Jenna Roblox hacker – Who is she and is she back?

The name Jenna is quite infamous in the Roblox community due to an alleged Roblox hacker. And there are rumors that she is about to return (assuming she was here in the first place).

The story behind Jenna Roblox hacker

Jenna Roblox Hacker - AGirlJennifer Roblox profile

In 2017, YouTuber Zerophyx and his girlfriend created a Roblox Horror Movie about the dangers of the online dating world (I approve this message). It seems that one of the daters was Jenna and a Roblox profile called AGirlJennifer was created for Jenna along with a Roblox experience AGirlJennifer's Place.

Jenna would hack the profiles of boys that broke up with her, and she would also discover their living locations. All this dates back to 2017.

The 2022 Jenna Roblox Hacker rumor

I think it's pretty clear that all this is just fiction talk. A (fictional) rumor emerged in 2022 that Jenna the Roblox Hacker would strike back on February seventh and eighth (as we will see the fictional hacker seems to like these numbers). However, this time around, Jenna would hack girls' accounts.

Even emerging videos on YouTube suggest that girls change their Roblox avatars to boy avatars or go offline to avoid being hacked.

What actually happened on February 7th and 8th was quite different. People who would join the AGirlJenifer's Place experience would be teleported to the MeepCity 4 experience. It seems that this part may be the work of an actual hacker, but even that may be just a “feature”.

But let's see what the AGirlJennifer's Place experience is about.

AGirlJennifer and AGirlJennifer's Place Experience

AGirlJennifer's Place Roblox Experience

As you will notice, the About section of the profile reads:


You will mostly find the font used in the profile in black metal or death metal bands.

The experience begins in the Roblox starter place, and players will follow a blood trail path that leads up a hill. On that hill, you will find a cave-like hole but once you reach it the game will reveal a red and black screen that says “Content Deleted” and will kick you out.

So basically all this is just a scary experience associated with the movie and the persona of Jenna the Roblox hacker.

It became “real” because as we know Roblox is a game played mainly by children and for them, such stuff may be believable.

Is your account at risk from Jenna “Roblox hacker”?

The answer to this is obviously no as the whole thing is just a made-up story. However, all online experiences are under security threats so you should always use strong passwords and never share them with others. Enabling 2-factor authentication is also highly recommended.

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