How to change theme and wallpaper in PS5

How to change theme and wallpaper in PS5
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Sony's PlayStation 5 is its newest, shiniest, and most prominent video game console yet. It is also going to end up as the best-selling console of all time. Till the next one.

The device supports high refresh rates up to 120Hz, 4K resolution, and a wide range of games and apps. The first stop for many new users will be to change the PS5 theme. Can you change the look of PS5's UI by applying new wallpapers and themes?

 Players could customize the home screen of their PlayStation device in the past by applying new wallpapers and themes.

The PS4 has a feature that allows users to download and apply themes instantly. Users could also set custom themes and wallpapers. So, how can you do all this in PS5? In this guide, we will give you all the answers.

By the way, if you are looking for a great graphic design tool to create custom wallpapers for your console, you can have a look at Canva.

PS5 home menu screen theme. How to change theme and wallpaper in PS5
Image Credit: Sony

How to change the theme and wallpaper on PS5

The PS5 has a dynamic home screen, so the wallpaper changes accordingly when you select a game. Consequently, PS5 does not have any settings for customizing the theme and background by default.

Here is the process required to change the theme in PS3 and PS4

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu from the main menu.
  2. Select Themes.
  3. Choose whichever theme suits your fancy on the Select Theme screen.
    • You may also be able to set the theme to a color of your choice, depending on which you choose
  4. You can also select Custom to set a wallpaper image of your choice.

Eventually, we expect the same functionality to launch for PS5.

No theme download or installation option was available in any of the UI's we saw. We expect that to change soon. Future updates may include such a function. PS5 themes are not available in the PlayStation store. However, we can find exclusive PS4 themes there.

Let’s wait and see what the future holds and whether Sony’s new console will support custom themes and backgrounds. Protection Status 85864542