How to get Pondere Blade and Pondere Coat in King Legacy?

How to get Pondere Blade and Pondere Coat in King Legacy along along with the items’ Skills and Buffs!

How to get Pondere Blade and Pondere Coat in King Legacy

To get Pondere Blade and Pondere Coat in King Legacy, you must defeat the boss Pondere (Level 3525) at Soldier Headquarter in the Second Sea. While the quest to defeat Pondere has a level requirement of 3525 there is no requirement to fight the boss. Pondere Blade and Pondere Coat are Rare items, so their drop rate is estimated at around 5%.

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Pondere Blade

Pondere Blade

Pondere Blade is one of the best swords in King Legacy, especially considering how accessible it is. Its M1 attack speed is medium and it deals 2,926 damage with Armament Haki V1, which is pretty solid if you can land combos.

Its Z key move, “Fling Rushes” is unlocked at 600 Sword Stat Points, and while it's not that great, it can be useful for escaping and as an opener as you lunge forward. The move is best used by aiming your cursor at the ground. Otherwise, your character will pass through the enemy unless you precisely calculate the lunge distance.

Its X key move, “Gravitate Stumble” is unlocked at 1,200 Sword Stat Points, it has a long range, and it binds the enemy to the ground for a few seconds, rendering them immobile and open to your attacks with a gravity field. The gravity field is created at your cursor's position when you press X. I consider Gravitate Stumble one of the best sword moves in King Legacy.

Note that you must have Armament Haki enabled for both Skills to work on Logia users.

Pondere Coat

Pondere Coat

Pondere Coat is a very useful accessory as it boosts your Devil Fruit damage by 12%.

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