How to Get Observation Haki V2 (Kenbunshoku Haki V2) in King Legacy

In Roblox King Legacy, created and developed by Venture Lagoons it is possible to upgrade your Observation Haki to Observation Haki V2 by completing a quest that requires you to defeat Dark Beard.

Observation Haki V2 Requirements

  • Level 3600
  • Observation Haki: To obtain Observation Haki V2, you must have the standard Observation Haki ability. You can purchase the Observation Haki from Sky Island for 1,500,000 Beli.
  • Armament Haki V2: Complete Lee's questline for Armament Haki V2 first and proceed to the Armament Haki V2 Questline.
  • $45,000,000 Beli: The amount required by Stranger Uncle to teach you Observation Haki V2.

How to get Observation Haki V2

If you meet the above requirements head to the new Marine HQ island and look for the NPC Stranger Uncle located at the top of the tower in the middle.

Interact with Stranger Uncle and he will say:

You met Lee and Pung, right? Do you want to meet a fearful guy?

Pressing Accept will summon LeePung, a level 5,000 boss, who is sort of a mix of both Lee and Pung (thus, LeePung).

Defeating LeePung will reward you with $5,000 Beli and 10,000 EXP. You will also see a notification that reads “Stranger Uncle is feeling satisfied” on your screen.

Now head back to Stranger Uncle and talk to him. He will say:

Respectable! You defeat the dreadful living. Do you cant to upgrade your observation for $45,000,000?

Pressing Accept will teach Observation Haki V2.

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