[🔥🧪ALPHA] Kaizen Clans Tier List, Rarities & Buffs

Our Roblox Kaizen Clans Tier List will help you pick the best clan to roll for in the game’s Clan gacha!

Kaizen Clans Tier List

In Roblox's Kaizen, you can roll for a clan using clan spins at the starting village by finding the Mysterious Woman NPC and spinning in the Clan gacha system. Check our Kaizen codes list if you want to avoid using Robux for Clan Spins.

Clan Rarities

  • Legendary: 1.2%
  • Rare: 9.72%
  • Common: 89.1%

Kaizen Clans Tier List

While Legendary Clans may seem the most viable options to roll for, the rare Nanami Clan, which is easier to roll for, seems to be the best as it arguably provides the best stat buffs while being far more accessible. Note that common clans do not provide any buffs

S-Tier Clans

  • Nanami (Rare):
    • ‘Overtime Anger’ ability
    • +100 HP,
    • +250 Stamina
    • +30% Curse, melee, and weapon damage.

A-Tier Clans

  • Kamo (Legendary):
    • ‘Red Scale’ ability
    • +20% damage
    • +40% speed.
  • Kugisaki (Legendary):
    • +150 Stamina
    • +200 Cursed energy.  
  • Zenin (Legendary):
    • ‘Wrath’ ability
    • 25% resistance to damage 

B-Tier Clans

  • Miwa (Rare):
    • Miwa clan members have an innate talent for weapons
    • +15% damage with weapons
    • +10% extra speed. 

C-Tier Clans

  • Hoshi (Rare):
    • +8% more damage with Curses
    • +200 extra Curse energy. 
  • Ino (Rare):
    • +20% durability for 1.5 seconds after using a Curse.

D-Tier Clans

  • Haba (Common)
  • Ieiri (Common)
  • Sonoda (Common)
  • Sotomura (Common
  • Yoshino (Common)
  • Takashi (Common)
  • Sasaki (Common)
  • Hari (Common)
  • Akiyama (Common)
  • Rayburn (Common)
  • Eldritch (Common)


How to change your Clan in Kaizen using Clan Spins?

How to spin for Clans in Kaizen - Kaizen clan reroll

As already explained, you can head to the Mysterious Woman NPC at the starting village's Safe Zone and interact with her by holding E to open the Clan Spin menu. Press the green SPIN button to roll for a new clan.

You can also use Robux to buy more spins which of course we do not recommend.

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