How to get more Jumps in King Legacy

How Jumps work and how to get more Jumps in King Legacy.

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Jumps are a useful feature in King Legacy as they allow you to move around an reach higher places easily. There is quite a lot of speculation among players on how Jumps increase, so in this quick guide, we will clear that out.

Here is how Jumps work in King Legacy and how to get more:

  • You start the game with 2 Jumps.
  • Once you get to Level 1,000, you will get your third Jump.
  • You will acquire one more jump for every 500 levels after Level 1,000. For instance, at level 2,474, I have a total of five jumps.
  • There does not seem to be a correlation between Melee Stat Points and Jumps, so you don't have to upgrade your Melee Stat to get more

Note that you don't need more than 2 Jumps to reach Sky Island at the First Sea. Using 2 Jumps and Soru is enough to help you reach the island. You can check our guide on how to get to Sky Island for more details.

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