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Plarium is back with a competitive mech PvP online game packed with action. By now, most of our blog readers should be aware of Plarium, the company behind RAID: Shadow Legends, Stormfall: Saga of Survival, Undersea Solitaire Tripeaks, Lost Island: Blast Adventure, Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare, and Total Domination – Reborn. 

The Israeli company specializes in mobile games, but it has ported all of them on PC and Mac, available for free on its own store, Plarium Play.

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While Plarium has received criticism for its aggressive marketing strategies to promote RAID: SL, it remains the developer's most popular mobile game. However, there is a new challenger in town. Last week, Plarium released Mech Arena: Robot Showdown, its latest mobile game, on Android and iOS.

Mech Arena Robot Showdown guide upgrades costs mech purchases faq

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown features 5v5 and 2v2 multiplayer matches, in which the players control mecha/robots. There are 15 robots to choose from, and each comes with two weapon mounts and its own stats, abilities, and playstyle.

Mech Arena is basically a third-person shooter, but one that is sprinkled with many strategies, as winning matches isn't just about getting kills but also about completing objectives. Due to the diversity of mechs, you can create team formations that synergize well together to give the enemy a hard time. 

“We designed Mech Arena: Robot Showdown from the ground-up to be an accessible and balanced pick-up-and-play shooter on mobile for all ages and skill levels,” Plarium CEO Aviram Steinhart says. 

“Casual shooter fans looking to play a few quick rounds can jump right into the action. They'll be able to have fun battling with different weapons, maps, and mech customizations, without committing to serious competitive play against more dedicated players.”

The game has received mostly positive reviews, although several players have encountered connectivity issues.

Mech and competitive game fans should definitely give this game a go as it seems to be among the top-tier mech mobile games.

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown Trailer

Mech Purchase Costs

All 15 robots in Mech Arena: Robot Showdown can be obtained using free resources, although this will be a grinding process. You can also acquire them instantly using real money.

Lancer4-168,250 credits
Juggernaut6-2475 A-coins
Panther12-32275 A-coins$4$1
Killshot8-2431,250 credits
M.D.6-1635,250 credits
Guardian16-32975 A-coins$5
Shadow8-161275 A-coins$16$6
Ares12-24112,500 credits$3
Cheetah10-164,325 A-coins$55$25
Zephyr16-18375,000 credits$48$15
Redox24-328000 A-Coins$50
Brickhouse18-24937,500 credits$100$40
Mech Purchase costs list

Assault Weapons

By far, this is the most varied weapon type in the game, offering gear for all types of encounters at all distances:


Standard weapon model available from the beginning. Despite its somewhat low damage potential, it is able to fire at a fast rate, has good precision at most ranges, and has a decent magazine size. 

Plasma Cannon 

A powerful weapon, but its projectiles travel slower than the speed of light, and it has a low magazine capacity. It can do more damage per magazine than the autocannon, however. 

Pulse Cannon

The weapon with the largest ammo capacity in this category. While it has a similar playstyle as autocannons, it has poor accuracy. However, the pulse cannon is effective at medium-to-close ranges. Furthermore, it has a fast reload time, so you will never be caught off guard with this weapon.


Carbines are designed for precision shooting. Although it fires slowly, it delivers the highest damage per shot. 

Missile Weapons

A single shot from this weapon type deals tons of damage. They require high skill, however, because a single miss means that each burst deals less damage.


Standard missile launcher with damage to everything in its path. It has a low fire rate and small magazine capacity, but its AoE damage is considerable, especially when enemies are gathered together.

Missile Rack

One of the best weapons in the game. Streams of missiles are launched in fast succession with this weapon, causing lots of damage to the target. In some cases, an entire burst of missiles can destroy more fragile mechs outright.

Beam Weapons

Since these weapons do not use physical projectiles, they are capable of hitting even the fastest targets. 

However, they aren't very powerful; instead, they rely on applying status effects, so the common denominator here is that you need to sustain damage to keep the status effects up.

Since they are energy weapons, they do not require reloading, and can instead fire continuously as long as they have energy, which automatically recharges over time.

Thermal Lance

An object that fires a continuous beam that gradually burns away the enemy. Continuous exposure to this weapon results in an “overheated” effect on the target, further increasing the damage sustained. This weapon requires some skill to maintain contact with a moving target.

Stasis Beam

Stasis Beams also apply a status effect to enemies, in this case, “slow,” which makes it easier to master. While this weapon does more damage than the previous one, it is most useful for its ability to slow down targets for other teammates to target.

Sniper Weapons

The long range of these weapons makes them a good choice for protecting points from a distance. However, their effectiveness relies heavily on the ability of the user to position themselves correctly and aim accurately. A single missed shot severely limits the damage potential of these guns.


Featuring the highest damage-per-shot of any weapon in the game, railguns can easily destroy all but the strongest enemies in three shots or less. As far as weapons go, this is one of the strongest available in Mech Arena. Too bad it's terrible at close-quarter combat.


High damage per shot, extremely long-range, and long reload times make this weapon ideal for destroying light robots with a few well-placed shots. Nevertheless, if you get flanked or caught with this weapon, you have no recourse, since it deals more damage the farther away the target is.

Close Quarter Weapons

Close-range weapons are powerful and can rip through their opponents. Scouts often use them because they are versatile and can sneak behind enemies. These weapons are a better fit for fast mechs as they are rendered useless if the target puts some distance between you and them.


Multiple pellets are fired per shot, causing tons of damage to the enemy.


The ArcTorrent is similar to a shotgun in that its range is limited. Its special feature, however, is the ability for lightning to bounce to nearby targets, dealing additional damage.

Guided Weapons

Since guided weapons are relatively weak and rarely miss targets, they are great for finishing off opponents who try to escape the hassle.

Javalin Rack

When launched at a range of 75 meters or greater, rocket launchers deal splash damage to both the target and all nearby bots. Due to their arc-shaped design, these rockets are able to slip over smaller obstacles.

Artillery Weapons

Artillery weapons are essentially weapons that deal AoE damage and make specific areas of the map uncrossable by opposing mechs.

Rocket Mortar

An artillery weapon that deals splash damage to a large area instead of a single target. These rockets, however, are intended to be used exclusively over medium to long distances, since they don't explode unless they travel at least 46 meters.

You can download Mech Arena: Robot Showdown now through the App Store and Google Play, but you can always check out the trailer below.


Can I play Mech Arena: Robot Showdown on PC & Mac?

Plarium has not released the ports to PC and Mac for Mech Arena: Robot Showdown yet. However, you can sign up for its pre-registration and get notified when it's available on Plarium Play. Until then, you can play Mech Arena: Robot Showdown on PC using the Bluestacks emulator.

How many maps are there in Mech Arena: Robot Showdown?

The game launched with 22 available maps that players can fight on, so we can expect even more to come out in the future.

How many robots are there in Mech Arena: Robot Showdown?

Mech Arena: Robot Showdown features 15 robots and mechs at launch. There are hundreds of different strategies and play styles to choose from. Each robot has unique statistics, special abilities, two weapon mounts, and a unique balance of speed, firepower, and armor. They take on different roles in fights.

Can I play Mech Arena: Robot Showdown offline?

Unfortunately, no. Mech Arena: Robot Showdown only offers online competitive PvP, and there is no single-player campaign.

Can I Play Mech Arena with Friends?

Yes, you can by using the Team match mode that will put both you and your players on the same team for matchmaking!

Who invented the Mech Arena game?

This concept of transforming mecha was pioneered by Japanese mecha designer Shōji Kawamori in the early 1980s, with the Diaclone toy line and the Macross anime franchise. There have been many manifestations of mech or mecha in both the video game industry and other ones. Plarium's Mech Arena is just another one of those.

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