Is GTA 5 cross-platform?

You know Grand Theft Auto V, one of the most successful games of all time. Released by Rockstar Games in 2013, the game is still relevant. While GTA 6 is in development, millions of gamers have only one question on their minds: is GTA 5 cross-platform?

You can play the game, released on new generation consoles, on almost any platform. GTA 5 can be played on PS3, PS4, and PS5 and Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It's normal for you to be confused about which of these platforms have cross-platform support or not.

Keep reading our article if you want to play GTA 5 with your friends on different platforms because not all platforms will have support for each other.

Let's talk about everything we know about Grand Theft Auto V cross-platform support.

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GTA 5 cross-platform support

You may want to enjoy the new updates for GTA Online with your friends. If you play on a different platform, you should be careful to avoid any nasty surprises. Because while GTA 5 already offers cross-play support on some platforms, this doesn't apply to others.

To avoid confusing GTA 5 cross-play and cross-platform support, we'll give you detailed information about all platforms.

GTA 5 cross-platform on PC

PC players cannot team up with Playstation or Xbox players. GTA 5 doesn't have cross-platform support on PC.

There are very logical reasons for this decision by Rockstar Games. First, since you play the game entirely online, the servers where your progress is saved must be different on each platform. In other words, the save files of PC players and PS5 players will be stored in different locations.

PCPS5PS4PS3Series X & SXbox OneXbox 360
GTA 5 cross-platform support for PC players

GTA 5 cross-platform on Playstation

GTA 5 already has cross-gen support for Playstation. PS5 and PS4 players can play together if they want.

However, Grand Theft Auto 5 doesn't have cross-platform support for the Playstation. Rockstar Games hasn't commented on the fact that this situation will change. Considering that it's technically tricky anyway, we can say that you can't meet Xbox players on the same server.

Playstation players can't play with PC players too.

PS5PS4PS3Series X & SXbox OneXbox 360PC
GTA 5 cross-platform support for Playstation players

GTA 5 cross-platform on Xbox

GTA 5 already has cross-gen support for Xbox. Xbox Series X, Series S, and Xbox One players can play together if they want.

However, GTA 5 doesn't have cross-platform support for the Xbox. This will not change ever because it's technically challenging for Rockstar Games. If you want to play with Xbox players, you can check out different games like Sea of Thieves.

Cross-play support between PC and Xbox, which is present in many games, isn't included in GTA 5.

Series X & SXbox OneXbox 360PS5PS4PS3PC
GTA 5 cross-platform support for Xbox players


We can say that the release of GTA 5 on next-generation consoles is the last technical development of the game. Considering that Rockstar Games has now shifted its focus to GTA 6, it doesn't make sense to expect more.

That's it for the GTA 5 cross-platform and cross-play support. We hope our article has managed to clear all your questions. Check out other articles on cross-platform support for games like Elden Ring and Rainbow Six Siege. And before you go, make sure to check our lists of the best cross-platform games and the best free PC games!

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