MARVEL Future Revolution codes [April 2023]

In this post, you will find all the latest Marvel Future Revolution codes. Marvel Future Revolution, the latest open-world action RPG featuring Marvel's heroes, has arrived in the mobile gaming world. In MFR, you'll find powerful heroes and formidable foes battling across multiple maps. The game also features a unique customization system with over 400 million costume pieces.?

However, even the toughest of heroes need some assistance, as mobile games can be financially demanding.

It's our job to support you in this endeavor. With our Marvel Future Revolution codes list, you can redeem MFR promo codes for many free rewards. Potential rewards include costumes, attack boosts, and gold. 

You can bookmark this page and check back frequently to stay updated with all the latest Marvel code drops.

Check out our Marvel Future Revolution tier list to find out how each hero measures up. 

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All the latest MARVEL Future Revolution codes

Active Marvel Future Revolution codes list

Below you will find all the currently active Marvel Future Revolution coupon codes. Make sure to redeem the codes before they expire!

  • FUTUREISNOW ? Redeem code for one alpha supply box 
  • OMEGAFLIGHT ? Redeem code for medium grade defense enhancer (boost)
  • CONVERGENCE ? Redeem code for medium grade attack enhancer (boost)
  • DOWNLOADMFR ? Redeem code for one 3 star omega card box 
  • AGENTM ? Redeem this gift code for 50,000 gold
  • GAMESPOTMFR ? Redeem code for 50 potential reports
  • MFRLIVE ? Redeem code for free costume box (1-3 stars)
  • LAUNCH825 ? Redeem code for 50,000 gold

Expired Marvel Future Revolution codes list

There are currently no expired Marvel Future Revolution codes.

What are MARVEL Future Revolution codes?

The developer, Netmarble, provides codes for Marvel Future Revolution. There is no specific schedule for new redemption code releases.

However, we can expect new codes to come out on special events, anniversaries, game updates, and potential crossovers and collaborations as it usually happens with gacha games.

We will keep an eye out for new codes and update this list as they drop, so keep checking back.

how to redeem MARVEL Future Revolution codes

How do I redeem Marvel Future Revolution codes

To redeem Marvel Future Revolution codes in the game, you can follow these simple steps.

  • Open Marvel Future Revolution
  • Head to the menu icon in the top right of the screen
  • Hit the settings button in the bottom left
  • Open the Account tab in the top right
  • After that, tap the coupon button
  • Next, tap the Omega Flight coupon button
  • Type in your code
  • Finally, tap confirm to redeem your free rewards

How to get more Marvel Future Revolution Codes

Developers release Marvel Future Revolution codes on the game's official social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Typically, the developers will release the codes on big occasions like game anniversaries and special events. 

We will notify you whenever new MFR Gift Codes are released if you don't follow Marvel Future Revolution's social media accounts.

Marvel Future Revolution is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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