Kaizen Update Log & Patch Notes – Latest Update: Week 1

Everything you need to know about the latest Kaizen updates. Update Logs & Patch notes! New content, bug fixes, balance fixes, and improvements!

Kaizen Update Log & Patch Notes

Below are the latest update logs and patch notes for Roblox's Kaizen. Kaizen is an action RPG game on Roblox in which you can use powerful magic known as curses, complete quests, and acquire gear as you progress through the game's story on different biomes.

Grifon Games created the game, and players can have instant access to the game's update logs on the Discord community server.

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Update 0.2.0, 12/03/22 [WEEK 3 UPDATE]

1. New curse: Blood Manipulation
2. New legendary weapon: Cursed Daggers
3. XP is now much faster to gain at the start of the game - and it has been balanced late-game
4. Reputation gain has been balanced so that the most effective way of getting it is through PVP
5. Improved UX for boss quests so that there is a timer for when the boss spawns
6. Some more minor bug fixes & balances [such as toggle run by pressing CTRL]

PATCH 0.1.5, 11/25/22

This is a very minor update for bug fixes. Next week we'll add more content.

1. Kill sharing has now been added - as long as you do over a certain percentage of the total damage it will count as a kill
2. Space Ripper flinging issues have been fixed
3. You no longer have to re-equip items after spawning
4. Infinite combos caused by switching tools and air-combos have been patched
5. Fixed spawn times for bosses
6. Increased the chances of getting a rare item from a rare module
7. Increased the chances of getting a legendary item from a legendary module
8. Safe Mode is friendlier to use - and lower levels are automatically protected by it
9. The time is now displayed at the top of the screen
10. Other silent bug fixes & changes (such as arrows being persistent even after death)

Update 0.1.0, 11/18/22 [WEEK 1 UPDATE]

Swamp Biome:
1. A new story quest type (we will be experimenting with adding different quest types in future updates, instead of just having "defeat X enemies"
2. A new village, called Ueno Mire
3. A new miniboss (Joko)
4. New enemies
5. Level cap increase to 400
6. Max rep increase to 150k
7. New smash ability for normal fists at 20 melee

New Curses:
1. Ten Shadows
2. Cursed Speech
3. Construction

Quality of life:
1. Safe Mode - disables PVP, can be accessed in settings
2. Spawn setting NPCs. You no longer need to teleport or walk to areas to grind quests. You can spawn there.
3. Clan spin shop now displays the correct "best deal"
4. Removed very similar curse auras from the aura reroll pool
5. Ability levels now correctly display in the curse shop
6. Added missing animations to Straw Doll's Resonance skill, Gravity Orb & Blade Shot, Hell Strike and Divergent Kick's Axe Slam

Balancing (next week there will be a lot more balancing):
1. Fighting Style prices are nerfed
2. Lightspeed Technique's skills have a max range
3. Rogue & Armed bandits' healths are lowered

Bug fixes:
1. Fixed animation blending issues - animations should no longer jitter
2. Fixed controller cursor being invisible when keyboard or mouse is plugged in on a console
3. Fixed not being able to scroll through certain menus when using a controller
4. Fixed a major memory leak issue with mobs causing latency issues on old servers
5. Frost Grenade aim fixed

PATCH 0.0.4, 11/14/22

This is a very minor update for bug fixes. You can expect a curse to come out on Friday, though.

1. Hanamato's HP has been lowered slightly
2. Improvements to the speed of combat - it should be less slow
3. Bandits & Armed Bandits will not block mid-combo at all now
4. Buffed exp gain from Armed Bandit quests
5. Added a wind-up sound & cue to Hanamato so you have a chance to dodge his skills
6. Fixed Hanamato's HP being invisible
7. Hanamato no longer flings when ragdolled
8. Player name is now shown in the clan spin menu to help with restores
9. Fixed Curse Sense sometimes displaying the wrong level for sidequests

Update 0.0.3, 11/12/22 [PATCHES & BALANCES]

Minion AI Rework:
1. Minions block mid-combo a lot less frequently
2. Lowered HP of armored & rogue bandits
3. Nerfed the hitbox of attacks by enemy NPCs slightly
4. Removed hyperarmor from shroom attacks
5. Added blocking to shrooms, fire shrooms, and fly bugs

Yen Balancing:
1. Lowered prices of all curses substantially
2. Lowered prices of all buyable-weapons substantially

Progression Improvements:
1. Arrows are given for all talk quests
2. Curse Shop NPC is now also available at Noroi Village
3. New CURSE SENSE tool to locate NPCs
4. Side quest level requirements for Midlands has been reduced
5. Players are now given 5 free clan spins when first joining the game
6. Parties can only initiate quests that meet the level requirement of all party members

1. Increased Reputation cap to 50,000
2. You walk faster when carrying the log in Tiramisu's log delivery quest
3. Reputation is now available to see in the leaderboard
4. Clans are removed from the leaderboard to make it less cluttered - it can now be seen as part of your display name above your character
5. Clan percentages are less confusing
6. There is now a low GFX mode
7. Xbox's cursor is faster to move around

Combat Balances:
1. Fixed boss spawn times and HP
2. Lowered boss rewards
3. Dance Party now uses less stamina
4. Domain expansions' damage boosts are lowered
5. Fixed Frost Calm doing multiple hits
6. Increased damage for Spinning Slash
7. Death Harbinger's damage has been increased

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed the dialogue interface breaking if you talk to Sojo after receiving the bandit quest
2. Fixed clan buffs being overridden after putting in stat points
3. x2 XP gains are now displayed in notifications
4. Fixed Noroi Village's safezone

(OPEN PVP Testing)

 1. Added stat point reset
 2. Fixed Devil's Broom give

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