Marvel: New Journey August 15th Patch Notes & Update Log

The latest Roblox Marvel: New Journey August 15th Update introduces new content, features, balance changes, and bug fixes to the game.

Marvel: New Journey

The new August 15th update for Roblox Marvel: New Journey was released on August 15th, 2022! The update introduces new content, balance changes, fixes, and quality of life changes, so check them in the official update log below.

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Marvel: New Journey August 15th Update Log

- Added custom nametags for staff members;
- Edited some visuals for MoM Wanda/838 Skin' hex bombs;
- Buffed WandaVision and Wardrobe Wanda hex choke;
- Nerfed Phoenix dash cooldown;
- Buffed Phoenix Pain Infliction;
- Buffed Phoenix Rage;
- Nerfed Phoenix' cosmic bolt cooldown;
- Increased Phoenix shield size + you can use it while flying + added a passive where it slowly burns whoever touches it;
- Nerfed Phoenix' cosmic bolt spawn time (it's faster now);
- Revamped hex creation animation;
- Revamped Salem illusion place for Wardrobe Wanda and WandaVision;
- Replaced some animations;
- Added forcefield upon spawning to avoid spawn-killing;
- Agatha is now immune to hex, she can enter and leave it without being affected, though she's not able to attack the caster.
- Fixed WandaVision being able to go out of the hex;
- Replaced some faces;
- Wardrobe Wanda and WandaVision now casts hex bolts faster;
- MoM Wanda/838 Skin' shield now lasts for 30 seconds to avoid further issues, shield strength buffed a little to compensate;
- Agatha can now cast spells just by clicking the icons and tapping the screen;
- Players can no longer glitch into the character select, if they try to go there, they'll be kicked from the game.

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