Lost Sigils AFK Arena event guide

In this post, you will find our Lost Sigils AFK Arena event guide. The Lost Sigils event is a straightforward one. It is a PvP event where you are allowed to play any number of …

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In this post, you will find our Lost Sigils AFK Arena event guide. The Lost Sigils event is a straightforward one. It is a PvP event where you are allowed to play any number of battles per day until you win 6 of them. For each hero you use, you acquire a sigil of their faction every time you win. The only exception is dimensional heroes who reward you a random faction sigil. Regardless, this means you can acquire 30 faction sigils per day. This AFK Arena The Lost Sigils guide aims to help you decide which sigils to target and how to get them.

The Lost Sigils AFK Arena event duration

The Lost Sigils AFK Arena event runs for 14 days. But you can only acquire sigils for the first 12 days, which means you can acquire 30 x 12 = 360 sigils in total. Then you have two days left to exchange them for rewards.

lost sigils afk arena infographic
Image Credit: AFK Inside

The Lost Sigils AFK Arena formations

Now here is the challenge of the Lost Sigils event. You need to use the right combinations of factions for 12 days to earn the combination of sigils you want at the end of the event. To some, this can be a problem. For instance, my Maulers faction is very weak so I may not be able to use 5 maulers at once to get the numbers I want. For this reason, u/whitesushii has come up with a guide, which I will explain below. One thing to note though is that we are not talking about rocket science here. This is all simple math.

afk arena lost sigils visual guide
AFK Arena The Lost Sigils visual guide by u/whitesushii

Understanding the Lost Sigils visual guide

So to understand whitesushii's guide, here is how things work. Let's say you want 180 Lightbearer sigils and 180 Wilder sigils. The obvious way to get them is to run 6 x 5 Lighbearers teams for six days and 6 x 5 Wilders teams for the rest 6 days. This is easy to do for me since both of these factions are very strong on my account. If yours aren't you can go for a 4+1 setup where Tasi is the Wilder in the Lightbearers team. Conversely, Rowan is the Lightbearer in the Wilders team. Why? Because both of these two characters are strong PvP carries and could help you get through rough spots.

If you want to get 90 sigils for each faction, you can use one hero from each faction for the first 4 spots. For the last spot, you will need to rotate factions as you need to split the 12 days into sets of 3 days of the same faction since there are four factions. Finally, u/whitesushii shows a way to throw a Celestial to get the Twins.

The best rewards in the AFK Arena The Lost Sigils event

The advice here is simple. The red emblems are the best rewards in the game. They are very hard to acquire for F2P, and if you convert their value to diamonds, they have the best return for your sigils. Pretty cool, huh? 

For instance, in my case, I will aim to get my Rowan to +30 SI, as he is +29 SI now. Then Eironn, who is +28. And finally, I will go for Saurus, who is +22. You should aim for something similar.

The second best option is to get Celepogians, primarily the Twins, as they are among the best heroes in the game. Personally, my Twins are at L+, and I can wait a bit more to ascend them.

Best Lost Sigils AFK Arena rewards to get

Below you find the rewards you should prioritize in the Lost Sigils event and the order in which you should do so:

  1. Red Emblems: Best value from this event and strongly recommended for anyone who has access to it, even newer players. If possible, you should try to obtain a Mythic hero just to unlock this reward as an option from the list.
  2. Celestials/Hypogeans: We have some perfect Heroes this time round, but you should only take one if it's the last copy you are looking for to avoid spending more diamonds on Stargazing.
  3. Gold Emblems: Not optimal, as you can buy Gold Emblems with gold.
  4. Blue Cards: 20 fodder cards, pegged to Tavern summon, are approximately 5492 diamonds. The player can obtain 6666 diamonds worth of Faction Emblems for the same amount of Sigils.
  5. PoE Coins: 3000 PoE Coins are worth either 1200 or 2123 diamonds. You are giving up 5000 diamonds worth of Faction Emblems for the same amount of Sigils. Not cool.
  6. Silver Emblems: Easily obtainable with gold, so not worth it.
  7. Twisted Essence: Not very worth it for free players since most of the free players don't have enough Elder Tree levels to take all of the advantages.
  8. Regular Heroes: Not worth it since you have the wishlist option.
  9. Furniture Skin: No stats, purely cosmetic. Not recommended for all free players.
  10. Gold: You get rewarded just for being AFK, and excess sigils get converted to gold anyway.

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