How to Get Yveltal In Pokemon Go

How does one go about catching the legendary Yveltal in Pokemon GO? This guide will tell you exactly that! Read along if you are also wondering how to get Yveltal in Pokemon GO!

Yveltal made its Pokemon Go debut on Tuesday, 18th of May in 2021. Players around the world were eagerly awaiting the chance to capture this legendary creature in Niantic's mobile game.

Yveltal is the winged cover star for Pokemon Y on Nintendo 3DS and is instantly recognizable by any die-hard Pokemon fan. The Nintendo 3DS game was launched in 2013 and introduced players to the Kalos region. Yveltal is closely related to Xerneas, the cover star for Pokemon X, who also joined Pokemon Go in recent years.

How can you catch Yveltal by yourself in Pokemon Go? Continue reading to find out all about this Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

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How To Catch Yveltal In Pokemon Go

The official Pokemon Go blog confirmed back in 2021 that Yveltal will be appearing in five-star raids during the Luminous Legends Y Part 1 Event.

You were then able to spot Yveltal in raid locations all over the globe starting at 10:50 on 18 May 2021. You could then open the game and raid with some friends or strangers online.

There is no mention of Yveltal appearing wild or in field research tasks. These raid battles were your best chance to capture a Yveltal. The event ended on Monday 24 May 2021.

So how can you catch Yvetal in 2022? Well, that's the thing, you can't. For now, at least! Like most of the raid Pokemon, Yvetal entered into the Raid Pokemon rotation. You need to check back monthly into Pokemon Go and check out the current Raid Boss rotation. Or wait until it gets added to Special Research or maybe Research Breakthrough as part of some event.

Best Counters for Yveltal on Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go blog also confirms that Yveltal is going to be a Dark- and Flying-type Pokemon. This means it will not be able to resist Electric, Fairy, and Ice-type attacks. If it falls into one of these camps it's a good idea to use a powerful Pokemon in raid battles.

For more detailed information, please read Pokemon GO: Yveltal Counter, PVP & PVE Overview.

Can You Catch A Shiny Yveltal In Pokemon Go?

Don't push your luck! Pokemon Go long-term fans will be able to tell that new additions don't always have a shiny version. The regular Yveltal will be available in the game for now. When he eventually comes back in the Raid Rotation, he will most likely already have a shiny version. But for now, we can only speculate.

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