How to Increase & Max Out Your Demon Power in Project Slayers

Once you reach Level 15 in Project Slayers you can find Muzan and complete his quest to become a Demon. Just like in Demon Slayer canon, once you become a Demon you can increase your Demonic Power by killing humans. Note that this is similar to increase your Breathing Level in Project Slayers, and it is not to be confused with leveling up your characters.

Increasing your Demon Power will only affect your Blood Demon Arts use.

How to Train your Demon Power in Project Slayers

In Project Slayers, you can train your Breathing or become a Stronger Demon. You can do the former by heading to Butterfly Mansion and breaking gourds (You can check our Project Slayers map to locate it). This is similar to Demon Slayer canon, in which Demon Slayers would breath inside such gourds and break them.

Meanwhile, as we already mentioned, Demons have to kill Civilians and Human or Demon Slayer players to raise their Demon Power. The numbers below were shared on Project Slayers' Trello board, but I'm not sure what the Progression Points are for Demon Slayer Boss kills.

KillDemon Power Progression Points
NPC (Civillians/Mizunotos)1 Points
Player (Human/Demon Slayer)5 Points

I'm not sure how the progression works here but I think you start at Level 1 (Weak Demon). To raise your Demon Power Level to 2 (Strong Demon) you are going to need 180 points, then you will need 360 points to raise it to Level 3 (Not sure about its name, maybe Lower Moon?), and 540 points to raise the bar to the a maxed out Level 3.

Currently there is no Level 4, but there will probably be one in the future (could be Upper Moon).

So, my understanding is that you are going to need only the first 180+360 Points right now to get to Level 3. Filling up Level 3's bar does not seem to have any effect right now.

How to Max out your Demon Power in Project Slayers

Well, the math is easy here. To fully max out your Demon Power progress you are going to need 1080 Mizunoto kills or 240 Demon Slayer or Human Player kills. Or any combination of the two that gets you to 1080 Progression Points. To reach Level 3 you are going to need only half of that.

Demon Power Level Rewards

Demons seem to work completely different to Demon Slayers, for who Breathing Level is of at most importance in Project Slayers, as they can just use their BDA once their cooldown duration has passed. The only benefit that seems to come from leveling up your Demon Power is a reward that consists of Demon Art Spins, EXP, and Wen.

  • Level 1: 5 Demon Art Spins, 750 EXP, and 650 Wen
  • Level 2: TBA
  • Level 3: TBA

How can I view my Demon Progression?

Progression Viewer Gamepass

Sadly, you will have to purchase the Progression Viewer Gamepass for that, which costs 200 Robux. However, once you level up you will notice it as you will receive the rewards, so I doubt you are going to need the progression pass.


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