How to Get Hoopa in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon GO how to get Hoopa

Hoopa is one of the most sought-after Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Yet, it remains very elusive to most trainers! This guide will tell you how to get Hoopa in Pokemon GO.

Hoopa is one of the Mythical Pokemon currently available in Pok√©mon Go.†Many of the Mythical Pok√©mon in the series can only be obtained using the Special Research mechanic.†A mechanic that essentially acts like “Pokemon GO's†story mode.”

It provides much-needed information about some of the most powerful Pokemon in the series.†Players will need to complete the “Misunderstood Mischief” Special Research Story beat in order to obtain Hoopa.†Hoopa was introduced to the game†in the†Pokemon Go†Fest, where it unlocks portals all around the globe that allow for transporting legendary Pokemon to raid battles.

Misunderstood Mischief Special Research includes 16 stages. The legendary Pokemon is usually the last prize for completing Special Research. However, Hoopa is a different beast.†To encounter Hoopa, players need only complete the†first three tasks.†However! This only nets the player Hoopa in its “bound” form. To get Hoopa Unbound, you need to complete ALL 16 stages!

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Here's how to get Hoopa in Pokemon GO.

Hoopa Pokemon Go

Capturing Hoopa In Pokemon Go

Three special research tasks are required to obtain Hoopa in Pok√©mon GO. These are called Misunderstood Mischief. These are the steps players need to take in order to complete these three tasks:

  • Task #1 – For this task, the players must:
    • Perform 10 “nice throws” in Pok√©mon Go. 
    • The next step is to take 3x Photos of wild Psychic-type Pokemon
    • And the last one requires you to use the incense
    • The first task is a research assignment that rewards players who meet all criteria 1000 Stardust, 1000 EXP, 10 Pinap Berries, 10 Poke Balls, 1 incense, and an Encounter with Gothita.
  • Task #2 – This task is automatically completed as it was time-gated to September 5th. 
    • This task will reward players with 720 Stardust and 720 EXP.
  • Task #3 – This task requires Pokemon GO players to:
    • Perform five “Curveball” throws.
    • Catch 10 different types of Pokemon
    • And the final step to complete the task is to earn 5000 Stardust
    • Players will receive 1000 Stardust, 1000 EXP, 15 Pokeballs, and 15 Great Balls upon completion. This task also rewards the player with an encounter with a Confined Hoopa.

The Hoopa will greet players and allow them to capture it immediately. The Misunderstood Mischief special research task still has 13 stages to go, but players have already been provided with the legendary Pokemon. 

If one completes the remaining 13 tasks, another research called “Mischief Unbound” will unlock. This allows players to unlock Hoopa's true power and obtained her Hoopa (Unbound) form. Although let us be quite frank. Both Hoopa and Hoopa Unbound are too much hassle for too little reward. Let us go through its strengths and weaknesses now.

This is how to get Hoopa in Pokemon Go. You can find more information and guides in our Pokemon GO section. Be sure to check out Pokemon Go: 15 Best Master League Pokemon! (Updated March 2022) if you want to know what is in the current meta! And on the topic of catching, check out How to get Mewtwo and How to get Sylveon in Pokemon GO!

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