How to make Smooth Sandstone Stairs in Minecraft

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To make Smooth Sandstone Stairs in Minecraft, you have to place 1x Smooth Sandstone on the first row, 2x Smooth Sandstone on the 2nd row, and 3x Smooth Sandstone on the third row of the crafting table as shown in the picture below. Place the Smooth Sandstones in these exact positions to get 4x Smooth Sandstone Stairs.

HowtomakesmoothsandstonestairsSmoothSansdstoneStairsRecipenbsp HowtomakesmoothsandstonestairsSmoothSansdstoneStairsRecipe

Raw materials required to make Smooth Sandstone Stairs

To make Smooth Sandstone Stairs in Minecraft you must have;

  • 6x Smooth Sandstone
  • 1x Crafting Table

How to make Smooth Sandstone Stairs: Step-by-step guide

To make Smooth Sandstone Stairs in Minecraft you will have to follow the steps below:

1. Open the crafting menu of your Crafting Table

Opening the crafting menu of the crafting table will bring the 3×3 crafting grid.

2. Add 6 Smooth Sandstones to the Crafting Grid

HowtomakesmoothsandstonestairsSmoothSansdstoneStairsRecipenbsp HowtomakesmoothsandstonestairsSmoothSansdstoneStairsRecipe

The Minecraft recipe for Smooth Sandstone Stairs requires you to place 1 Sandstone in the first box of the top row of the 3×3 crafting and 2 Smooth Sandstones in the first and second box of the second, and 3 Smooth Sandstones to fully cover the third row.

You will know that you are using the correct recipe as the crafting menu will show you 4 pieces of Smooth Sandstone Stairs on the resulting side.

3. Move the Smooth Sandstone Stairs to your inventory

MoveSmoothSandstoneStairsintoyourinventorynbsp MoveSmoothSandstoneStairsintoyourinventory

Moving the Smooth Sandstone Stairs to your inventory allows you to perform the crafting process, so you have now made Smooth Sandstone Stairs in Minecraft.

Smooth Sandstone Stairs Item ID, name & max stack size

Smooth Sandstone Stairsnbsp SmoothSandstoneStairsNJE3Java EditionBedrock Edition
Item Nameminecraft:smooth_sandstone_stairsminecraft:smooth_sandstone_stairs
Max Stack Size6464

Sandstone Item ID, name & max stack size

Smooth Sandstonenbsp Smooth SandstoneJava EditionBedrock Edition
Item ID2424
Item Nameminecraft:sandstoneminecraft:sandstone
Max Stack Size6464

You can use Minecraft console commands with the item names to get the required amount of raw materials. If you are looking for some ideas to use Cobblestone Stairs, you can check our best Minecraft houses list.

Example Give command for raw materials:

Java Edition

/give @s minecraft:smooth_sandstone 6

Bedrock Edition

/give @s minecraft:smooth_sandstone 6 0

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