Minecraft console commands, gamerule commands & cheats

If you are looking for Minecraft console commands & cheats, we have the complete list. If you want to teleport, summon monsters, change the time and weather or alter the settings of your Minecraft server there is a Minecraft command to perform the task. Minecraft console commands are available on the Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch versions of Minecraft.

How to enable Minecraft console commands

The first step to using Minecraft console commands is enabling the Allow/Activate Cheats option during world creation.

How to use Minecraft console commands

If your Minecraft world allows console commands and cheats, you must bring up the developer console to enter commands and cheats. Here is how to do it on PC and Mac, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch:

  • PC and Mac: Press the slash key (/) or T to bring up the console.
  • Xbox one: Press right on your D-Pad.
  • Nintendo Switch: Press right on Joy-Con, or right on on the D-Pad of a Pro Controller.

Now that we have laid the foundations for enabling and using console commands in Minecraft, let's see the available commands.

Minecraft console commands & cheats list

You can use many commands in Minecraft to locate biomes, target players, enchant items, add experience to a player, change the game's difficulty, switch game modes, give items to players, kill players, and more.

Teleport command

/tp [player_name] x y z

The teleport command allows you to teleport yourself or any other player to the provided coordinates. Since the format is three-dimensional, x serves as the longitude, y as the height, and z as the latitude. To maintain the current coordinate value, you can use the tilde key (~) for any of the three coordinates.

For instance ‘/tp Cyberfunk 43 ~ 85' will teleport Cyberfunk to [43,85] at the current height.

Locate Biome command

/locatebiome [biome_name]

This command works great in tandem with the teleport command. Entering the command with a Biome name will bring up a list of biomes that you can scroll through and select the one you are looking for. Selecting a Biome will bring up its coordinates. You can then use the teleport command to teleport there.

Targeting commands

Instead of typing your username or any other player's, you can use targeting commands to target someone and then remove the [player_name] variable from any console command you want to use on them:

  • @s targets yourself.
  • @p targets the closest player.
  • @r targets a random player in your world.
  • @a targets all players in your world.
  • @e targets all entities in your world; players, animals, and monsters.

Experience command

/experience add [player_name] [amount] or /xp add [player_name] [amount]

The experience command is handy if you want to level up yourself or any other player faster.

Game difficulty command

/difficulty [difficulty_level]

Using the game difficulty command, you can change the difficulty level to four options: easy, normal, hard, and peaceful.

Game mode command

/gamemode [mode]

The game mode command is handy if you switch between different game modes. There are four options: adventure, creative, spectator, and survival.

Clone command

/clone source_x1 source_y1 source_z1 source_x2 source_y2 source_z2 x y z

Clones all blocks in the region designated between [x1, y1, z1] and [x2, y2, z2] to [x, y, z].

Effect command

/effect [player_name or entity_name] [effect_name] [duration]*

The effect command applies the specified effect to the specified player or entity for the given duration. The duration value is optional.

Effect Clear command

/effect clear [player_name or entity_name] [effect_name]*

Clears the specified effect from the specified player or entity. The effect name value is optional. If not provided, the command will clear all effects.

Enchanting command

/enchant [player_name] [enchantment_name] [enchantment_level]

The enchanting command allows you to enchant any player's currently held item (as long as it is enchantable) and select the enchantment level too.

Freeze command


The freeze command pause mob movement.

Give command

/give [player_name] [item_name] [amount]

The give command does exactly what its name implies. You can use it to give any player an x amount of a particular item.

List command


The list command will show you a list of all players on your server.

Locate command

/locate [structure_type]

You can use the locate command to find the coordinates of the nearest structure of the provided structure type.

Kill command

/kill [player_name]

Kills the player with the provided player name.

Seed command


Displays the current seed number.

Summon command

/summon [entity_name] or /summon [entity_name] x y z

You can use the summon command to summon an animal or monster at your current position or at the provided position.

Time command

/time set [preset_time] or /time set [number] or /time add [number]

You can use the time command to alter the in-game time. You can choose between day, noon, night, or midnight when using preset times. You can choose any number when using /time set with a number. Here are some options:

  • 0 (Dawn)
  • 1000 (Morning)
  • 6000 (Midday)
  • 12000 (Dusk)
  • 18000 (Night)

The /time add command can be used with any number.

Weather command

/weather [weather_type] [duration]*

You can use the weather command to change the weather between the following types: clear, rain, and thunder. The duration value is optional and will change the weather for the specified number of seconds.

Help Command

/help [command_name]

You can use the help command by providing any other command's name to display additional information about it.

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Minecraft server admin Gamerule commands list

Gamerule commands are available to Minecraft server owners, allowing them to modify the game settings and customize the experience for players. Below you will find the list of currently available gamerule commands, however, note that some commands are unavailable in both Java and BE.

Gamerule CommandDescriptionAccepted ValuesDefault Value
/gamerule announceAdvancementsWhether advancements should be announced in chattrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule commandBlocksEnabledWhether command blocks should be enabled in-gametrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule commandBlockOutputWhether command blocks should notify admins when they perform commandstrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule disableElytraMovementCheckWhether the server should skip checking player speed when the player is wearing elytratrue/falseFALSE
/gamerule disableRaidsEnables or disables village raids by mobstrue/falseFALSE
/gamerule doDaylightCycleEnables or disables the day-night cycle and moon phases progress. Disabling will free the in-game timetrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule doEntityDropsEnables or disables drops by non-mob entitiestrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule doFireTickEnables or disables natural fire behavior (spread, extinguishment)true/falseTRUE
/gamerule doInsomniaEnables or disables insomnia and phantom spawnstrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule doImmediateRespawnPlayers respawn immediately without showing the death screen.

(Bedrock command: immediateRespawn)
/gamerule doLimitedCraftingWhether players should only be able to craft recipes that they've unlocked firsttrue/falseFALSE
/gamerule doMobLootEnables or disables loot drops by mobstrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule doMobSpawningEnables or disables mob spawnstrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule doPatrolSpawningEnables or disables patrol spawnstrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule doTileDropsEnables or disables loot drops by blockstrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule doTraderSpawningEnables or disables wandering trader spawnstrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule doWeatherCycleEnables or disables weather changetrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule drowningDamageEnables or disables drowning damagetrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule fallDamageEnables or disables fall damagetrue/falsetrue/false
/gamerule fireDamageEnables or disables fire damagetrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule forgiveDeadPlayersMakes angered neutral mobs stop being angry when the targeted player dies nearby.true/falseTRUE
/gamerule freezeDamageEnables or disables freeze damagetrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule functionCommandLimitThe maximum number of commands that can be executed by /function at oncenumber10000
/gamerule keepInventoryWhether the player should keep items in their inventory after deathtrue/falseFALSE
/gamerule logAdminCommandsWhether to log admin commands to server logtrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule maxCommandChainLengthDetermines the number at which the chain command block acts as a “chain”number65536
/gamerule maxEntityCrammingThe maximum number of pushable entities another entity can try to push before taking suffocation damage. Setting to 0 disables the rule. It affects players and mobs only (excluding bats)number24
/gamerule mobGriefingWhether creepers, zombies, endermen, ghasts, withers, ender dragons, rabbits, sheep, and villagers should be able to change blocks and whether villagers, zombies, skeletons, and zombie pigmen can pick up itemstrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule naturalRegenerationWhether the player can regenerate health naturally if their hunger is full enough (doesn't affect external healing, such as golden apples, the Regeneration effect, etc.)true/falseTRUE
/gamerule playersSleepingPercentageWhat percentage of players must sleep to skip the night.number100
/gamerule pvpEnables or disables PvPtrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule randomTickSpeedHow often a random block tick occurs (such as plant growth, leaf decay, etc.) per chunk section per game tick. 0 will disable random ticks, higher numbers will increase random ticksnumber3 (JE) / 1 (BE)
/gamerule reducedDebugInfoWhether the debug screen shows all or reduced information; and whether the effects of F3+B (entity hitboxes) and F3+G (chunk boundaries) are showntrue/falseFALSE
/gamerule sendCommandFeedbackWhether the feedback from commands executed by a player should show up in chat. Also affects the default behavior of whether command blocks store their output texttrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule showCoordinatesWhether the player's coordinates are displayedtrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule showDeathMessagesWhether a message appears in chat when a player diestrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule spawnRadiusThe number of blocks outward from the world spawn coordinates that a player will spawn in when first joining a server or when dying without a spawn pointnumber10 (JE) / 5 (BE)
/gamerule spectatorsGenerateChunksWhether players in spectator mode can generate chunkstrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule tntExplodesWhether TNT will explode or not after activationtrue/falseTRUE
/gamerule universalAngerMakes angered neutral mobs attack any nearby player, not just the player that angered them. Works best if you disable forgiveDeadPlayers.true/falseFALSE
/gamerule showTagsHides the “Can place on” and “Can destroy” block lists from item lore.true/falseTRUE
Table taken and altered from Nodecraft

This concludes our list of Minecraft console commands and cheats. For more cheats, you can check our GTA 5 cheats, Dragon Age Inquisition console commands & cheats, Stranded Deep console commands & cheats, or the rest of our console commands and cheats guides.

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