How to Get Straw Hat in Project Slayers?

To get Straw Hat in Project Slayers, you must loot it as a rare drop from a T1 or T2 Chest from a boss. Since this loot is a mythical rarity, it might take a while to get it. However, the only boss that doesn't drop a T1 or T2 chest is Zuko at Kiribating Village so you will have plenty of opportunities.

Note that Straw Hat is not just a stylish item that pays tribute to Luffy. As a Demon in Project Slayers, you will be killed by Sunlight. The only ways to become immune to sunlight and roam the world freely at all times are to either roll for the Supreme rarity Kamado Clan or acquire a Straw Hat; that's why the item is so desirable for this race.

All Bosses that Drop T1/T2 Chests

  • Kaden (T1)
  • Sabito (T1)
  • Giyu (T2)
  • Sabito (T1)
  • Sanemi (T1)
  • Shiron (T1)
  • Zanegutsu Kuuchie (T1)
  • Nezuko (T1)
  • Slasher Demon (T1)
  • Yahaba (T2)
  • Susamaru (T2)


This is everything you need to know about obtaining the Straw Hat in Project Slayers.

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Finally, note that a private server will make your life easier while leveling up.

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