How to unlock Infinite mode in Anime Adventures?

Players in Roblox tower defense simulator game Anime adventures can unlock the Infinite mode by completing all the stages in a world. This will allow you to enter the world in the Infinite mode, which is only playable in hard difficulty, and as its name implies you will have to go against endless waves of enemies, with each harder than the previous one.

Each world's Infinite mode comes with its own unique leaderboard based on the number of waves complete, so you can compete against other players to rise to the top.

Additionally, Infinite mode is a great way to earn gems in Anime Adventures, as you will be rewarded with 15 gems at wave 10, 35 gems at wave 25, and 50 gems at wave 50, with the rewards, gradually increasing to 500 gems at wave 100 when you are in a party with other players and 600 when playing solo.

To compete successfully in Infinite mode you will have to build a proper team according to the game's current meta, so make sure to check our Anime Adventures Tier List, for the best units to bring and how to evolve them.

Make sure to also check for the latest Anime Adventures codes that you can redeem for free Gems and Sumon Tickets to increase your chances of getting the units you are going to need in Infinite mode.

If you are looking for more information on Anime Adventures along with guides you can check official Anime Adventures Trello and join the official Anime Adventures Discord server.

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