10 Minecraft Boat Designs and Ideas in 2023

Going on a Minecraft sea venture? Then all you need is a decent boat for surviving the toughest challenges and for resting in a comfortable setting. Here’s a list of some of the most amazing Minecraft boat ideas and designs to enjoy your ocean journey.

#1 Cozy Cottage on a Boat – Sv Gravity

Cozy Cottage on a Boat
Image Credit: Sv Gravity

Make yourself a restful cottage on your boat so you could get the most amount of comfort while you’re traveling by sea. Take a look at this little cottage made by Sv Gravity and get yourself one too.

Start building it by making a wooden platform and then make the front, back, and sides of the boat using oak slabs. Don’t forget to put a wooden log at the side of the boat to prevent a fall.

It’s time to put in some seats inside the boats and make some pillars and a pointy roof to have  that cottage look along with some hanging flags. After making the chimney on top and some interior inside the boat, you can sit back and let the ride go on.

#2 Striking Starter Boat – Nexy

Striking Starter Boat
Image Credit: Nexy

This next boat idea by Nexy is so impressive that there’s a high chance you would forget whether you’re in a boat or your home space. The building steps can be easily followed. You just have to make a rectangular platform and divide it in half. Build strong pillars connected by large window panes to get a solid sea view from the inside of the boat. 

Cover the area with a rooftop using wooden slabs. Trap doors are going to enhance this design brilliantly. Use them for making the boundaries and to build the boat sail. Put in some interior and light your boat up by using lamps.

#3 Tiny Ship Boat – Ayvocado

Tiny Ship Boat
Image Credit: Ayvocado

Alright, builders, it’s time to build a tiny boat that looks just like a grand ship to satisfy your little inner adventurer. Ayvocado is here to get a wonderful idea of how to do so.

A ship can only stand on a strong base, so make it underwater and build the entire structure on it. Use wooden slabs for a cute design for the boat boundaries. Build a small tall place to sit and establish the boat sails with white flags, and your ship-like boat is ready to sail.

#4 Lovely Boat Sailing in a Lake – Melthie

Lovely Boat Sailing in a Lake
Image Credit: Melthie

Travel through a peaceful lake surrounded by green fields on a sunny day by making this beautiful boat based on the idea by Melthie.

Use some placeholder blocks to make a firm foundation underwater. Now build small wooden planks and a boat straight on them. Give your touch to this design by adding details like lights and flags. And just like that, your boat is ready to take on the lake.

#5 Graceful and Charming White Boat – Biggs87x

Graceful and Charming White Boat
Image Credit: Biggs87x

Looking for something beautiful and attractive to build? How about this good-looking white boat which you can easily learn by following Biggs87x’s instructions? 

A base is always the first step for boat-making, so shape your boat with gray and white concrete and fill it up with birch slabs. Now make the control center of your boat by making an area with black panes. Lastly, add some stripes on the sides to make it look exclusive.

#6 Indestructible Survival Base Boat – Mr.Potatoe

Indestructible Survival Base Boat
Image Credit: Mr.Potatoe

This next design is nothing less than a marvel made by Mr.Potatoe which will not only challenge your architectural skills but will also protect you from the harsh conditions of the survival world.

The construction starts by making a rectangular base and using two different kinds of woods to make pillars for a super cool contrast. Put some barrels on the roof and a nice doorway. Use spruce trap doors and carpet for detailing. And lastly, decorate the captain’s office. 

#7 The Ultimate Working Boat – Tortik

The Ultimate Working Boat
Image Credit: Tortik

Working objects in Minecraft are truly the best. So bring your A game in by making this ultimate working boat. And in case you want to take inspiration, take a look at Tortik‘s creation.

This boat can be built by putting on the slime, observer, and piston blocks on the spruce slabs. Once you give it a go, the structure will amaze you by moving. You just have to be as much creative with this design as you can and build the boat of your dreams.

#8 Humongous Floating Boat House- Mia Bloom

 Humongous Floating Boat House
Image Credit: Mia Bloom

This giant houseboat created by Mia Bloom looks nothing less than a floating mansion. From its curvy edges to its grandiose build, it radiates the magnitude of something extraordinary.

All you need to do is mix mangrove and wooden blocks for its making. Make the base of the boat by using spruce slabs and build a little hut in the middle of it. Flourish the second floor by making a library or any other design of your choice, and your boat is all set to sail.

#9 Delicate Swan Boat – OmniGod Gamer

Delicate Swan Boat
Image Credit: OmniGod Gamer

This sweet little boat is perfect for you if you’re a fan of building unusual objects in Minecraft and guess what? OmniGod Gamer is the same as you.

This beautiful white swan is built using white tiles and some smooth quartz stairs. You can easily build the head, neck, and the rest of the body with the same concrete. For the beak, use a polished Blackstone button and a lilypad for its eyes.

#10 Vikings Inspired Boat – Striker Gaming

Vikings Inspired Boat
Image Credit: Striker Gaming

Are you a fan of the great Vikings adventure tale? If yes, then it’s high time you build yourself a giant Vikings theme boat, and Striker Gaming is here to teach you how.

The whole concept of the boat is to have a reliable wooden structure on which you will build its main body and then, of course, use some white and red concrete for the boat sail and that’s it.

Wrapping up

You’re all set to sail with all these building designs for your boat. Bring out your skills, create a boat, and become the captain of your dream creation.