Lost Ark Endgame Tasks Daily Checklist

Our Lost Ark Checklist contains all the daily and weekly tasks you should complete in your routine for maximum material collection efficiency.

Lost Ark Dailys Tasks Check List

In this guide, we have listed every task you can complete daily or weekly to maximize your efficiency in material gathering in Lost Ark. The checklist contains all the tasks you should remember to complete either daily or weekly so that you don't miss any rewards. These include daily and weekly Una's Tasks, World Events, Raids, Dungeons, Stronghold Research and Dispatch missions, Guild Donations, and more.

Lost Ark Daily Checklist

Here's a list of tasks you should complete daily in Lost Ark.

Daily per Character

  • Chaos Dungeon (twice per day with max rewards)
  • Guild Donation (6,000 silver per day)
  • Guardian Raid (twice per day)
  • Kalthertz Island Slaves (five per day)  
  • Una's Daily Task (three times per day) 
  • Voyage Cooperative Missions  

Daily per Account

  • Adventure Island (once per day)
  • Chaos Gate (once per day)  
  • Rapport Emote (five per day)  
  • Rapport Song (five per day)  
  • Sailing Co-Op Mission (once per day)  
  • Strengthen your Stronghold to access better Dispatch missions 
  • Send your crew to Stronghold Dispatch missions  
  • Deplete your Trade Skills energy bar
  • World Boss reward (once per day)

Weekly Tasks

  •  Abyss Raid (Argos, Kaiser, or Mystic)  
  •  Chaos Dungeon Exchange Vendor (Exchange shards of purification for materials)  
  •  Îœerchant Ship (Exchange Pirate Coins for materials)  
  •  Ghost Ship
  •  Una's Weekly Tasks (three times per week)

Una's Tasks

Una's Tasks become available once you hit level 50. You can complete 3 daily Una's Tasks per day and 3 weekly Una's Tasks per week. You should focus on tasks that provide crafting materials, like Harmony Shards and Citrine Shards. You can check Una's and Epona's request tabs by pressing ALT+J.

Adventure Islands

You can open the Procyon's Eye Compass to check which islands are currently available and what rewards they provide. You can complete one Island Adventure per day on weekdays and two on weekends.

Trade Skills

Players in Lost Ark have access to six Trade Skills, a feature similar to professions in other MMO RPGs. Two of them, Mining and Logging, are primarily used to gather materials to upgrade your Stronghold. The other four, Foraging, Hunting, Fishing, and Excavating, provide valuable crafting and honing items, so always spend your Trade Skills energy bar.

Guild Donations

By pressing ALT+U and accessing the Guild Support tab. You can then donate 6,000 Silver per day to your Guild to receive Silmael Crystals. You can exchange Silmael Crystals can be traded at the Guild Vendor afterward.

Stronghold Research

You should always keep track of your Stronghold progress. Go to the Stronghold Lab to perform research to upgrade it for new features and crafting options. Upgrade your stronghold to get access to harder missions with better rewards and go to the Station to send your crew members on Dispatch missions. You can access your Stronghold by pressing CTRL+1.

Abyss Dungeons

Abyss Dungeons will reward you with materials that you can exchange for powerful gear. You can complete these once per week, but you are going to need a strong group for it.

Chaos Gates

Chaos Gates are easy to complete world events as all you have to do is get to the spawn location where other players will storm into also. You can get rewards from Chaos Gates once per day, so keep track of when a Chaos Gate event pops up.

Pirate Coins

You can collect Pirate Coins from Una's Daily Tasks, Islands, Adventure Islands, Welcome Challenges, and High Seas Coin Chests. You can then exchange them on merchant's merchant ships for honing materials. This is one of the easiest ways to accumulate a lot of honing materials.

Chaos Dungeons

You can receive Chaos Dungeons raid rewards twice daily as you only have 100 Aura of Resonance and each run costs 50. However, after that, you can still run a Chaos Dungeon as often as you want to earn Shards of Purification, a currency you can exchange at a Chaos Dungeon Exchange Vendor for more honing materials.

Guardian Raids

You can receive Raid Rewards from Guardian Raids, just like Chaos Dungeons. You should only complete the maximum level of Guardian Raids that you can without wasting time. If you are having trouble reaching the maximum level of Guardian Raids, you can always lower it to the one you can complete efficiently. You will reap the same rewards, but your efficiency will be higher.

PVP Rewards

You can access the PVP Information tab by pressing ALT+K to play PvP in Lost Ark. You can claim weekly rewards by doing so and exchange your PVP tokens for materials by visiting the Resource tab.

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