40 Minecraft Barn Ideas and Designs To Build

Minecraft barn ideas and designs give your farmhouse the perfect rustic look. With these easy-to-follow suggestions, you can have a sturdy barn in no time!

Minecraft Barn Ideas

Minecraft farms are some of the most innovative creations to witness. And when it comes to making barns, we got you the most amazing Minecraft barn ideas and designs. Here's your chance to get the most of these ideas and make something worthwhile for your beautiful world. 

So, delve into the world of these awesome barns that are created by some of the best Minecraft players in the world and see the easiest way of making one for yourself.

Nice Wooden Barn Idea With a Pond – Zaypixel

Nice Wooden Barn With a Pond
Image Credit: Zaypixel

Want to make a barn that looks nice and pretty but is simple to build? So take a look at this barn design created by Zaypixel for you all! It looks as though it took hours to build but all you have to do is follow some simple steps and that's it.

Start by making four wooden pillars and connect them using wooden blocks. Apply a spruce fence to give it a cool design. Make a similar entrance in the front and you're done with the doorway design. You can make two stories in the barn, some windows, and put some little lanterns to brighten it up. 

To make the pond, dig some ground and fill it with water and some fish. Create a fresh environment by making little wheat parts at the corners and there you go.

Little Barn With a Classic Rooftop – One Team

Little Barn With a Classic Rooftop
Image Credit: One Team

Want to set your barn apart from the rest? Try giving it a cool classic rooftop that will be so attractive that you can't get enough of it. One Team has put together this design for you to recreate. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and make it happen.

Once you put up the little wooden structure for your barn, build the roof by using spruce stairs and arrange them in a particular order. When you're done covering all the sides, you will be surprised to see what you've made. To add some texture use darker spruce blocks and get a contrast. Create a spruce ceiling or look for other cool ceiling ideas.

Beautiful Cottage Core Barn – frogcrafting

Beautiful Cottage Core Barn
Image Credit: frogcrafting

Live comfortably in a cute cottage all while having a barn close by to keep a check on your animals. No, you're not dreaming cause this idea has already come to life and it's frogcrafting‘s mind that thought about it.

To make a barn all you have to do is make an entrance using oak, granite, and birch slabs. Build two stables and a large main room or as many rooms as you want. Make hen pens and stables and you did it.

Calming and Conveniently Built Barn – Melthie

Calming and Conveniently Built Barn
Image Credit: Melthie

This next farm built by Melthie is so peaceful and calming and could probably be one of your favorite designs ever. Just follow the simple and easy steps and you can build it too.

Make the pillars of your barn stylishly and connect them from all four sides. After you're done with it, make a pointy doorway and cover the entire roof using stone bricks and spruce slabs. Lastly, make little sections with spruce fences and fill them with animals.

Aesthetically-Pleasing Animal Barn – LennyRandom

Aesthetically-Pleasing Animal Barn
Image Credit: LennyRandom

Utilize your small space in the best way possible by building this tiny barn which is so good-looking and has such aesthetics that you'll be forced to try it out. LennyRandom has done a great job building this barn so let's get started.

Make little trap doors, windows, and walls. Decorate the outer area of the barn using mud and some fences. Finally put in your chickens, bunnies, sheep, pigs, and cows.

Small-yet-Stylish Animal Barn – Smithers Boss

Small-yet-Stylish Animal Barn
Image Credit: Smithers Boss

One of the most stylish barns on this list is this barn made by Smithers Boss. With the help of these amazing tools and by choosing the right concrete materials you can build it too!

Use birch planks to build most of the interior to have a pretty appearance. Create a rectangular ceiling area and put hay bales and barrels in the corner and you're good. See, it's that simple.

Mega Barn With a Storage Room – BlueNerd Minecraft

Mega Barn With a Storage Room
Image Credit: BlueNerd Minecraft

This ultimate barn and storage rooms are all you need if you want to create something unique. This brilliant idea is from BlueNerd Minecraft and now it's your time to try it out.

Build the structure using stripped oak and some red bricks. You can make an interesting entrance by making a wooden slab hanging with a chain. Add decorations and fences to finish it off.

Old Medieval Barn – Mr Mirror

Old Medieval Barn
Image Credit: Mr Mirror

Forget about the similar-looking barns and try this super-classy medieval barn made by Mr Mirror which will make your Minecraft world spectacular.

All you need is a mossy texture which you can create by using cobble and andesite. Make a classic rooftop by using staircases. Flourish your courtyard and make stables for the horses. And your medieval barn is ready to be used.

Stylish Modern Barn – Zaypixel 

Stylish Modern Barn
Image Credit: Zaypixel

Who doesn't like a hint of a little modern touch to your barn that makes it look even more stunning? If you are one of them then this next idea by Zaypixel is for you. 

Construct the basic structure of your barn by using oak wood and birch stairs. Don't forget to use graphite bricks for a modern look. Create the interior by making little wooden sections to put animals, hay, and lights. Decorate the courtyard by adding flower pots and by building stables.

Simple and Well-Built Barn for Animals – Balzy

Simple and Well-Built Barn for Animals
Image Credit: Balzy

This next farm by Balzy is so simple and well-built that it will take a minimum amount of your time to be ready and yet it will be the best thing you'll have in your Minecraft world.

You just have to stick to the conventional ways of barn-building. Use simple interior designs to keep it minimal. Make feeding and animal sections. Also, you can add a water trough, and there you have it.

Pretty Hut-Shaped Barn – FenX Builds

Pretty Hut-Shaped Barn
Image Credit: FenX Builds

You need to get this little hut-shaped barn as soon as you can because it is going to be your next favorite thing in your Minecraft world. FenX Builds can show you how to make it step-by-step.

You can contrast the wooden blocks to make a structure with a pointed roof and a stunning entrance by adding lamps. And then knock your fun creativity out and decorate the barn you would love.

Ravishing Red Barn – AdieCraft

Ravishing Red Barn
Image Credit: AdieCraft

An amazingly-creative way to make your barn look different and fabulous is by following AdieCraft‘s red barn idea. So let's get started.

Bring the perfect deep red color to your barn by using mangrove planks. Make windows and trapdoors, and put dark oak logs to build the second floor. You can also make an extra top floor with a balcony for a nice view.


Lavish House-Like Barn

Now is the time you skip the ordinary little barn designs and start making this huge barn, just like the one created by A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT.

So start building it by making two unique-designed pillars and joining them together using black granite which will serve as your rooftop as well. Build the first floor by using oak woods and then expand the roof down to give it a house-like appearance. 

As for the exterior check out these cool path ideas and a little pond by its side. Decorate your barn with hay bales, looms, brewing areas, and lanterns.

Quiet and Peaceful Barn – TMC

Quiet and Peaceful Barn
Image Credit: TMC

Relax in this peaceful and serene barn that you can build in no time. Just take a look at how TMC builds it.

Make a small shaded barn to store your barrels and trunks. Keep your animals in the little fence areas that you can build in your front yard. Build a chimney on the roof for the dramatic smoke rise and you made it.

Cute Brown Barn – SheepGG

Cute Brown Barn
Image Credit: SheepGG

Build this cute barn made up of brown wood blocks and enjoy a wonderful place to relax with your farm animals. Here's how you can make one by using SheepGG‘s design as an inspiration.

Keep the basic and simple vibe alive by making a little barn area. Fill it in with trunks and hanging wooden slabs. Hang the lanterns and finally take the animals into the barn and it's done.

Eye-Catching Partitioned Barn – ItsMarloe

Eye-Catching Partitioned Barn
Image Credit: ItsMarloe

Are you one of those people who love to organize everything? If yes, then keep your animals in four different corners to manage them perfectly by making this barn made by ItsMarloe.

Prepare these four corners by making pillars and connecting them from all four sides. Build the main area of your farm and then make boundaries in the four corners and make animals like pigs, sheep, cows, and chickens.

Cool and Capacious Barn With Large Windows – Folli 

Cool and Capacious Barn
Image Credit: Folli

One of the easiest designs to build on this list is probably this barn made up of some simple oak block arrangement and some fences. Folli has made it so convenient to build a wide and spacey barn.

To give your barn a bright and breezy atmosphere, make these large windows in it. Use spruce trap doors to give it an interesting pattern as the finishing touch.

Lush Green Animal Barn – TheMythicalSausage

Lush Green Animal Barn
Image Credit : TheMythicalSausage

Add some freshness and liveliness to your barn by building it differently. TheMythicalSausage has made one which is one of the best ideas to bring alive.

You can build a little or a large barn depending on your choice and then simply add in the tiny details to decorate it. After that, make a lovely courtyard by using grass blocks and flower pots. You can also add some bushes and overgrown. Once you're done with the courtyard, make stables for animals and your beautiful barn is ready.

Astounding Crimson Barn – Fresh Joy

Astounding Crimson Barn
Image Credit: Fresh Joy

After making this incredible crimson barn you can become obsessed with your creation. Build it piece by piece just like Fresh Joy and you will be amazed.

For making the basic layout of the barn, use red tiles and lay them on the ground by taking certain measurements. Layer white and red together to have good color contrast. Once you do that, build the roof of the barn by using black graphite.

As for the interior, build an extra floor and put some hay bales on it. You can put little lanterns with your windows and animals in the little fence areas to complete the look.

Well-Lit Lustrous Barn – IrieGenie

Well-Lit Lustrous Barn
Image Credit : IrieGenie

Light up your barn and bring out your best crafting skills by making this fantastic barn. This amazing idea of IrieGenie is something you should try.

So, lay your foundation in a square shape and build fences on its outer ends. Then make some oak pillars and connect them all. Complete the roof by mixing the wooden slabs and putting the lanterns on the ceiling, windows, trapdoors, and in the backyard. For the final touches, add flower pots and plants and you have a glowing barn all to yourself and your animals.

Massive Animal Barn – Tootsie

Massive Animal Barn
Image Credit: Tootsie

One of the most detailed farms here is the one made by Tootsie. There are so many materials used in this barn and all of them are super accessible. 

You can build it by using only three basic concrete materials like stone, oak, and spruce. So, blend them all in and make an excellent barn design. You can texture it well by adding some fences. Add your storage supplies in the barn and don't forget to feed the animals!

Stunning Stone Barn – WolfAtari

Stunning Stone Barn
Image Credit: WolfAtari

Who knew that a barn made up of stone tiles could look this stunning? This new idea by WolfAtari will surely blow your mind. All you have to do is use stone bricks and build the barn of your dreams.

So lay a stone bricklayer on the ground and make pillars. Use campfire woods to make a ceiling and divide your barn into sections. Add lanterns and greenery to make it look pleasant. And finally, it's ready for your animals to live in.

Distinctly Detailed and Textured Barn – Keralis

Distinctly Detailed and Textured Barn
Image Credit : Keralis

You can't take your eyes off of this insanely good-looking barn, designed by Keralis. The texture and the detailing here are on another level. 

A wise mix of wooden blocks and slabs can give you a well-formulated texture that looks so gorgeous that you won't get enough of it. You can not only work on the decoration of the barn but you can also create indoor stables. 

The rooftop is the real deal in this design, so build it by using stair blocks and repeat the pattern over and over again to get that perfect finish. Make a lycra carpet on the floor and build some classy windows. Last but not the least, light it up with lanterns and enjoy.

Big and Magnificent Barn – TheMythicalSausage 

Big and Magnificent Barn
Image Credit: TheMythicalSausage

TheMythicalSausage has taken a step forward and this time the barn is even better. Take a second to view this large barn and the number of details that are put together in its creation.

First of all, lay the foundation by using stone tiles and making a wooden boundary. After that, make a gate-like shape to make the rooftop. For the rooftop, use wooden stairs and place them in a nice pattern.

Beside the barn, you can make a little storage to survive in the worst conditions. All you have to do is construct a narrow framework alongside your barn and then top it with an awesome design. Fill it with supplies, staircases, and some plants.

Perfectly Built Mini Barn – Greg Builds

Perfectly Built Mini Barn
Image Credits: Greg Builds

This mini barn is that perfect little space where you can spend peaceful days with your animals. So how to build it? Greg Builds has given some amazing tips and methods that you can use to make a barn just like this one.

Simply build the main structure using stone blocks and then put a layer of wooden blocks over it. Make two openings and cover them by using oak fences to make a cool entrance. Remove the grass blocks and put mud blocks instead of them to make a pathway. Now, use the oak fence as the divider and keep your animals there.

Enormous Elongated Barn – DibbleCraft

Enormous Elongated Barn
Image Credit: DibbleCraft

This list is getting crazier as we're about to tell you about this enormous and unique barn design by DibbleCraft, in which you'll find all the space that you need for keeping your animals and other storage supplies.

Build this amazing barn by using a white and gray combination which truly makes it one-of-a-kind. Make some spectacular patterns on the rooftop and windows to finish the exterior.

You will have plenty of space for the interior because of the vast area of the barn. So use it wisely to make some beautiful fences and a glowing pathway.

The Grand Oak Barn – Violet Flowergarden

The Grand Oak Barn
Image Credit: Violet Flowergarden

This dark oak barn by Violet Flowergarden is something that can instantly inspire you to build a giant barn for your world as well. This updated version of the barn is everything you need to get your hands on.

Build the barn with open entrances from both ends. Add front decorations in the barn and separate it into two aisle ways. Make stables and keep your animals safe there. You can even build a cozy terrace where you can sit on and relax.

Superbly Built Stripped Oak Barn – WalkTheWaffle

Superbly Built Stripped Oak Barn
Image Credit: WalkTheWaffle

This next design will take you by surprise because it looks really simple to build but the outcome is something worth-watching. We're talking about this oak barn created by WalkTheWaffle.

Just use stripped oak logs to form the main structure of the barn. Make little windows and fill them with dark oak fences. Finish the rooftop by using spruce planks and stairs. For the interior ceiling use oak spruce planks. 

Finally, hang lanterns all over the place and fill them with hay, chests, and other stuff. The courtyard can be filled with a lot of flowers and plants to make it look naturally pretty.

Small Red-Tile Barn – Ector Vynk

Small Red-Tile Barn
Image Credit: Ector Vynk

This small barn made by Ector Vynk had to be on the list because there's no way you could miss it out. So check these red tiles taking over the whole vibe of the barn.

You just have to make a simple foundation of the barn with stone blocks and construct the rest of it by using red stone clay and white tiles. You can create small wooden fences inside the barn and store as much material as you want. Wasn't that the easiest thing to do?

Cottage-Shaped Barn – Aphelion

Cottage-Shaped Barn
Image Credit: Aphelion

This next design on this list screams comfort, serenity, and all things positive. Take a look at this sensual barn by Aphelion where all your animals can live in harmony.

Clear your farm area for plain ground and build a cottage-shaped barn by connecting its pillars and making its ceiling. Make little animal pens on a side and fill in water to make ponds and your cottage barn is ready. Take a look at these wonderful cottage ideas to explore more.

Shaded Spruce Barn – Servasius

Shaded Spruce Barn
Image Credit: Servasius

Using something as simple and basic as spruce can surely change the look of your barn. This is one material that never goes out of style when it comes to barn-building and Servasius knows that the best as he made a fantastic barn just like that.

You need to make the dark spruce pillars and then keep building to link them together. On the ground build small wooden fences between the pillars. For the roof make a pointed hut shape and connect the two ends forming a nice pattern. 

Use oak woods to make fences and put lanterns and some hedges in the barn to furnish.

Tea Barn With a Fountain – Abigail Pinehaven

Tea Barn With a Fountain
Image Credit: Abigail Pinehaven

Out of the most distinguished barns you will ever see, is this modern barn that came straight from the mind of Abigail Pinehaven. And guess what? There's an awesome fountain right before you get into the barn.

Building a fountain is one of the best Minecraft creations ever. Want to learn more? Then go check these gorgeous fountain ideas

So this barn is a tea barn with some fabulous modern details. The blue and white concrete go so well together and as for the stores you can be as creative with them as you want. And lastly, make an exquisite garden with some flowers and keep your animals around.

The Easiest Barn You'll Ever Build – Octagon Gaming

The Easiest Barn You'll Ever Build
Image Credit: Octagon Gaming

Nothing can go wrong with the easiest barn design you will ever see! Try out this genius idea by Octagon Gaming. Simply use your wood, spruce, and oak in the best way possible to build this cute barn.

Construct the front of your barn using spruce logs and wooden fences. Create a stair-shaped rooftop and finally store your essentials. You can also use a staircase for interior decor and fences as windows.

Realistic Horse Barn With a Loft – Violet Flowergarden 

Realistic Horse Barn With a Loft
Image Credit: Violet Flowergarden

This small but really beautiful barn idea is by Violet Flowergarden. You can start building it by making a cobblestone foundation and metal roofing. A good cobblestone ground looks so pretty and farm-like so better keep it there. 

One way to make it extra cool is to finish the rooftop with green grass on it. You can create a boundary outside the barn to secure the animals and use these garden ideas for decorations.

Extravagant Vintage Barn – Stevler

Extravagant Vintage Barn
Image Credit: Stevler

This next barn right here doesn't just look cool and classy from the outside but is a multi-purpose structure you're about to put together. This great idea is introduced by Stevler and you're more than welcome to explore it.

You just have to use some cobblestones and other stone bricks to lay a foundation and then start building the medieval walls. Build two floors to your building and make sure you build a staircase.

Make narrow windows and start putting your storage supplies on the second floor you're about to use as a warehouse. Make a symmetrical roof for a medieval vintage look and illuminate it from the inside.

Epic Barn With Horse Stables – Reimiho

Epic Barn With Horse Stables
Image Credit: Reimiho

There isn't anything hard when it comes to building this epic animal barn by Reimiho. Just start making an arc and lay a base for your barn. Make wooden walls and the upper roof with a layer of stone tiles and wooden tiles.

Be as creative as you can with the interior of your barn and put in trunks, hays, and other farming tools. Now it's time you make your horse stables beside your barn. You can make it through wooden logs and slabs. Make a rectangular structure and divide it into sections for each horse. Keep the horses' food and water and let them enjoy themselves.

Cute and Aesthetically Rich Animal Barn – Kelpie The Fox

Cute and Aesthetically Rich Animal Barn
Image Credit: Kelpie The Fox

Do you want to know what makes Kelpie The Fox‘s animal barn look so aesthetically refreshing? The answer is its unique building design and the concrete used in it.

The basic foundation is made up of podzol. After that, build walls and ceilings. Use some interesting window and ceiling designs to make it look attractive. Let your animals in and have them the food you left for them there.

Fantastic Rustic Barn – UltraTyrannomax

Fantastic Rustic Barn
Image Credit: UltraTyrannomax

Take a closer look at this mind-blowing design of a rustic barn which is created by UltraTyrannomax. If you want to build the same thing in your Minecraft world, just focus on the construction. 

The complex pillar connections are something you want to go wrong. Once you connect them, build solid walls made up of spruce slabs. And enjoy the complication of the design as you light it up from every corner and decorate it. You can have as many animals as you want in this new barn design.

Basic yet Lovely Barn – IT-TVGaming

Basic yet Lovely Barn
Image Credit: IT-TVGaming

This modern barn is something that might work out the best in your space if you're a fan of both comfort and style. Check out this innovative design by IT-TVGaming.

So build a posh interior as well as the exterior. Build glass windows and wooden pens for your animals. Decorate your barn by using staircases and some flowers in your pond. After you put in the animals and you got it.

Refreshing Animal Barn – LiamsBuilds

Refreshing Animal Barn
Image Credit: LiamsBuilds

This animal farm is one of the most refreshing and heart-warming barns to witness. LiamsBuilds did an awesome job with this style and put some interesting features into it which sets it apart from the rest.

There are multiple entrances to this barn and therefore there is a lot of space that can be covered. Make an exquisite entrance and ceilings by arranging the concrete in a definite symmetry. 

Mix and match some cool tiles for the floor and stack up your farm tools and storage supplies. You can make it seem a little more comfortable if you'll make little fires in the courtyard of your barn. And finally, add lanterns and grass hedges climbing through the walls to finish it off.


Make your dream barn with these tremendous amounts of ideas to choose from. Choose the wild side of your imagination and pour out all the creativity you got in there. So go and craft the best barn you were willing to!