How to Get Moon Breathing in Demon Slayer Inspired Demonfall

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How to get Moon Breathing in Demonfall — Location & Requirements — Learn how to unlock one of the most effective breath techniques in Demonfall

Demonfall is a Roblox game released in 2021. Inspired by the anime series Demon Slayer. Where you chose which storyline you would like to experience. You can choose between becoming a demon and a demon slayer.

How to get moon breathing in Demonfall

Moon Breathing can be purchased from Kokushibo. It requires 28 Skill Points investment (Excluded for Hybrids Only. Kokushibo can make you a Hybrid if you’re not already one).

Visit Frosty Forest on a mountain near the cave of the Green Demon.

  1. Talk to NPC Kokushibo at night (if not a Kamado Clan member, you will be burned during the day).
  2. Select: I accept (you’ll become a hybrid, and you’ll lose 50% of your total levels).
  3. Talk to the Kokushibo NPC once more. To get Moon Breathing, you must be Prestige Level 1 and at least level 50.
  4. Choose “Ee biko!” (Random gibberish because the text is currently broken).

Requirements: 5 Muzan Blood as well Prestige 1 level 50

Moon Breathing Location

This video guide will help you find Kokushibo (credit to Somebody on YouTube!) and unlock Moon Breathing.

How to get moon breathing in Demonfall – Skills

Here are all the skills available to you as a Moon Breathing user in Demonfall

  • Dark Moon: Horizontal slash in front similar to Water Breathing’s Surface Slash
  • Loathsome Moon is a powerful AOE attack that’s similar to Sun Breathing Flash Dance (Breaks Guard)
  • Moon Spirit Calamitous Emddy: Barrage of quick cuts in rapid succession, similar to the one of Mist Breathing’s Eight-Layed Mist
  • Mirror Of Misfortune, Moonlit: 5 multidirectional long-range slashes in ground. Auto executes
  • Moon Dragon Ringtail is a diagonal slash that travels with high speed, similar to Flame Breathing’s Flame Bend
  • Catastrophe: The user flies backwards and places their sword close to their sheath before unleashing several crescent-like slashes at low speeds
  • Passive Every basic attack saps the stamina of your target.

Breathing styles are swordsmanship techniques that include an esoteric breathing technique that enhances the ability of a swordsman and is useful in combating demons when used with a Nichirin Katana.

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