How to get Tyn Tailed Spirit Gen. 1 in Shindo Life [Dungeon]

The latest update in Shindo Life introduced a powerful rework for Tyn Tailed Spirit Gen. 1 and 2. While Gen. 2 requires you to travel to Vinland and fight a boss mission against Tyn Tailed Spirit Gen. 2, getting the Gen. 1 version is relatively more accessible, as all you will have to do is clear a dungeon. At the same time, the drop rate is significantly better than Gen. 2, at 1/8 and 1/16 for the second mode.

Here are the steps to get Tyn Tailed Spirit Gen. 1:

  1. Launch Shindo Life
  2. In the game's main menu, go to Game Modes and select it
  3. In the Game Modes menu, select the DUNGEON column to go to the list of available dungeons
  4. Scroll down to the last dungeon map, Tyn Stone.
  5. Once in the lobby, you can select the dungeon difficulty between easy, medium, and hard. Selecting medium increase the drop rate for the Tyn Tailed Spirit Gen. 1 scroll to around 27%.
  6. The Tyn Stone dungeon features mostly regular NPC mobs, so you must bring a high AoE damage mode to clear the dungeon's waves quickly.

The video guide below will help you figure out how to get Tyn Tailed Gen. 1.

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