Idle Champions Codes: Free Chests & Skins [November 2022]

Our list contains all the latest working Idle Champions codes for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realm that you can redeem for free chests and more rewards!

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In this post, you will find the complete list of all the latest Idle Champions codes. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms is a free-to-play incremental clicker game based on Dungeons & Dragons, released on September 7, 2017, by Codename Entertainment. The game is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Windows, Android, and iOS.

The game's publishers occasionally offer promo codes that players can redeem for rewards; most codes are revealed during live streams.

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Let's jump to all the working codes/combinations for free game items then.

All Idle Champions Codes

We have curated all the active codes or combinations. These combinations are sequences of 12-16 characters that you can redeem in-game for free chest buffs.

New & Working Idle Champions codes

Below you will find all the active Idle Champions codes/combinations:

  • BIKE-YOCK-DOGE – Redeem code for electrum chest
  • VECN-ALIV-ES!! – Redeem code for Korth, three gold Korth chests, and Vecna cultist Korth skin
  • GAME-WEEK-2022 : Redeem code for Avren, Havilar, Krull, Melf, and Nove, and 16 gold chests for each one
  • BARO-VIAN-LORD : Redeem code for two silver Widdle chests
  • VALE-NTIN-EDAY : Redeem code for electrum chest
  • XXXX-XXXX-XXXX : Redeem code for two gold chests
  • UNLO-CKDM-NOW! – Redeem code for Dungeon Master and two gold Dungeon Master chests
  • MRHQ-KRX9-WKGH : Redeem code for Celeste started pack
  • THET-ARRA-SQUE – Redeem code for two gold chests
  • LOGI-C&RE-ASON – Redeem code for two silver Alyndra chests
  • MOON-CARD-WISH – Redeem code for two silver Ellywick chests
  • JOYF-ULLY-EVIL – Redeem code for two silver Prudence chests
  • MAYH-EM&M-USIC : Redeem code for two silver Brig chests
  • EACH-NERD-HASA-ROLE – Redeem code for two silver chests
  • IMPO-SING-PRES-ENCE – Redeem code for two silver Sgt. Knox chests
  • ECHO-OFZA-RIEL – Redeem code for two silver chests
  • HEAL-ING&-FIRE – Redeem code for two silver Orkira chests
  • CAPT-AINS-COAT – Redeem code for two silver Corazon chests
  • DEVA-SREG-ALIA – Redeem code for two silver Orisha chests
  • BLOT-CHOF-BLUE – Redeem code for two silver D’hani chests
  • GRUM-PY&G-RUFF – Redeem code for two silver Mehen chests
  • PALA-DINO-FTYR – Redeem code for two silver Selise chests
  • FELL-OWHU-MANS – Redeem code for two silver Hew Maan chests
  • SPOT-WEAK-NESS – Redeem code for two silver Talin chests
  • DOPP-ELGA-NGER – Redeem code for two silver chests
  • UNHO-LYBL-IGHT – Redeem code for two silver Viconia chests
  • SHAK-ASPU-ZZLE – Redeem code for two silver Shaka chests
  • AMUR-DERB-UNNY – Redeem code for two silver Yorven chests
  • ACQI-NCEV-ELYN – Redeem code for Evelyn and three gold Evelyn chests
  • STRI-XACQ-INC! – Redeem code for Strix and three gold Strix chests
  • EYES-WIDE-OPEN – Redeem code for one gold Avren chest
  • ELLY-WICK-CARD : Redeem code for five gold chests
  • STAG-GERM-EATY – Redeem code for electrum chest
  • EXAC-TSHA-GGY! : Redeem code for electrum chest
  • AGYG-AXCH-EST! – Redeem code for electrum chest
  • GREA-TEST-GAMY – Redeem code for electrum chest
  • GARY-CONT-TRPG – Redeem code for electrum chest
  • GARY-CONR-ULES – Redeem code for electrum chest
  • AGEM-IXMO-TOR! – Redeem code for electrum chest
  • CRAG-MONA-RCHY – Redeem code for electrum chest
  • ACOG-NACM-YRRH – Redeem code for electrum chest
  • GARY-CONJ-ASON – Redeem code for electrum chest
  • REST-INPI-ECES-PURT : Redeem code for one gold spurt chest
  • MAXD-UNBA-RFTW – Redeem code for gold chest
  • THEY-AWNI-NGPO-RTAL : Redeem code for gold chest
  • WAKA-NDA4-EVER : Redeem code for gold chest
  • AGOL-DCHE-ST4U – Redeem code for gold chest
  • TAKE-THIS-LOOT-CODE : Redeem code for gold Strix chest
  • IDLE-CHAM-PION-SNOW : Redeem code for gold chest
  • TYMO-RACL-ERIC – Redeem code for two silver omin chests
  • THEM-ERCI-LESS – Redeem code for two gold mirt chests
  • CONS-TITU-TION – Redeem code for two gold varja chests
  • KEEP-ITSI-MPLE – Redeem code for two gold strahd chests
  • OWLB-EARS-TEAK – Redeem code for two silver briv chests
  • BOUN-TYHU-NTER – Redeem code for two silver havliar chests
  • SPIK-EDHE-LMV2 – Redeem code for two silver lazaapz chests
  • ZILL-LUGS-BUTT – Redeem code for one gold chest
  • PANT-OXES-KUEH – Redeem code for one gold chest
  • GAPO-PIKE-LAIN – Redeem code for one gold chest
  • EDHS-GILD-AWNS – Redeem code for one gold chest
  • ONES-HUGE-QUAD – Redeem code for one gold chest
  • KARM-ICMA-DJIG – Redeem code for click damage green flame skin
  • REBO-RNRU-QIAH – Redeem code for two silver cattie chests
  • CLER-ICOF-KELE-MVOR – Redeem code for two silver nerys chests
  • DEAD-INVE-NTOR – Redeem code for two silver spurt chests
  • HEAV-YMET-ALTO-RTLE – Redeem code for two silver krull chests
  • INSI-GHTS-EP2! – Redeem code for one electrum chest
  • WEMB-DAGS-DURE – Redeem code for one electrum chest
  • PRAI-SELA-THAN-DER! – Redeem code for two evelyn silver chests
  • ASTO-RMHE-RALD – Redeem code for two aila silver chests
  • BRAH-MALU-TIER – Redeem code for two walnut silver chests
  • SLOB-BERC-HOPS – Redeem code for two silver chests
  • MORD-ENKA-INEN – Redeem code for two gold chests
  • DEEK-INCH-ESTS – Redeem code for two silver deekin chests
  • RING-OFWI-NTER – Redeem code for two silver chests
  • GITH-ZERA-ISUP-PORT – Redeem code for two nrakk silver chests
  • TWEN-TYTW-ENTY – Redeem code for two silver chests


How do I redeem Idle Champions codes?

How to redeem Idle Champions codes

Idle Champions codes can be redeemed in the PC and console(?) versions as there is no external website to redeem them. Redeeming codes in-game is a violation of the Play and App Store's policies.
Here are the steps to redeem a code on the Steam version:
1) Start the game.
2) Click on the shop icon ($) on the top-left corner of the game screen to go the Shop.
3) At the bottom-right corner of the Shop window you will find a Redeem a Code section with an input text field. Enter one of the codes into the text field and click Submit.
4) Enjoy your rewards.

It is best to copy and paste the codes to avoid any mistakes. More importantly, redeem them as soon as possible as they expire fast.

What are Idle Champions Codes?

Idle Champions codes are promo codes the developers occasionally release to promote the game. Players can redeem those codes for exclusive free rewards including item chests and skins.

Where to get more Idle Champions codes?

The best place to look for new codes is this blog post, of course, but alternatively, you can look for them in the following places:

In the game's Twitch live stream.

The most up-to-date list seems to be the Fandom page for combinations. Not the table itself, but the comments users leave below the post. You can use codes in the combinations dialog (or wherever you have to, as it seems that there are two different promo code systems) to unlock the locked chest and enjoy the free rewards it contains.

This covers pretty much all the best places to look for new codes!

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