Idle Champions Codes: Free Chests & Skins [June 2022]

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In this post, you will find the complete list of all the latest Idle Champions codes. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a free-to-play incremental clicker game based on Dungeons & Dragons, released on September 7, 2017, by Codename Entertainment. The game is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows, Android, and iOS.

The game’s publishers occasionally offer promo codes that players can redeem for rewards; most codes are revealed during live streams.

Let’s jump to all the working codes/combinations for free game items then.

Here are all the Idle Champions Codes

We have curated all the active codes or combinations. These combinations are sequences of 12-16 characters that you can redeem in-game for free chest buffs.

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Active Idle Champions chest codes (Working)

Below you will find all the active Idle Champions codes/combinations:

Idle Champions CodeReward
LEEP-RAWS-FILS (Expires on September 5th, 2021)1 Electrum Chest
WERE-BEST-FRIE-NDS!2 Gold Supply Chests
GITH-ZERA-IKEN-SEI! 1 Silver Nrakk Chest
WILD-ELFB-ARB!1 Silver Aila Chest
GREE-NGRA-SS3!1 Gold Aila Chest
BAUR-DORR-APERRedeem gift code for 1 Gold Chest
IDLE-COLO-RINGRedeem gift code for 1 Gold Supply Chest
OWLS-BRAE-COOLRedeem gift code for 1 Gold Chest
KARM-ICMA-DJIGRedeem gift code for Click Damage Green Flame Skin
REBO-RNRU-QIAHRedeem promo code to acquire 2 Silver Cattie Chests
CLER-ICOF-KELE-MVORRedeem promo code to get 2 Silver Nerys Chests
DEAD-INVE-NTORRedeem code for 2 Silver Spurt Chests
HEAV-YMET-ALTO-RTLERedeem promo code for 2 Silver Krull Chests
SAGE-OFSH-ADOW-DALERedeem gift code for 2 Gold Supply Chests
HAVI-LARS-TWINRedeem promo code for 2 Silver Farideh Chests
PRAI-SELA-THAN-DER!Redeem promo code for 2 Evelyn Silver Chests
ASTO-RMHE-RALDRedeem gift code for 2 Aila Silver Chests
BRAH-MALU-TIERRedeem promo code for 2 Walnut Silver Chests
SLOB-BERC-HOPSRedeem promo code for 2 Silver Chests
MORD-ENKA-INENRedeem gift code for 2 Gold Chests
DEEK-INCH-ESTSRedeem promo code for 2 Silver Deekin CHests
RING-OFWI-NTERRedeem gift code for 2 Silver Chests
GITH-ZERA-ISUP-PORTRedeem promo code for 2 Nrakk Silver Chests
TWEN-TYTW-ENTYRedeem promo code for 2 Silver Chests
WARF-ORGE-DPAL-ADINRedeem promo code for 2 Silver Sentry Chests
MIKE-KRAH-ULIKRedeem promo code for 2 Silver Jim Chests
CURS-EDFA-RMERRedeem promo code for 2 Silver Chests
COOO-OOOO-LOUTRedeem promo code for 2 Silver Donaar Chests
LAER-ALSI-LVER-HANDRedeem gift code for 2 Gold Chests
VOIC-EOFA-UTHO-RITYRedeem gift code for 2 Silver Turiel Chests
TETR-ATHA-NOTI-CKEYRedeem gift code for 2 Silver K’Thriss Chests
SOUL-MATE-NECK-LACERedeem gift code for 2 Silver Paultin Chests
KRAK-ENLO-CKETRedeem promo code for 2 Silver Avren Chests
IDAL-IASF-LUTERedeem promo code for 2 Silver Artemis Chests
BOOT-SOFS-PEEDRedeem gift code for 2 Silver Shandie Chests
ORNA-TEDA-GGERRedeem gift code for 2 Silver Xander Chests
MAGI-CMIS-SILERedeem gift code for 2 Silver Chests
SPIR-ITUA-LWEA-PONS2 Silver Nerys Chests
MORA-DINS-WILL2 Silver Wulfgar Chests
FRIE-NDTO-TALL-FOLK2 Silver Ishi Chests
WAKA-NDA4-EVER1 Gold Chest
AGOL-DCHE-ST4U1 Gold Chest
Working Idle Champions Codes

What are Idle Champions Codes?

Idle Champions codes are promo codes the developers occasionally release to promote the game. Players can redeem those codes for exclusive free rewards including item chests and skins.

How to Redeem Idle Champions Codes

how to redeem idle champions codesnbsp 1131006781previewstore Get the latest Idle Champions codes from our uptodate list and redeem the for free chest rewards and skins in this DD based RPG
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Idle Champions codes can be redeemed in the PC and console(?) versions as there is no external website to redeem them. Redeeming codes in-game is a violation of the Play and App Store’s policies.

Here are the steps to redeem a code on the Steam version:

  • Start the game.
  • Click on the shop icon ($) on the top-left corner of the game screen to go the Shop.
  • At the bottom-right corner of the Shop window you will find a Redeem a Code section with an input text field. Enter one of the codes into the text field and click Submit.
  • Enjoy your rewards.

Where to get new Idle Champions gift codes

The best place to look for new codes is this blog post, of course, but alternatively, you can look for them in the following places:

  • In the game’s Twitch live stream.
  • The most up-to-date list seems to be the Fandom page for combinations. Not the table itself, but the comments users leave below the post. You can use codes in the combinations dialog (or wherever you have to, as it seems that there are two different promo code systems) to unlock the locked chest and enjoy the free rewards it contains.

This covers pretty much all the best places to look for new codes!

Idle Champions codes video guide

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