How to get Song of Resonance in Lost Ark

Lost Ark offers many traditional elements of the MMO genre while mixing them with other mechanics like exploration, sailing, and hack-and-slash RPG elements.

The game is focused on crafting and combat and heavily emphasizes exploration. There are many ways to explore and uncover the game's deepest secrets.

One way to discover these areas is through songs. Songs are a very unique element in Lost Ark and can be used to various effects. Through their journeys, characters can learn many songs from sheet music.

The Song of Resonance is one of the most sought-after songs in Lost Ark as it unlocks many crucial secret areas for exploration. This special Lost Ark Song is described as a means to unlock “hidden places,” and you cannot obtain certain collectibles without it. You can also use it in NPC Rapports or quests.

Treasure Hunter Igran Location - Lost Ark

How to Get the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark

Only one way to earn the Song of Resonance is by purchasing it from Treasure Hunter Igran, an NPC. He can be found on the Deck Ship of Pleccia island in Sea of Gienah, located west of Anikka.

Once you have arrived, go southeast from the Deck Ship to talk with the Treasure Hunter Igran. He'll give you items in exchange for Pirate coins, including the Song of Resonance.

You will need to farm it before you can get it. It will cost 16,500 Pirate coins. Check your inventory for Coin Chests if you don't already have enough. You can open them to earn several types of Coins, which you can convert for Pirate Coins. Talk to the Traveling Merchants that are located in ports. You can also use the general methods of getting more, such as quests or daily dillies. 

Now you know to acquire Song of Resonance. Make sure to check the rest of our Lost Ark guides too.

Anastasios Antoniadis