10 Minecraft Ceiling Designs and Ideas To Inspire Your Inner Architect

Minecraft is a versatile sandbox game that requires a builder's knowledge of architecture and creativity. There are limitless possibilities for creating houses. The ceiling is one of the crucial parts of the house that users experience difficulty in. Without a solid roof, a house is incomplete. Hence, you need a strong foundation with an aesthetic appearance. 

This guide will help you to unleash your inner architect and give you some of the best Minecraft ceiling designs and ideas to build the house of your dreams.

Detailed Ceiling For The Professional Architects –  AgentNemitz

Detailed Ceiling For The Professional Architects
Image Credit: AgentNemitz

If you're looking for inspiration, this video tutorial by AgentNemitz is perfect for new builders who are looking to build a classic and minimalistic ceiling with details. The ceiling is made from basic blocks including Oak trapdoors and spruce planks. 

You can use this design as a guide to building modern-day ceilings. Moreover, you can add lighting and decorate ceilings with various materials. Minecraft house ideas based on rustic themes will go seamlessly with the wooden ceiling. 

Whether you're building a bigger or smaller house, this tutorial is easy to follow for any beginner.

The Ceiling That Will Light Up Your World – MCram

The Ceiling That Will Light Up Your World
Image Credit: MCram

There is nothing like a lantern to brighten up a room. It is a gorgeous decorative piece of lighting that can do wonders to your ceiling. This isn't just an ordinary ceiling design by MCram. The lantern is attached to the oak fence and is enclosed within the oak sign for a more improvised look.

It won't take up space on your ceiling. Your ceiling will look interesting if you place it in different positions. Mix and play with different designs using lanterns. Whether your house is small or large, you won't go wrong with this idea. 

Intricate Ceiling Makeover – AstonishingGamer

Intricate Ceiling Makeover
Image Credit: AstonishingGamer

Are you thinking of building a huge ceiling for a spacious house? If you don't want to work around the styling of the roof, this tutorial by AstonishingGamer is easy to follow. It's a sophisticated yet subtle ceiling that has wooden detailing. 

Use stairs to give the border of the ceiling a patterned finish. Wood brick and spruce wood complement each other well and make an ideal ceiling combination.

All in all, it's a beginner-friendly design that doesn't require much expertise. By practicing, you can build innovative designs by using this blueprint as a guide. 

Straight Out Of Galaxy Ceiling – Eli's Art

Straight Out Of Galaxy Ceiling
Image Credit: Eli's Art

Make your home a humble abode by beautifying the ceiling with a star-studded ceiling by Eli's Art and feel magical.  This piece will transform your dull room into something spectacular.

The video may appear to look complicated but it's time to challenge your inner designer and build the ceiling from scratch. A Cartography table is used where stars will be added. 

Just follow the shape of the star and fill it with concrete blocks and packed ice for the border. Depending on your preference, you can fill one or more stars in one block. Enjoy the view of the stars from the comfort of your home. 

It will be seamless to have a ceiling decorated with stars in your bedroom.

Eye Captivating Hanging Lights – Asuka.Minecraft

Eye Captivating Hanging Lights
Image Credit: Asuka.Minecraft

Light up your interior with this crafty ceiling design by Asuka.Minecraft has an aesthetically pleasing look.  When you enter the house, you'll be delighted by the view the ceiling has to offer. It's easy peasy to build. You need a few resources like a hopper, lantern, jungle sign, and oak trapdoors.

The jungle sign encloses the lantern and overall, enhances the look of the lighting. Oak trapdoors are placed on the ceiling for further detailing. 

Another approach is to discard jungle signs and use oak trap doors on four sides of the ceiling and attach lanterns on each side. 

Versatile Chandelier That Blings – OnlyCoronet

Versatile Chandelier That Blings
Image Credit: OnlyCoronet

Step up your ceiling game with this interesting Chandelier design by OnlyCoronet that will put your house in the limelight. There are different ways you can design Chandelier lights. You can use white stained glass and sea lanterns to give an exotic appearance to the chandelier. 

Firstly, place a white stained glass on the ceiling followed by sea lantern blocks. Use oak wood to give depth to the chandelier and then add white stained glass. It's up to you to decide the size of the chandelier. Decide what suits well with your house. 

Ceiling with a Modern Look – BlueNerd Minecraft

Ceiling with a Modern Look
Image Credit: BlueNerd Minecraft

BlueNerd Minecraft has come up with a modern room layout that has a sophisticated ceiling design. It's not your ordinary under-roof design. White concrete is used for the roof. 

The ceiling is carved with horizontal spaces filled with black glass. This gives your house a lively and vibrant look and makes it look spacious. 

You can add decorative items such as fancy lights for a neat look. As the sun goes down, you'll notice how beautiful the view above looks. Overall, you can get inspiration from this design and add creativity to it. 

Innovative Light Ceiling For Furnished Homes – Biggs87x

Innovative Light Ceiling For Furnished Homes
Image Credit: Biggs87x

Wish to make nice and simple ceiling lights? This tutorial by Biggs87x is what you're looking for. It's suited for well-furnished homes that are huge. 

It is important to ensure that the color of your ceiling matches your interior design. Go for a white ceiling instead of a dark one to avoid a closed appearance. It's time to build the lights. You just need 4 objects in total: Magenta wool, a ceiling lamp, an armor stand, and a sea lantern. 

The magenta wool is only used as a building block to position ceiling lamps. Attach armor to the light and then use a sea lantern on the other side of the ceiling. You can also add lanterns or other lighting objects.

State of the Art Ceiling For Spacious Rooms  – King of Minecraft

State of the Art Ceiling For Spacious Room
Image Credit: King of Minecraft

This state-of-the-art ceiling by King of Minecraft is to die for. The roof is designed using wooden slabs on each side of the roof. On each corner, some cobblestones add elegance to the ceiling. You can use other decorative items such as lanterns or chandeliers to fill your roof.

Just follow the pattern of the roof which is neat and straightforward. Overall, it's a great tutorial for those who struggle with building the ceilings of their houses. 

Switch Controlled Lighting For Experts – CowCapz

Switch Controlled Lighting For Experts
Image Credit: CowCapz

If you're a fan of lights, try out this out-of-the-box lighting style by CowCapz. You can switch on/off the light to give a realistic look. You'll need a Redstone lamp that you can position on the roof and then simply design a button for on/off. 

It's an underrated lamp design that you can try out to elevate your ceiling game. This tutorial is fairly simple to follow and won't take much of your time. 

Final Words 

How creative you can be and what kind of design you desire determines a well-planned ceiling. It is intended to serve as a guide in building the top-notch ceiling for your next Minecraft house. Create a flexible design using these ideas and let your creative juices flow. 

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