How to Get Gems in Anime Adventures?

We list all possible ways you can get gems in Anime Adventures, the game’s premium currency used to summon new units!

Anime Adventures codes

Gems are the premium in-game currency in Anime Adventures that can be used to summon new units depending on the currently running banner, which updates every hour, along with rare items, used to evolve units.

Naturally, you may be wondering what the best ways to earn gems are in the game, to help increase your gem yield and summon more units.

So there are all the possible ways to earn gems.

  1. Complete Daily/Story/Event Quests: You will be able to complete daily, story, and time-limited event quests in Anime Adventures, which all reward provide gems as rewards.
  2. Unlock the Infinite mode and play it daily: You can unlock the Infinite mode of each world by completing all stages in it. You can earn Gems daily by playing the Infinite mode and the more waves you complete the more gems you will earn. For that though, you are going to need the best units for Infinite mode in Anime Adventures, so make sure to check our Tier List.
  3. Complete the story mode stages: Completing a story mode stage for the first time will reward you with a bunch of gems too.
  4. Complete challenges: The Challenges mode is a different one from the game's Story Mode. Completing the available challenges will also earn your some valuable gems.
  5. Repeat 3 and 4: You can complete challenges and story stages multiple times to accumulate even more gems.
  6. Use Anime Adventures codes: Redeeming promo codes released by the game's developers is the easiest way to earn gems of course, although you can use each code once. Make sure to check for them and redeem them before they expire!

For more information and guides on Anime Adventures, make sure to check the official Anime Adventures Trello and join the game's official Discord server.

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