How to record your screen on iPhone 13, iPad, or iPod touch

This guide will help you to make a screen recording and capture sound from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

You can take a screenshot of your iPhone's screen pretty easily. It's just as easy to take a screen recording – a video of your iPhone's screen – once you know how to enable it.

This tutorial shows you how to screen record your iPhone, then find the recording once it's saved.

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How to enable screen recording on iPhone 13, iPad, or iPod touch and start recording

  1. The first step is to go to Settings > Control Center on iOS 14 or later.
  2. To customize controls, tap “Customize Controls.”
  3. If Screen Recording is not already on the Include section of controls, tap the Add button (the green plus button) to allow screen recordings on your device.
  4. Next, open the Control Center app on your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad.
  5. Press and hold the gray Record button, then tap the Microphone button.
  6. Wait for the three-second countdown, then you can start recording. Observe that the Record button will turn red and will continue recording even if you close the Control Center. During recording, you will see a red time indication in the upper left corner.
  7. You can stop recording by tapping the red Record button in Control Center. You can also tap the red status bar at the top and select Stop.

Now you can go to the Photos app and select your screen recording.

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How to find and edit your iPhone 13 screen recording

Your new iPhone 13 screen recordings will appear in the Camera Roll. You can find it by opening the Photos app and looking at the newest item. As with any photo or video, you can share or edit it from here.

Depending on how much attention you pay to the details, you might want to trim the beginning or end of the video. It is possible to edit the video and save it as a new clip. Your original video will not be affected, but you will have a new version to share.

  1. Open the Photos app and tap the video.
  2. To edit, tap “Edit.”
  3. Tap and drag the arrow at the very start of the video to the right at the bottom of the screen. A yellow frame will appear.
  4. Trim the video to just the part you wish to keep by sizing the frame. Press play at any time to see that the edit is exactly what you want.
  5. After you tap “Done,” select “Save as New Clip.”

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