How to get diamonds in Garena Free Fire

In this article, we will outline some of how one can earn free Free Fire diamonds. It would be best not to attempt free Fire diamond hacks as they will permanently ban your account from all Free Fire servers.

Free Fire has quickly become one of the most popular mobile games in the world. All the exciting content updates released by Garena have contributed to its popularity. Characters, weapon skins, costumes, pets, and emotes are available, allowing for endless customization.?

Some of this content is unlocked by completing missions and playing the game regularly. Still, the best items can only be obtained by spending Diamonds, Free Fire's premium in-game currency.

You might have to spend quite a few diamonds to get enough to buy the in-game item you want. Here's how you can save a few bucks on Diamond top-ups in Free Fire.

Use Google Opinion Rewards for Google Play credits

One of the authentic ways to obtain in-game currency is through Google Opinion Rewards. After answering surveys, users will receive Google Play Credits or Google Play Balance as a reward. You can use Google Play Credits or Google Play Balance to purchase Free Fire diamonds through an in-game payment gateway.

Please note that Google Opinion Rewards is not available in all countries.

Garena's Booyah! app

Booyah! The developer of Free Fire has created its own app for sharing gaming content. Players can participate in Free Fire events and competitions to win diamonds through the app.

Use GPT apps for free diamonds rewards

GPT apps work pretty similar to Google Rewards and reward players for completing tasks like surveys and quizzes. By participating in surveys, players can receive free diamonds for Free Fire.

Send bug reports for the advance server build

Garena tests their newest updates on the Advance Server before releasing them to the global servers. You can playtest early versions of Free Fire on the Advance Server. Your feedback helps developers identify and fix any major bugs before an update is released.

Players who find and report bugs on the Advance Server build are rewarded with huge Diamonds. It's worth spending some time with the Advance Server build if you've got plenty of free time.

You must register to access the Advanced Server. Garena decides who is allowed to play the Advance Server build – signing up doesn't guarantee access. You can only play the Advanced Server build on Android now (sorry iPhone users).

Use Garena Free Fire Redemption Codes

Redeeming a free Diamond giveaway code is the easiest way to get Diamonds in Free Fire.??We have gathered you all the Garena Free Fire redemption codes and a guide on redeeming Free Fire codes.

Follow the Garena and Free Fire Twitter accounts and any official forums if you want to stay on top of any newly released codes. Sometimes, Garena partners will release codes on their social media accounts as part of a collaboration event.

Join Content Creator Giveaways

Several of the content creators of Free Fire organize giveaways for their fans on YouTube and Twitch. When you consume a lot of Free Fire content, keep an eye and ear out for opportunities to grab some free Diamonds. You can watch YouTube videos, watch Twitch streams, and follow the social media accounts of your favorite creators. 

Details on how to enter and redeem these prizes will vary depending on the content creator, so be sure to read any rules regarding entering and claiming your prizes.

Finally, many more prominent content creators may have a website, a subReddit, or a Discord channel where fans can interact directly with them and participate.

Buy a Free Fire VIP Subscription

You might have noticed that all the above methods involve a bit of luck. In Free Fire, purchasing a VIP membership is the most cost-effective and surefire way to obtain Diamonds. Using this method will cost you some money, but you aren't paying directly for Diamonds, so we've included it.

Weekly VIP Plan

With a weekly membership, you get 100 Diamonds at the beginning and 60 Diamonds every day for seven days. That's 520 Diamonds. You'll receive twice as many Diamonds for the same price as a Diamond top-up. You'll also get a Silver VIP Card icon on your account that lasts the whole week.

Monthly VIP Plan

You get 100 Diamonds and a gold-coated AK for 30 days with a monthly membership. Additionally, you get 60 Diamonds a day for 30 days. All told, you'd get 1900 Diamonds for $8 – more than twice what you'd get with $8 in top-ups. Gold VIP Card icons also appear on monthly VIP accounts.

As long as you subscribe to both plans, you'll receive 120 diamonds daily and a special S-VIP Card icon on your account.

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