Hunter X Athena Clans Guide & Tier List

While I'm still collecting information about Hunter X Athena's clans, there are a few things that I can already mention in this post. Most people are wondering what the best clan in Hunter X Athena is, and while there is not a clear-cut answer to this question, let's have a look at the clans and what they bring to the table.

The game currently features 27 different clans and 20 of them seem to be available to roll for.

Legendary and Custom clans

First of all, there is one Legendary clan that only the game's owners can assign to players. Then there are the following six currently available custom clans:

  1. Hanma
  2. Noragami
  3. Hoss
  4. Boogaroo
  5. Aureus
  6. Armstrong

I am not sure whether these clans provide any buffs to players, or they are substitutes for titles or VIP status.

Rare Clans Guide & Tier List

The 6 rare clans currently available come with various different effects. Among these clans, the Morow and Netero clans seem to be the best in terms of the damage increase they offer with Morow being more PvP oriented and Netero being more PvE oriented.

In general, most effects seem to have more impact in battles against other players than NPCs.

The Netero clan seems to provide the highest damage buff across the board, but Morow has a weird effect that deals more damage to children under 14. Considering the majority of the players are below 14, this could be the ideal clan to target when rolling for one:

S-Tier Clans:

These are the clans that stand out among the game's rare ones:

  1. Lucilfer: 1.1x Damage & Clan Custom Dagger
  2. Morow: +10 WalkSpeed & Damage increase to those under the age of 14
  3. Netero: 1.2x Damage Buff

A-Tier Clans:

I would place these clans slightly lower (verdict on Kurta not out yet though):

  1. Freeccs: +15 Health & +200 Stamina
  2. Kurta: Boosts Strength & Slightly Boosts Speed
  3. Zoldyck: +10 SpeedBuff & Different Dashes

Common Clans

Finally, there are 14 common clans currently available but I'm not aware of any effects for them at the moment:

  1. Bordeau
  2. Chimera Ant
  3. Goreinu
  4. Hatake
  5. Kaito
  6. Komacine
  7. Korutopi
  8. Magcub
  9. Murasaki
  10. Ndongo
  11. Paradinight
  12. Portor
  13. Takano
  14. Tsezguerra

Make sure to also check for the latest Hunter X Athena codes, which also provide clan rerolls, for a chance to get a rare clan!

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