How to increase your podcast audience with quality transcriptions

If you have got a podcast on a certain topic or topics that interest you a lot, having such is not enough. You have created it not to keep these resources in silence, don't you? Do you want more people to know about your recordings? That is an easy thing to do if you take action to promote your podcast.

Yes, our suggestion is not to wait until people find out about a podcast you have on their own. They will surely do this if you have got amazing content there. But, it is always possible to make the process faster. Professional voice transcription services are one of the tools that can help you. Here is how it is possible to arrange that.

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Think about the 2 Most Important Things

If you wish to grow your podcast, it is necessary to focus your primary effort on two of the most important things – the target audience you wish to get and the content you want to attract a new audience. Let's look precisely at both aspects.

Identify your target audience

Note that creating content that will work and suit everyone is not a workable thing. This is generally a suboptimal strategy. The more interested followers you will have on your page – the more pleasure you will get from your effort. You will also get lots of inspiration for creating new interesting content if you start feeling the interest of your followers, read their grateful comments, and see their interest expressed in any other form.

So, think about your audience. It is necessary to be realistic in this case. For instance, if you create content more informally, you will not likely involve somebody mature. Your audience will be of teenage age or a bit older.

To help yourself identify your target audience, take into account your preferences – what things you like to talk about and share with. These things should naturally originate from inside of you and your experience. Things based on personal experience and feelings always attract more interested people.

Setting your limits is important for arranging a balance between you as a creator of this podcast and your target audience. It is possible, in fact, to impact more on the types of people who will join your podcast later.

Also, list questions about your target audience, such as gender, preferences, age, tastes, etc. Shape your view of the target audience you wish to attract and correct such a bit later if something doesn't go as you wish.

There is one trick here. Pay attention to particular hashtags that can be interesting to your target audience and pages where such appear. Draw your special attention to pages with relevant content and a great number of subscribers.

Repurpose your own content

What is the best approach for increasing the number of followers you have? That is thinking about the good content you have to place there. Look what recordings have lots of reviews. Look through the similar samples your competitors have on their pages, review different sources with the latest trends on a topic your podcast is dedicated to.

It is essential to look at this content impartially to identify possible weak points and aspects you need to improve in the existing content. Yes, your podcast should not be overloaded with recordings that don't have enough reviews and comments. Leave the best one and think about how you can improve the rest of your content.

For instance, you may think about improving the existing recordings by restating them in a more up-to-date manner, adding more details, making them more informative, etc. Think from the point of your future audience to decide what aspects or matters can interest them.

This will help a lot with restating the existing content in a better manner and adding new interesting samples to your podcast. But, that is not all actions to do for promoting your podcast.

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More Convenient Forms for Review

How did podcasts originatee? Some people didn't like to read lots of materials, books, or similar textual resources. Listening to a good podcast while going somewhere is a convenient way of learning, finding something new, or simply spending a great time. In some cases, this has resulted in certain content in audio or video forms only.

That has also resulted in another situation when people who enjoy a more textual form of content or are extremely busy will better look through a textual version of a recording they find interesting. Tastes differ, yes. But, here is a spot where you can increase the number of your followers.

Transcribe the audio you have and place the textual versions of these recordings. Such texts will help your future interested reviewers grasp the essence you would like to tell them in your podcasts easier and faster. Very busy followers will appreciate that especially.

podcast transciptions and content repurposing

Boosting Your SEO Strategy

If you have got your content transcribed, you may start thinking about additional approaches to improving your promotions. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help your podcast to become more noticeable during Internet searches. Do you know how it works?

You need to list relevant keywords that enable you to identify quickly the essence of content you have on your page. It is advisable to review relevant samples your competitors have to be more aware of workable keywords. We suggest you look through the TOP 10 Google search.

Shortlist all options you have and decide which keywords to include in your title and content transcribed. This will make your content more visible during Internet searches and increase the chances of getting more followers and reviews. Don't hesitate to correct the list of keywords by switching to more effective. Monitor your statistics for this purpose.

Final Words

Having formed an amazing podcast is surely not the last thing you should do to get more followers and make this resource truly popular. We believe you have or will create something truly worthy. Of course, developing a comprehensive plan of promotion is required in this case additionally to good content. Making transcripts of audio content you have can be one of the effective points in this plan. Such effort may ensure a better customer experience for your users and also inspire you to create new ideas regarding the content you have or will have.

Professional transcriptionists or automated transcription software may help get accurate and worthy results to share with your followers. Follow this advice and increase the number of subscribers for your podcast easily. Order professional transcription online services to make your promotional endeavors easier and more effective.

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