Lost Ark Tips and Tricks for Beginners: The Essentials

Lost Ark is a sprawling new MMO by Smilegate and Amazon Games. This highly anticipated title combines the best elements of MMORPGs with a top-down perspective, lots of loot, and a deep story. Lost Ark can be overwhelming if you are just starting.

Lost Ark Starting & Max Character Level

In the NA/EU version of the game, the max character level is 60, thanks to the inclusion of the T2/T3 at the game's launch. Note that the starting level is 10 in the western edition of the game.

Follow the Main Quests and Quest Guides

Your first few hours of MMOs will be spent going through the Main Quest. This will give you an enormous amount of experience points and introduce you to new characters and regions.

Main Quests are a great way to move the game forward and often lead to big XP gains. However, Guide Quests will also be of benefit. 

In Lost Ark, Guide Quests are generally obtained by completing Main Quests. Guide Quests introduce the player to new game mechanics. In some cases, these mechanics are locked until the corresponding Guide Quest is completed. 

To fully appreciate Lost Ark, you should complete all the Guide Quests. Sailing is a crucial feature for completing the game, and you can unlock it through a Guide Quest. 

Other features such as Dungeons and Raids offer valuable rewards that can help you increase your Item Level. However, these challenges are not necessary to complete the game.

Players can access guide Quests as they progress through the game. Their purple color easily identifies them in the menu. These unlock new skills, such as sailing or pets. These are important to reap the rewards.

Level up quickly

Lost Ark is a game where the true gameplay loop only becomes apparent once you reach the endgame. You'll want to get as high a level as possible. While Main Quests are the best way to reach that goal, it's worth picking up some Side Quests occasionally. These can often be rewarded with useful gear and resources that will help you improve your overall power. This makes it easier to get past high-level bosses during Main Quests.

Lost Ark classes overview

Lost Ark Classes

There are five primary classes in Lost ARK and 15 advanced classes. You can look at our class guide for more details on the game's classes and which one to pick.

Class overview

Players can pick an advanced class at level 10, so you can pick an advanced class as soon as you start the game for the western release.

  • Warriors are your classic tankier melee DPS class. The Berserker advanced class focuses on damage-dealing, the Paladin provides heavy support, and the Gunlancer is one of the best tanking classes.
  • Martial Artists are highly mobile fighters who deal with damage with their melee attacks. Martial artists have male and female counterparts, divided into four advanced classes. They differ slightly in strategy and approach but are similar in structure.
  • Gunners are ranged DPS characters; the Artillerist advanced class uses rockets, and the Sharpshooter advanced class uses arrows.
  • Mages feature the damage-dealing Summoner and the primary support in the game, the Bard.
  • Assassin – A class split that features two advanced classes, Deathblade and Shadowhunter, focusing on swiftly and heavy damage dealing.

Attack Types

There are five core attack types in Lost Arc

  • Back Attacks are relatively common across all classes. Directly attacking an enemy from behind will result in extra damage. These attacks have a chance of causing a critical hit. Some classes take advantage of this more than others (you guessed right)
  • Stagger: Stagger is almost necessary for some endgame content. For example, some raid bosses require a stagger check to be taken down.
  • Weak Point: Weak point hits can be enhanced with Engravings. During the endgame, you will encounter bosses requiring weak point hits to destroy specific parts of their bodies.
  • Front Attack – The opposite to Back Attack, provides similar buffs to your abilities when you hit from the front.
  • Counter: This can directly counter a boss and its attacks. Keep in mind that there are boss attacks that are uncounterable in Lost Arc. The timing on Counter skills is crucial, as you have to get it just right.

In-game Currencies

Lost Ark features multiple currencies, including:

  • Blue Crystals
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Pirate Coins
  • Pheons
  • Rift Shards
  • Canelians

Getting your first pet

By completing a quest in the first hub town, you can get a free pet in the game. Be sure to complete this quest. Pets are mainly used for collecting loot, although high-level pets may also provide small buffs.

Don't spam your skills

Spamming your attacks can lead to disaster in any game, but it can be a particularly reckless approach in Lost Ark.

While you can likely get through most of the first quests quickly, you will eventually need to understand the details of each skill in the hotbar.

It's essential to understand which skills have a long cooldown and which ones knock back enemies. Also, it is crucial to know which skills take a long time for you to cast. Spamming any skill before it cools down is a sure way to lose a fight.

Try out different setups

It is important to master your skills. You will also want to experiment with your current setup and your capabilities. Lost Ark makes respeccing your build easy and free, allowing for a ton of experimentation.

Make use of it to find the layout that suits your style. Many classes can be played in many different ways, so don't hesitate to change your character.

Create alt accounts

Each class has its own set of skills and playstyles, so take the time to create alt characters. It is not a good idea to spend 100 hours training as a Warrior, only to discover that you prefer to play as a Mage.

Activate Triports

Arkesia's vast world is vast. Triports, the game's fast travel mechanism, are better than your mount. You must activate each portal you find. Note that Triports don't just activate because they're near you; you must physically interact with them to make them usable.

Maximize your pet's potential

Lost Ark is quick to throw mountains of loot at you. If you don't have a pet, it can be tedious to pick up and organize all these items. You can equip a pet to allow them to collect all the items dropped by enemies.

However, you can improve their skills further by going into the PET Menu and telling your pets what kind of gear they should pick up. This is a powerful feature that you should explore before your inventory gets too full.

Switch to Side Quest when necessary

Although the main quest is the most effective way to level up, sometimes you have to stop and do a few Side Quests. These can often be completed while attempting to complete the Main Quest. They also reward you with helpful gear and easy experience points. This makes it easy to continue completing the Main Quest without encountering any roadblocks, which can often be in the form of an intimidating boss encounter.

Claim Roster rewards

Lost Ark has two levels: Roster Level and Combat Level. Your current character's Combat Level is the limit, but Roster Level can be applied to all your accounts. You can often get permanent stat boosts by improving your Roster Level. However, you will need to navigate the Roster menu to claim these rewards manually. Notifications will be sent to you when you reach a new Roster level. However, make sure that you go to the Roster menu to receive your new benefits.

Trade Skills are the focus

Trade Skills are not available until you have spent enough time with Lost Ark. However, they quickly become a valuable way to earn silver. It takes a long time to level them. You'll get a set amount of Energy each day. Once you run out, you won't trade skill actions. It would be best if you began leveling up as soon as possible. These are a great way to have fun and diversify from the usual questing and combat, and they're one of the best ways you can get rich in the Lost Ark world.

Gear is not a concern

Don't obsess about your gear until you get to the endgame. Lost Ark has a generous drop rate, and completing sidequests will get you adequately geared for your level. This will help you save money as gear costs can quickly add up.

Get started building your Stronghold

Your Stronghold is Lost Ark‘s equivalent of player housing and comes with many benefits. Although it may take a while to unlock, you will often find yourself returning to it once it is. You can upgrade the location to access many useful features such as crafting gear and new recipes. Keep checking in often to see what your Stronghold has to say.

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