How to Level Up in Fruit Battlegrounds

If you are wondering how to level up your fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds, we are here to answer your question with a very simple answer. To level up your Fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds, you must use its skill outside safe zones. You don't have to hit enemies with your skills to gain experience, so you can use the moves to strike air or training dummies; both options work the same way and grant the same amount of EXP. The only requirement is using the skills.

Based on what I've experienced with the Light Fruit, skills that don't deal damage, like Flight, don't increase your experience.

Additionally, safe zones do not extend infinitely to the sky. As you can see in the video below, while I don't gain experience by using Light Kick inside the safe zone, using Mirror Kick which makes my character go airborne, takes me temporarily out of the Safe Zone, so my level completion % increases. Even if you land right back into the Safe Zone, its vicinity is limited, so you can level up even while in it this way (not recommended, though).

The best way to level up is to find an isolated spot to spam your skills. Players even use bots to grind levels (also not recommended). It also seems that all moves reward around the same amount of EXP, regardless of the level you unlock them.

How to Level Up Faster in Fruit Battlegrounds

Finally, the only 100% legitimate way to speed up this process is by purchasing the 2x EXP Gamepass for R$ 499.

How to purchase the 2x EXP Gamepass in Fruit Battlegrounds
Image Source: Fruit Battlegrounds/BORDERPOLAR

Roblox Premium users only enjoy a +20% on Fruit Spins, not EXP boost benefits.

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