How to get Lucidus Coat in King Legacy

How to summon Lucidus and get Lucidus Coat in King Legacy.

How to get the Lucidus Coat in King Legacy

The Lucidus Coat is an obtainable Epic back accessory in Roblox King Legacy, created and developed by Venture Lagoons. King Legacy is one of the platform's most popular One Piece-inspired action and fighting games.

How to get Lucidus Coat?

Lucidus Coat has a chance to drop when you defeat the Lucidus, a summonable boss at Pirate Skull Island. To summon Lucidus, you must be at least Level 3,575, have a Lucidus Permission, and talk to the Quest NPC found on the room after you enter the door with the glowing light found in the room where you fight Hefty/Sengoku.

To get permission to summon Lucidus, you must defeat mobs and bosses (Vice Admirals, Pondere, and Hefty) in Pirate Skull Island until permission drops. I recommend farming Hefty as he is straightforward to deal with and right next to the door that gets you to Lucidus' room.

Once you get the Permission Item and see the notification “You got permission to summon Lucidus,” talk to the Quest NPC and accept his quest. Lucidus will now spawn.

Note: Accepting the quest will consume your permission, and you must farm for a new permission to re-summon Lucidus.

The Lucidus Coat probably has around a 1% chance to drop once you defeat Lucidus, as it is an Epic accessory.

Lucidus Coat Description & Usage

Lucidus coat is an epic back accessory that was added in update 4.

Lucidus Coat Buffs

The Lucidus Coat buffs your devil fruit damage by 5% and reduce incoming devil fruit damage by 10% when equipped.

Pika Pika No Mi Awakening

Lucidus Coat is also required to awaken the Light fruit (Pika Pika No Mi).

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