How to use YouTube for learning?

We all like to relax, devote time to self-education, our interests, read an e-book, listen to music or watch an exciting movie without too much fuss. However, even the entertaining nature of using the Internet can helpfully take place for you. For example, a foreign language can be learned effortlessly using applications on a smartphone. You can choose a movie based on historical events, and instead of a morning series, you can include an educational program.

Moreover, you can use YouTube for this! Here you can learn to play guitar from scratch, learn Italian from video lessons, and learn English with your child from educational cartoons. As a student, I used Youtube to find some useful essay tips that helped me succeed when I needed to write my paper in College.

Youtube is useful to everyone, but students, teachers, tutors, parents, and schoolchildren need to use it. And how ‒ we will tell you below!


Youtube is often considered only a storehouse of useful or entertaining content. This is not surprising because there is everything here: music, films, scientific programs, webinars, and seminars on the record, which can be useful for your self-education. But few people know that you can present your brand, service, or product on YouTube. If you use this resource in a competent symbiosis, you will be able to squeeze out the maximum benefit! We will look at how YouTube can be used by a teacher, a tutor, parents, and a student.  

How is the teacher's preparation for the lesson going? The teacher is constantly thinking about improving his classes, looking for interactive techniques, and finding creative forms of learning… The search is most often carried out in textbooks, manuals, and magazines published ten years ago.

Less often, a teacher goes to the Internet to search, but even if he does, he downloads dozens of lessons from his colleagues, hoping to find something interesting. So it turns out that everyone is trampling around, using all the same teaching methods, all the same forms of work, and classes, in essence, are formulaic and not very interesting to children. How can YouTube be helpful? You can draw new information, inspire, observe foreign colleagues-teachers (especially if the teacher knows English), and then harmoniously introduce zest into your lessons. 

How to use YouTube for learning?

What valuable things a teacher can find on YouTube when preparing for daily classes: be inspired by the presentations of colleagues, and if he does not know how to work with PowerPoint – watch a master class on the same YouTube; subscribe to psychological channels where there is a lot of useful information regarding working with difficult schoolchildren; watch available lessons of his colleagues, from where you can learn a lot of exciting things; be aware of all educational news that occurs both in the country and in the world.  

But for a tutor, YouTube can be useful for finding new ideas and for earning money. If you feel strong enough to share your creative ideas with the whole world, come up with different lessons, shoot interesting videos and edit video clips – you can try yourself as a vlogger. 

What it will give you: first, you will be able to attract new customers. You can attach links to your social media accounts or questionnaires on tutoring resources where you provide your services; secondly, you will be able to make reviews of textbooks, applications, electronic products, problem books, make ads, and get paid for it; thirdly, you will be able to monetize your channel. Youtube can be useful for parents and schoolchildren in learning foreign languages and developing their horizons. For a family movie review, you can choose an educational TV series on YouTube, watch an exciting program, listen to music with subtitles. In short, all leisure time can be planned to consume useful content.


Depending on what subject the teacher or tutor is interested in the channels vary. We tried to collect resources of different directions that teachers of different subjects can use: the channel “Simple Science.” This channel will be useful for teachers and tutors of physics, mathematics, and chemistry. The highlight of the channel is experimenting! It would seem that simple experiments in a chemistry or physics lesson – will this surprise anyone? Do you remember how often you did them with children in the class? Not often? Then it's time to try! Everyone loves to learn by practice and not just absorb dry theory. So the channel “Simple Science” will help you find more fascinating experiments that will surprise not only schoolchildren but also you, experienced teachers.  

Channel “It's History.” Interesting historical facts are what is interesting for both adults and children. The channel will be helpful to history teachers who want to surprise the guys with something and for absolutely all subject teachers. Here you will be able to dig out interesting facts from entirely different fields of science and culture, harmoniously writing them into the lesson plan. Get ready for the admiring glances of your students!  

Channel “OpenLearn from The Open University”

This channel is suitable for all teachers. Here you can find many historical, psychological, and pedagogical information that will be useful in everyday teaching activities.    


Make a habit of turning on applicable content at home, not background useless TV shows. We spend the most time at home, so what we listen to and what we watch on TV is stored in our memory. It is unlikely that the color of the dress of the main character of the recently released movie will be helpful to you. But some historical fact or scientifically reasoned theory, which you will hear about on the educational channel, will enrich you as a person. Among the popular channels that the whole family will be interested in watching are the following: The channel “Smarter Every Day.”

About everything: about medicine, history, mathematics, and much more, he tells from the angle you could not look at these sciences! Turn on this channel in the morning so that after some time, amaze friends and acquaintances with your erudition! The “Qwerty” channel. If your goal is to learn how to solve logical problems, learn more about scientific myths, study the autobiographies of scientists and writers who have made contributions to science and culture – then you will hang on this channel for a long time! The channel “Arzamas. academy”. Learn more about culture and history? No problem. On the channel “”, you will learn the maximum of historical facts that you were not told about at school or university! 

Make it a habit to turn on this channel for 20 minutes a day, and the whole world around you will acquire completely different colors for you. 

Just think about how much we could learn by changing the vector of our thinking, setting priorities correctly, surrounding ourselves only with useful habits! YouTube is a beautiful platform for self-education, which many underestimate! Visit at least some educational channels and see how many exciting things surround you in everyday life!

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