How to get Susanoo/Samurai Spirit in Shindo Life

Roblox Shindo Life's most feared ability is the Samurai Spirit or Susanoo. This revered ability is helpful for players who play in the PVP mode. You will have to defeat the Samurai Spirit (boss enemies) in War mode to gain the Roblox Shindo Life power.

Getting Susanoo/Samurai Spirit in Roblox Shindo Life

The Akuma Bloodline tab will allow you to equip it. Choose the War option in the game modes menu. You can jump into any public server. Wait for other players to join your match after you have jumped into a server.

After the match begins, you must defeat any small enemies to survive until round 10. 

The Samurai Spirit will be your opponent in the 10th round. He is the second boss of the War mode with nearly 4,000,000 HP.

The Samurai Spirit Scroll will appear at the corner of the arena after you defeat him. The scroll can be collected and used to obtain the Samurai Spirit, the normal Akuma Susanoo.

How to get Other Samurai Spirit Variations

You will need to defeat a similar Spirit in Round 15 to get the scroll.

How to customize your Samurai Spirit

Visit the Ember village to customize your Samurai Spirit. You can access the Stone Tablet and personalize your Susanoo's color, design, and weapon for two spins.

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