is crafted using terracotta blocks and red mushroom blocks. 

The spacious cottage makes it ideal for survival and the creative world. Building a mushroom is one of the challenging parts of this tutorial, so you'll need a great understanding of the building. It's a super neat build that is mesmerizing. 

Cottage-Core Survival base – Platinum Thief

Cottage-Core Survival base
Image Credits: PlatinumThief

Building different structures in Minecraft is fascinating, but you get to a point where you ask yourself what you should build. This aesthetic Cottage-core Survival base by PlatinumThief is an excellent structure you can build in your town in Minecraft.

The cottage house has a straightforward and beautiful design. The walls, roof, and chimney are well made and decorated with plants and light blocks. Each staircase of the cottage is decorated with a different kind of plant, giving the building a more lovely look.

The surrounding area of the cottagecore can be enchanted or thoroughly cleaned up, depending on which style you prefer the most.

Cozy Cottage House – Croissant Cat

Cozy Cottage House
Image Credits: Croissant Cat

Building this Cozy Cottage House by Croissant Cat in your town where the villagers could rest and relax in Minecraft will be a nice gesture.

The cottage's core structure is made in a beautiful style and color combinations of the blocks. It has a small fence on the front and a bunch of light blocks. 

The windows are beautified with leaves, and many colorful flowers are placed right in the front of the house, giving a fascinating look to the whole cottage structure. You can put some flowers near the house and grow some trees if you like structures in an exquisite style.

Aesthetic Minecraft Cottage – Derezero

Aesthetic Minecraft Cottage
Image Credits: Derezero

If you are interested in the traditional medieval structures, then you might like this next build a lot. This Aesthetic Cottage core structure by Derezero is beautifully made with different charming shades of brown with some grey stones and marble blocks.

The structure is straightforward to make and does not require a lot of rare materials. You can scatter leaves around the structure and place some small flower plants near the main door of the cottage.

You can also surround the cottage house with colorful flowers if you want.

Stunning Home Cottage – Tootsie

Stunning Home Cottage
Image Credits: Tootsie

This stunning home cottage by Tootsie with a unique style will look perfect in your town in Minecraft. The roof is made with beautiful dark brown wooden planks decorated with several different types of leaves; the windows are decorated with flowers and leaves as well.

The whole cottage is surrounded by stone block fences covering a large ground area. While from the inside, the fences protect a lush green flower garden that circles the cottage.

You can decorate the area by placing flowers, growing different trees, or perhaps creating a small garden in the house's backyard. Furthermore, place a few light blocks on the house to complete the creation.

Adorable Pinkish Cottage – Kelpie The Fox

Adorable Pinkish Cottage
Image Credits: Kelpie The Fox

Are you looking for a cute cottage house structure for your town in Minecraft? If so, you'll love this next build on our list. Next is an Adorable Pinkish Cottage by Kelpie The Fox constructed on a large and beautiful moon structure.

The cottage structure is simple and yet so beautiful. The house is decorated with fairy lights all around it. The chimney is made out of unique stone blocks fitted with the roof.

You can decorate it more by putting a few colorful flowers in front of the house, especially red flowers to match the color scheme of the building.


A well-designed cottage depends on versatility and understanding of the designer's vision. This guide will open your minds and create a room for unleashing your inner architect. Use these cottage ideas as a guide to building your first dream cottage or you could simply experiment to create an innovative design of your own. 

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