How to Learn Wind Breathing in Project Slayers? Location, Questline, Moves

Project Slayers is one of the most popular action RPGs on Roblox right now, inspired by the Demon Slayer anime and manga series. If you play the game as a Demon Slayer you will be able to learn Wind Breathing. To do that, you must find the Wind Trainer, Jinger, at the Wind Trainer location (there seems to be no specific name for the location). The other Breathing Styles you can currently learn are Water Breathing, Insect Breathing, and Thunder Breathing.

Project Slayers Map – Wind Trainer Location
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However, there are some requirements you must meet before you start the Wind Breathing questline that will allow you to learn the first five moves of Wind Breathing.

Wind Breathing Training Requirements

To be able to start the Wind Breathing questline you must:

  • Level 12 or above
  • Have a sword (costs 1,069 Wen)
  • Give the Wind Trainer 5,000 Wen

If you meet all these requirements you can talk to the Wind Trainer, pay up the 5,000 Wen, and start the Wind Breathing questline.

Wind Breathing Training Questline

To complete the Wind Breathing style, finish the following quests. 

  1. Pull a boulder: Follow the marker to the boulder, then interact with it and bring it to the specified location. Constantly jumping makes pulling the boulder much much easier.
  2. Target Training: Go to the marker and sit on the chair to start the target training minigame. In this minigame you must click all targets that appear on the screen.
  3. Better Sword Grip: In this minigame you will be doing pushups. You must press the specified letter before its time bar runs out. You must only complete one pushup to complete the quest so it's pretty simple.
  4. Split a boulder in half: This is the same task Tanjiro was asked to complete in Demon Slayer canon. Here you will have to complete a minigame where you must press every letter on your screen in the order it appears to complete the challenge.
  5. Defeat Sanemi: Finally, you must defeat Sanemi to unlock the first 5 moves of Wind Breathing and acquire it. Bringing in friends is recommended here as with most bosses in Project Slayers. If you want to do it solo you will have to keep close to Sanemi so that he won't use his Wind Breathing moves. Set your spawn point at Kiribating Village where the Horse Guy is really close to the spawn point so that you can return to Sanemi before he replenishing all his HP. I died multiple times in this fight but I kept getting back to him before he replenished more than 200 HP, so I eventually landed around 2,500 damage to get him from 1500 to 0 and learn Wind Breathing.

Wind Breathing Moves

Completing Jinger's Wind Breathing training quests will unlock 5 of the currently 6 available Wind Breathing moves. The 6th move is a rare drop from Sanemi (10% chance) that you can then unlock with mastery.

  1. Purifying Wind (Available at Wind Mastery level 0)
    • The user unleashes a long range wind slash towards the enemy damaging them.
    • This move can be aimed depending on were your mouse is.
    • This move is not a block breaker.
  2. Dust Whirlwind Cutter (Unlocks at Wind Mastery Level 15)
    • The user enters a whirlwind that brings them to the opponent damaging them.
    • This move can be aimed depending on were your mouse is.
    • This move is not a block breaker.
  3. Clean Storm Wind Tree (Unlocks at Wind Mastery Level 22)
    • The user slashes the entire area around them dealing a lot of damage to the enemy.
    • This move cannot be aimed.
    • This move is not a block breaker.
  4. Black Wind Mountain Mist (Unlocks at Wind Mastery Level 30)
    • The user unleashes a powerful short range slash at the enemy
    • This move can be aimed depending on were your mouse is.
    • This move is surprisingly not a block breaker.
  5. Cold Mountain Wind (Unlocks at Wind Mastery Level 37)
    • The user unleashes 3 slashes around them, damaging the opponent.
    • This move can be aimed depending on the direction your character is facing.
    • This move is not a block breaker.
  6. Idaten Typhoon (10% Drop Chance from Sanemi, Unlocks at Wind Mastery Level 50)
    • The user raises in the air and sends 5 flying wind slashes towards the enemy dealing massive damage.
    • This move can be aimed depending on were your mouse is.
    • This move is a block breaker.

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