[🔥🧪ALPHA] Kaizen Curses Tier List & All Spells

In Roblox's Kaizen, apart from Clans which is the one element that will dictate your character's power, you will also be able to pick a Curse. Curses are magic powers in Kaizen that you can use as a sorcerer to defeat mobs and other players. Curses can make or break your build, but thankfully you will have to rely on grinding for Yen instead of luck to get the one you are aiming for.

Kaizen Curse Tier List & Spell Abilities

S-Tier Curses

  • Cursed Flames
    • Disaster Fireball
    • Disaster Pounce
    • Fire Tornado
    • Maximum Meteor
    • Iron Coffin
  • Disaster Plants
    • Gas Field
    • Root Pierce
    • Forest Vanish
    • Branch Caller
    • Heaven's Garden
  • Straw Doll
    • Ping Tag
    • Straw Barrage
    • Straw Heal
    • Straw Throw
    • Resonance

A-Tier Curses

  • Cursed Speech
    • Explode
    • Sleep
    • Blast Away
    • Crush
  • Cryo Frost
    • Frost Clam
    • Frost Grenade
    • Ice Skating
    • Winter's Wrath
  • Shock Amplification
    • Amplified Blast
    • Shock Mayhem
    • Blast Zone
    • Pressure Field
  • Ten Shadows
    • Divine Dog
    • Tongue Slam
    • Nue Fly
    • Nue Lightning

B-Tier Curses

  • Idle Transfiguration
    • Soul Blasts
    • Idle Gatling
    • Idle Smash
    • Soul Embrace

C-Tier Curses

  • Construction
    • Deadshot
    • Bullet Rain
    • Cursed Bullet
  • Devil’s Broom
    • Broom Gust
    • Broom Tornado
    • Broom Fly


How to purchase Curses in Kaizen?

You can spend Yen or Robux at the Businessman located at the Curse Shop to buy a Curse. However, you must first unlock Curses by progressing the game's main storyline quest.

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