Love Nikki Dress UP Queen Codes: Free Gold, Stamina, Pavillion Tickets & more [November 2022]

Get the latest Love Nikki Dress UP Queen codes for free gold, hairstyles, stamina, gold, diamonds and more rewards.

Last Updated: November 25, 2022 @ 05:12
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In this post, you will find all the latest Love Nikki Dress UP Queen redeem codes, and I will explain how to redeem them. Love Nikki Dress UP Queen is a mobile game that blends visual novels and fashion games together. Players have to compete against one another and the game's NPCs for the best styles, by combining thousands of pieces of clothing, while exploring Mariland and its seven kingdoms and unveiling a captivating story.

To help you avoid getting devoured in a pay-to-win campaign, here we have all the latest Love Nikki codes that reward you with free hairstyles, gold, and stamina.

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All Love Nikki Dress UP Queen Codes

Below you will find all the currently active Love Nikki redeem codes. Make sure to redeem them as soon as possible, as we don't always know the exact expiration date.

New & Working Love Nikki Codes

Love Nikki Redeem CodeRewards
LoveNikki77750 Diamonds, 77,777 Gold, 177 Stamina, and 2 Pavillion Tickets

Expired Love Nikki Codes

Sadly, the codes below have already expired:

  • aFAjntA7dPys: Redeem code for free rewards
  • aFAisHQdywrY: Redeem code for free rewards
  • aFAf47aYtczs: Redeem code for rewards
  • aFAera46kFjR: Redeem code for rewards
  • aFAdqYgmtA8y: Redeem code for 60,000 Gold and 2 Fantasy Tickets
  • aFAah8KkRV5J: Redeem code for 30 Stamina, 10K Gold, and 2 Fantasy Tickets
  • aEJjymKYPSMF: Redeem code for free rewards
  • aEJgwBGM8YX6 : Redeem code for free rewards
  • aEJcBtMSJePx: Redeem code for X rewards
  • aEJd23m8CWEW : Redeem code for rewards
  • aEJeBXnEXREe : Redeem code for rewards
  • aEJb9tsGTQd6 : Redeem code for rewards
  • aEHchFsVVsUd : Redeem code for rewards
  • aEGe8mJ7dMQ4 : Redeem code for rewards
  • aEGdej3CWGCA : Redeem code for 50K Gold
  • aEGcU5J4Vq85 : Redeem code for 50K Gold
  • aEGbJEXWAy7F : Redeem code for 200 Stamina
  • aEGaW54NtQSt : Redeem code for X rewards
  • aEFjQEQjtTD7: Redeem this gift code for 30,000 Gold and 30 Stamina
  • aEFhks8nd2zy: Redeem this gift code for Hot Dog Dress
  • aEFiZGt8EWTX: Redeem this gift code for 30,000 Gold and 40 Stamina
  • aEFfx9eeX5S8: Redeem code for Afro Sweetheart, and Rock Knot
  • aEFggy9FjkKK: 30,000 Gold, and 40 Stamina
  • aEFcAWw8e6cj: Redeem code for free rewards
  • aEFdtAywsYgK: Redeem code for free rewards
  • aEEiaU46emwe: Redeem code for free rewards
  • aEEeP5EV52nj: 20,000 Coins and 100 Hearts
  • aEBbjzMShanQ: Redeem code for free rewards
  • aECdWTH9pe4a: Redeem code for 10000 Gold, and 100 Stamina
  • aECcJMsREbDj: Redeem code for free rewards
  • aEBeJETexd8j: Redeem code for free rewards


What are Love Nikki Dress UP Queen redeem codes?

Love Nikki codes are released by the game's developer, SuZhou Nikki Co., usually to celebrate updates, events, or other game milestones. By redeeming the codes, the players unlock free rewards that so far include hairstyles, gold (the game's currency), stamina, diamonds, star coins, fantasy tickets, and more rewards.

How do I redeem love nikki dress up queen codes

How to redeem Love Nikki Dress UP Queen codes?

Redeeming your Love Nikki Dress UP Queen codes is very easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Tap your character's profile.
  3. Go to settings.
  4. Tap the “Redeem Code” button.
  5. Copy a working Love Nikki Dress UP Queen redeem code from our list.
  6. Enter the code (Paste or Type in).
  7. Hit the Claim button.
  8. Enjoy your rewards!

Remember that it is best to copy and paste the codes to avoid mistakes. More importantly, redeem them as soon as possible as they expire fast.

Where to get more Love Nikki Dress UP Queen codes to redeem?

To find more codes or news about other event-related limited-time rewards, you can check out the game's official Facebook page,?as that's where the developers release them. You can also check the game's Discord server for updates, including code releases. Or bookmark this page, of course.

Love Nikki Dress UP Queen Description

Love Nikki is an addictive dress-up experience featuring high-quality graphics, a rich and captivating story, and a variety of other gameplay features.
Captivating Stories
Follow Nikki on a magical journey across seven kingdoms with completely different styles, meet 100+ characters of diverse backgrounds, and unravel intriguing mysteries in a stylish epic of more than one million words.
10,000+ Gorgeous Pieces of Clothing
Everyday fashion, European style, antique beauty, dreamy fairy tales, gender-neutral, futuristic sci-fi… You can always find what you like, along with fashions from your wildest dreams. Enrich your wardrobe with tons of elaborately designed sets gained by participating in chapters, quests, and events. Outfits from new genres and trends are constantly being incorporated into the game, all designed by a fantastic team of artists.
Design Your Own Style
Design your own style with outfits, hairstyles, makeup, accessories, and backgrounds from a huge library of options using Love Nikki's Free Dressing mode.
Personally Tailored
Collect dyes to customize your clothes with a huge variety of colors, use design recipes and ingredient items to craft new clothes, and upgrade originally simple clothes into elegant and stunning outfits.
Battle of Stylists
Join a battle with stylists from all over the world to see who has the best style in a given theme. Equip and time your use of ‘Skills' in battles to gain an edge on the road to becoming the Stylist Queen!
Play with Friends
Play with your Facebook friends and befriend more stylists by joining various events and our social network communities.
Facebook Fanpage
Follow our Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Facebook fan page to access first-hand news, events, and treats. Events will be held both online and offline, and we're excited for you to join in.
Title: Love Nikki Dress UP Queen
Publisher: Elex
Genre: Role-Playing
File SizeAndroid: 1GB
iOS: 936.6 MB
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