Michael Pachter predicts PlayStation will go extinct in 10 years

Sony and Microsoft have both gone all out with strategic acquisitions to get an edge over one another. Microsoft bought Bethesda last year. Sony followed that up with Bluepoint games and Housemarque. That seemed a lot back then and brought a lot of excitement to fans.

Things escalated quickly when Microsoft announced the massive acquisition of Activision. While everyone was processing this announcement, another surprise arrived in the form of Sony's acquisition of Bungie, the developer studio behind Destiny & Destiny 2.

Pachter's ominous prediction about Sony's future

Michael Pachter, a well-known analyst from Wedbush Securities, believes that things could turn very ugly for PlayStation in the coming days.

He stated that PlayStation is “doomed” to cease existence in the next ten years and that it will be competing against the Xbox Game Pass (via Resetera).

He also stated that Sony is not just behind by a few years, but that Xbox has an insurmountable lead.

Pachter has been quite vocal in his opinions and is known for his bold claims.

In the past, Pachter stated that the Nintendo Switch isn't logical and that the Lite version should be promoted more by Nintendo. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch became Nintendo's best-selling home console with more than 105.34 sold units just over a month ago, trailing only Nintendo DS (portable) overall.

In ten years, will PlayStation go extinct? Most likely, no.

Microsoft may have perfected the Xbox Game Pass system, but we still don't see any exclusives first-party from Microsoft comparable to what Sony has released over the last few years.

Sony is not going to go down that easily with household names like Spider-Man, God of War, and Horizon in its arsenal, so Pachter's claim seems to be quite a stretch, at least for now.

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