How To Get Xerneas In Pokemon Go

Niantic is known for the excellent job they do in keeping the game fresh with exciting new updates and changes. The bread and butter for new content is the introduction of the new Pokemon. Xerneas and Yvetltal have been released in 2021 as part of such a new content update.

Xerneas is is a Legendary Fairy-type Pokemon first introduced in Generation VI. Apart from Xerneas, some of the other Pokemon that have been introduced are Kricketune, Petilil, Whirlipede, Buneary, and some new species from the Kalos region.

The Fairy-type Xerneas and the Dark/Flying-type Yveltal are two powerful legendary Pokémon that serve as the version mascots for Pokémon X and Y. If you are interested in how to get Xerneas in Pokemon Go then follow this step by step guide to doing so.

Pokmon Go Luminous Legends Event

Pokémon?Go?event called “Luminous Legends” took place on Tuesday, May 4 of 2021, and ended on Monday, May 17, 2021. During this brief window, Xerneas was a featured legendary 5 star Raid Boss. Thus, if you missed your chance back in 2021, it is going to be tough getting him.

You basically need to wait and check back every month or so. Long after their original event took place legendary and mythic Pokemon enter into a standard pool of Monthly Raid Pokemon. This means, that at any point during this year, Xerneas could pop up as part of a monthly rotation. Or! He could also appear as a one-week-long special raid boss.

Lately, Niantic started giving us more of these special “one-week” events featuring legends of past years. While being strictly time-gated, means that more and more legends flow through the game at a steadier pace.

Best Counters For Xerneas In Pokmon Go

Xerneas, a Fairy-type Pokemon is vulnerable to Steel-type and Poison-type moves.?It is immune from Dragon attacks and resists Fighting, Bug and Dark moves.?It can use Normal and Psychic moves, Fairy, Electric, Fighting, as well as Bug attacks.?There are three options for Poison-type Mega Pokemon, but due to the lack of strong Poison counters, it is best to concentrate on Steel, particularly Metagross or Shadow Metagross. This is especially important if you can't coordinate with other Trainers.

For more info please read our Xerneas Raid, PVE, and PVP breakdown.

Is Shiny Xerneas Available In Pokmon Go

Don't push your luck!?Pokemon Go long-term fans will be able to tell that new additions don't always have a shiny version.?The regular Xerneas will be available in the game for now.?When he eventually comes back in the Raid Rotation, he will most likely already have a shiny version. But for now, we can only speculate.

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